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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 66 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 66

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 66: Against the Bear

“So, do you mean that the strength of Yu Luo is not bad?” Mo Chen asked curiously.

“Yes, in the gang, Yu Luo was the strongest. These days, he solved the problems when we encountered monsters. Though he looked ordinary, he would transform into a tiger or leopard.” The woman said.

“Special inheritance. I didn’t see that coming. The owners of the special inheritance are generally proud, no wonder he was not willing to collude with the other leaders! But even if he had a special heritage, it would be impossible to defeat Thirteenth.” Mo Chen smiled and said as he understood the strength of Ye Shang.

After cultivating for one night, Ye Shang got up in the morning, freshened up, and hunted two prey with Tian Yu’s help.

He gave the golden-winged eagle one of them and started roasting the other one for Tian Yu.

“What is the next task?” Mo Chen asked.

“Iron Bear Gallbladder.” Ye Shang cut down the roasted wild boar’s hind legs and then gave the remaining part to Tian Yu.

“An iron bear is a Second-Rank monster, but its speed is slow, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you.” Mo Chen took the knife and gave the woman a little bit of the boar.

Ye Shang nodded as he knew that bear monsters usually had incredible power, bad temper, less brain and less speed.

After dining, Ye Shang went up to the back of Tian Yu and started flying in the direction of the snow-capped mountains where the iron bears were infested.

The snow-capped mountains were tens of thousands of meters high, snow covered everything halfway up the mountain.

Since the bears preferred living in colder environments, there were more bears on the snow-capped mountains.

Ye Shang and Mo Chen spent half a day reaching the snow-capped mountains with the woman.

Ye Shang didn’t ask Tian Yu to fly too high since the area suitable for the iron bears was at the height of 5,000 meters and it would become too cold to survive for them in the upper part.

Searching for a quarter of an hour, Ye Shang found an iron bear.

“Martial Brother, it will get lost. I will kill it, and then let’s go back to Danding City.” Ye Shang was ready to go down.

“This is not an ordinary bear, but a bear king.” Mo Chen quickly reminded Ye Shang.

“Bear king? Martial Brother, what is its cultivation base?” asked Ye Shang.

“The Peak of Second-Rank, and it has entered the level of the fake core.” Mo Chen said.

The fake core level was the cultivation base between the Second-Rank and Third-Rank, though the strength was better than a Second-Rank beast, but inferior to a genuine Third-Rank one.

The third-order cultivators or monsters would form their inner cores, and the fake core meant that the energy changed its form in Dantian, but had not yet become a real core.

“Then I’ll try.” Ye Shang thought about it, and he felt that he didn’t have any chance to win when facing any other monster at this level, but he thought that he could give it a shot since this iron bear was slow.

Looking at the back of Ye Shang, who jumped down from Tian Yu, Mo Chen felt that he didn’t have to follow him since Ye Shang could handle many things completely as he was totally different from other disciples who just got accepted, and he got great survival ability.

Ye Shang started approaching the iron bear king.

When Ye Shang was 20 feet from the iron bear king, it noticed Ye Shang and rushed over after a roar.

Looking at the iron bear king that rushed over, Ye Shang glanced at the surrounding environment and decided to fight against it here.

When the iron bear king was four feet away, Ye Shang quickly dodged to the back of a cedar.

The iron bear king weighing more than 2,000 pounds couldn’t stop, so it bumped into the side of the cedar.

The iron bear king finally stopped, and it quickly turned to rush towards Ye Shang.

As the iron bear king rushed over, Ye Shang didn’t choose to dodge to either side, but leapt off in the air.

At the moment when he leaped, the iron bear king rushed to the position where he just stood and its huge body hit the cedar once again, making a rumbling sound.

Ye Shang stepped on the back head of the iron bear king when falling down, landed behind the iron bear king, then pierced the reincarnation spear into the waist of the iron bear king.

As the spear was stabbed 2 feet into the bear, the severe pain caused the iron bear king to wake up from his state of unconsciousness after bumping into the tree, and it turned its head right away to attack Ye Shang.


Ye Shang roared in a low-pitched tone, infused the energy of the Blood Quenching Realm Stage 6 into his arms, and pushed the spear into the waist of the iron bear king hard.

With the cultivation of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, Ye Shang’s arms could exert over 4,000 pounds of force even if he didn’t use any cultivation method.

Now he burst all the energy of Blood Quenching Realm, his strength had at least doubled, hence the iron bear was pierced through by the spear, Ye Shang’s hands even touched the waist of the iron bear.

Feeling that the iron bear king was about to turn around, Ye Shang’s shoulders blocked the iron bear king’s butt and his legs rushed towards the front.

The body of the iron bear king was devastated after being pierced through, so it started to slide to the front.

Though the iron bear king was stronger, it was inconvenient to exert force from behind the back, thus it was soon being pushed to another cedar by Ye Shang.

The iron bear king held on the cedar with its front paws to counter the push of Ye Shang.

Unable to push forward, Ye Shang roared, began to shake the reincarnation spear, and pulled back and then stabbed in, constantly expanding the injury of the iron bear king.

“I don’t know who is really the bear among these two.” The stalemate of Ye Shang and the iron bear king shocked Mo Chen and Huang Yu, the woman who was rescued.

As Ye Shang kept expanding its injury, the stalemate lasted for more than 15 minutes, and the iron bear king stopped moving since it died of excessive bleeding.

Then, Ye Shang ripped open the iron bear king, peeled its skin, and took out its gallbladder.

Then he cut off its limbs and put them into the storage belt before returning to Tian Yu’s back.

“You are too cruel; I will not come with you next time.” Mo Chen said.

Witnessing how Ye Shang killed the iron bear, Mo Chen no longer wanted to follow Ye Shang next time.

“Alright, let’s find a place to rest for one night and return to Danding City tomorrow.” Ye Shang said, he didn’t want to bother Mo Chen.

After a restful night, Ye Shang and Mo Chen returned to Danding City with Huang Yu.

Mo Chen went directly back to the inn, and Ye Shang went to complete the tasks with Huang Yu, after all, the tasks required to deliver the task items, and Huang Yu was the key to this task.

Huang Yu’s family was informed, so they came over to take her back, and also presented Ye Shang 1,000 hexagrams of gold as a reward.

“Are you done with most of the tasks?” Sikong looked at Ye Shang and asked.

It was a bit of a waste of time for Ye Shang to do the task of saving Huang Yu, so Sikong knew about it.

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