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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 68 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 68

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 68: Offending

Since Ye Shang just reached Level 9 of Qi-Refining stage, it would take some time to break through to the Soul-Condensation Stage.

However, his cultivation of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome had reached Blood Stage 6 of Quenching Realm for a long time, and has been at the peak of Stage 6 for a while as well, Ye Shang thus felt that the breakthrough would happen soon.

There was no task to complete, hence Ye Shang took the meditation pill and the blood elixir for cultivation at night, and practiced the Chasing Wind and the Heaven Obscuring Palm during the day.

Fortunately, Zhang Dechang provided Ye Shang and Mo Chen with rooms in separate buildings, otherwise, it would definitely cause chaos.

As for cultivating with the meditation pill and blood elixir, Ye Shang checked the alchemy handbook of Feng Chen, he knew that using auxiliary medicinal herbs continuously would not cause energy instability.

Ye Shang now had already achieved 18 shock waves and the speed of improvement was really fast.

As Zhang Dechang sent the dishes over, Ye Shang nodded to Mo Chen and went for a bath.

Knowing Ye Shang’s cultivation time, Zhang Dechang would deliver some food after he finished, but he never delivered the wine as he knew that Ye Shang and Mo Chen only drank their own booze.

Taking a shower, Ye Shang put on a linen gown and sat across from Mo Chen.

“Thirteenth, this dress may look poor on others, but it looks natural on you, very detached.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Martial Brother, don’t make me laugh. What do you want to drink today? The blue blood spirit is still enough to drink at least once.” Ye Shang said.

“Then Uncle Niu’s wine, that is for men.” Mo Chen said.

“Do you mean that my blood spirit is not a man’s drink? Then don’t drink it from now on.” Qing Ji appeared in front of the two.

“Sixth Sister!” Ye Shang stood up and greeted Qing Ji.

“Sixth sister, I didn’t mean that.” Seeing Qing Ji, Mo Chen quickly explained.

“I don’t mind it. Thirteenth, I got you some wine.” Qing Ji took out a purple sand jar and handed it to Ye Shang.

“Thank you, Sixth Sister.” Ye Shang put away the wine jar and he knew it was a jar of blue blood spirit.

“Sixth sister, you are too biased!” Seeing Ye Shang have the blue blood spirit while he didn’t, Mo Chen was suddenly worried.

“Will you dare to talk recklessly behind my back afterwards?” Qing Ji stared at Mo Chen.

“This is the last time.” Mo Chen felt very innocent since he didn’t say anything.

“Well, Thirteenth. Who did you offend? We got the news from the disciples who are outside Taixuan Peak. Someone hired a killer to kill you. Master asked me to look into it.” Qing Ji said.

“Well, there is no one except that Ao Yushan. That bastard.” Mo Chen said with some anger.

“What happened?” Qing Ji frowned and asked as she understood that Ye Shang and Mo Chen must have a conflict with Ao Yushan.

Mo Chen told her the cause of the matter.

Qing Ji looked nervous and started pondering.

“If we find him, he won’t buy it because we don’t have any evidence; if we tolerate him then it won’t be the style of Taixuan Peak. Eleventh, you continue to accompany Thirteenth in completing the tasks. You don’t have to worry about it because I will make him regret.” Thinking for a while, Qing Ji made a decision.

“Sixth Sister, what are you going to do?” Mo Chen asked.

“He has a devious plan, then let’s play with him. I will inform Eighth and Ninth, and we will see who is more devious.” Qing Ji said indifferently.

“Thirteenth has done most of the black iron missions this month. Thirteenth, stay here and cultivate. I will accompany you to fool around with them.” Mo Chen said.

“Well then Thirteenth, cultivate here. We will deal with that old man.” Qing Ji knew Mo Chen’s temper, so she didn’t reject him.

In addition, opposition was useless, otherwise, Mo Chen wouldn’t chase Luo Sihai for more than ten years.

Ye Shang originally wanted to stop them, but he didn’t say anything as he knew that he couldn’t stop them.

Since Ao Yushan was now confronting not only him, but also Taixuan Peak, Qing Ji and others couldn’t stand it.

Qing Ji, Ye Shang and Mo Chen left after eating something as she was going to inform Yang Lei and Shi Tianlin to come over since Liu Yangyu attached great importance to this matter.

There were more than 40 official second-generation disciples in Taixuan Peak, quite few compared with the other peaks.

Though they were few, they were all strong.

When the disciple of Tie Tsang went out to find an herb before, he heard about it from a friend of his, hence he directly returned to report it.

“Martial Brother, will this involve too many people?” Ye Shang was still a little worried.

“Nothing, Ao Yushan has large family business. He is the younger martial brother of Wangyun Peak Leader, Yuan Tai. He has mediocre talent. We have many ways to deal with him, financially or beating his younger generation.” Mo Chen said.

“Well he won’t report to the sect, right?” Ye Shang knew that Ao Yushan would not report to the sect since he not only had no evidence, but also he was afraid that Taixuan Peak would get irritated.

“Smart, we will handle it. You should just cultivate and strive to reach the Soul-Condensation stage as soon as possible.” Mo Chen said.

After drinking, Ye Shang went to cultivate as he believed that Qing Ji and others would handle it well, hence there was nothing to worry about.

During the following time, Ye Shang worked hard to cultivate, he did not know that Danding City was in chaos.

The caravan of the city’s main government was robbed and Ao Keqiang, who escorted the caravan, had both of his legs broken.

Ao’s pharmacy was also smashed!

The grandson of Ao Yushan, Ao Bing, was beaten when he was drinking and no one saw clearly who did this.

Soon people knew that someone was deliberately picking a fight against the city owner Ao Yushan.

When Ao Lie was lifted back, Ao Yushan smashed the table in anger with one palm once he came to know that Ao Lie became a disabled.

“Big brother, we have provoked someone who should not be provoked, is it Taixuan Peak?” Ao Yukun, the deputy city owner, looked at his big brother and said as he knew that he must handle it quickly or Ao family would be over in Danding City.

“Hua Wuji, was anything leaked?” Ao Yushan said.

“I’m not sure because I recently contacted a few killers, but they did not pick up the task. I can’t ensure whether anyone has leaked it.” Hua Wuji said.

Ao Yushan paced back and forth in the lobby of the city’s main government building as he didn’t know how to deal with it.

Report to the sect? How?

Tell them that Taixuan Peak picked up on us?

Then how should I explain if they ask why they picked up on us?

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