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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 69 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 69

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 69: Level 7 of Blood Quenching Realm Stage

“Now they are assured that we can’t make it public, so they did this to us. If we don’t respond, the situation will become more and more worse.” Ao Yushan said.

“I understand. Since Taixuan Peak picked up on us, it means that they knew that we are looking for a killer, so they won’t stop easily.” Ao Yushan couldn’t wait to slap Ao Lie, who lay there and kept screaming.

Ao Yukun was also furious at Ao Lie since he has provoked the wrong people.

“For the time being, I will inform the family to be on a lockdown. Then we should close the caravans and the drug shops temporarily. If they see us suffer indignities without protest, they might let it go.” Ao Yushan could only think of this as a solution.

But things were still not over yet.

Overnight, Ao’s medicinal material warehouse was burned down and the tamed beasts in the animal farm were all killed, which made the family suffer great losses.

Ao Yushan, who got the news in the main city government office, was suddenly stunned, then he eventually decided to look for his master for help since his master was an elder of the Medicine Valley.

The Medicine Valley consisted of 12 peaks and there were peak leaders, elders and enforcers of each peak.

There were also elders and enforcers who managed the 12 peaks in the Medicine Valley, and the elders of the Medicine Valley were higher than the peak leaders and elders of each peak in levels.

There were two ways to appoint the peak leaders, one was that the former peak leader would give the throne to one of his disciples, and the other was that the elders of the Medicine Valley assigned their extraordinary disciple as a peak leader directly.

Both Ao Yushan and Yuan Tai were disciples of Lu Chenyun, the fourth elder of the Medicine Valley.

Now Ao Yushan couldn’t handle it, so he could only explain the situation to his master, hoping that the Medicine Valley would stop the behavior of Taixuan Peak.

In the back mountain of the Danding Peak, Ao Yushan informed Lu Chenyun about the situation.

“Useless. Finding the killer will only backfire on you. They didn’t obey the rules in Danding City, you should have come back for help if you couldn’t suppress it, then we could deal with it easily. What is this? Reconciliation? You think Liu Yangyu will agree to it?” Lu Chenyun became furious after hearing Ao Yushan’s report since he knew that Liu Yangyu was very tough to deal with, especially when his disciples were hurt. Take Guan Ye as an example, Liu Yangyu didn’t care about anyone else back then.

Lu Chenyun was higher than Liu Yangyu by a generation, but he was weaker than Liu Yangyu in terms of strength, so it was useless to put pressure on Liu Yangyu with the power of the sect, not to mention that Liu Yangyu had a good relationship with the great elders and the valley master.

Ye Shang didn’t know these since he only cared about his breakthrough as he wanted to break through to achieve the Level 7 of Blood Quenching Realm of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome.

If one wanted to break through to the Level 6 of Blood Quenching Realm, they needed to open up all the acupoints in their 4 limbs. Advancing to the Level 7 of the Blood Quenching Realm needed the relaxing of smaller acupoints in both arms and legs. All this was in order to fortify the strength of the ends of the body.

Arms and legs made up a small percentage of one’s body. Yet in battles they were vital spots to attack, namely because the presence of outer acupoints was greater in these places.

Ye Shang’s acupoints on his chest and neck were now pretty strong and now there was enough energy for him to continue developing his hands and feet.

This time, it was Tian Yu who helped protect Ye Shang since Mo Chen, Qing Ji, Yang Lei and Shi Tianlin were dealing with Ao Yushan!

As the energy kept impacting, the acupoints on his hands were opened up one by one, this was quite painful!

As the saying went, the ten fingers were connected to the heart, so it was painful when the energy impacted the veins on the hands and feet.

It took 6 hours to get through, and Ye Shang was by now totally soaked in his own sweat.

After the promotion was successful, Ye Shang stretched out his hands and clenched his fists hard, suddenly his hands made a loud cracking sound, he thus knew that the strength of his hands had increased a lot.

Outside of the room, Ye Shang saw his two martial sisters, eighth martial brother Shi Tianlin and eleventh martial brother drinking tea in the yard!

“I’ll take a shower first.” Ye Shang went to take a shower.

“What is Thirteenth cultivating? It looks so tough.” Shi Tianlin frowned.

“Master might punish you if he hears what you said. Can’t you see that his strength is much stronger?” Qing Ji looked at Shi Tianlin and said.

“Then it must be a special cultivation method, which will delay the cultivation of Qi.” Shi Tianlin said.

“Eighth brother, now Thirteenth is already at the Level 9 of Qi-Refining Stage, and how long has it been since he started? His cultivation in Qi isn’t delayed at all.” Yang Lei said and laughed.

“Yeah, if it is increased faster, it will become unstable soon.” Shi Tianlin nodded.

“Martial Brothers and Sisters.” After the shower, Ye Shang came over and greeted them.

“Well, you have grown a lot. How’s the cultivation?” Yang Lei gave Ye Shang a cup of tea and asked.

“Thank you for the care, Ninth Sister. Everything is going well, how about you?” asked Ye Shang.

“Of course. We noticed that he went to Danding Mountain. It is estimated that he is looking for the sect for help.” Yang Lei said with a smile.

“I don’t know what the sect will do. They will likely tell us to stop?” Mo Chen said.

“Now they’re thinking about how to compensate. If we aren’t satisfied with the compensation that satisfies us, then we should continue to make trouble.” Qing Ji said.

“Martial brothers and sisters, you should be careful, that guy might take it too hard.” Ye Shang was worried.

“Thirteenth, you should be relieved. If he had the strength to fight us, he would not go to the sect.” Shi Tianlin said with a smile.

As they started chatting, Ye Shang took out the two bear legs from the storage belt and asked Zhang Dechang to cook them.

“Thirteenth, pay more attention to actual combat. I heard that many outstanding outer disciples from other peaks will participate in the newcomer’s games and they want to defeat our 13 new recruits. At present, we don’t fall behind considering the cultivation base, but the actual combat ability still needs to be verified. Only Zhe Zhuang, Tang Tian and Chu Ning can really fight, but we have to rely on you most to win the newcomer’s games.” Yang Lei said.

“I will work hard.” Ye Shang nodded.

After chatting with Ye Shang for a while, they left and went on to find a chance to deal with Ao Yushan.

Ye Shang was trying to adapt to his increase in strength because of the rise in Blood Quenching Realm Level as soon as possible because he had to take the tasks, as the beginning of the month was just around the corner.

Stabilizing his cultivation base for two days, Ye Shang’s cultivation base became stable while his Qi Cultivation also improved slightly.

Danding City was very quiet in the early morning.

Ye Shang came to Tianji Tower early and it wasn’t even opened yet when he arrived.

When Tianji Tower opened the door, he entered right away.

When he entered, he saw Sikong Chuyu in a light blue robe, who was covered with a veil, walking downstairs, followed by Enforcer Dong and two other managers.

“Come.” Sikong Chuyu smiled and greeted Ye Shang.

Ye Shang nodded. “I’m here to pick up the tasks.”

“Then come with me!” Sikong Chuyu entered the elegant room with Ye Shang.

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