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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 70 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 70

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ranslator: xjshengchen

Chapter 70: Who?

Taking the task list handed over by Sikong Chuyu, Ye Shang immediately started to browse from the tasks. “This, this, and this.”

Ye Shang picked over 15 tasks, all of which were those with high task points among all the black-iron tasks.

“Send it over to Enforcer Dong!” Sorting it out, Sikong Chuyu handed several task lists to the servant.

“Thank you for your help.” Ye Shang knew that Sikong Chuyu had helped him a lot so that he could get the tasks so easily.

“Nothing much, after you finish these tasks this time, it is estimated that you can enter the level of bronze token. You don’t have to worry about it now!” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“Your smile is so beautiful.” Ye Shang took a sip of tea and conveyed her his inner thoughts, in order to display his sincerity.

“Do you often talk to other girls like this?” Sikong Chuyu asked.

“I only know 3 girls, 2 of them are my martial sisters and the other is the disciple of my third martial brother. I am sorry.” Ye Shang felt that what he said was inappropriate, so he suddenly got up and apologized.

“Sit down! I know what you mean. You’re very sincere. By the way, you have a task to collect purple gold mines, right?” Sikong Chuyu asked.

“Yes, the task location is a little far away. Even if I have a flying monster beast, It will take me two days to reach that location.” Ye Shang nodded.

Purple gold mines were rare refining materials and now there was a shortage of supply in Danding City, so someone had requested for it.

“I have a task of hunting the purple gold lizards. Call me when you’re about to leave for the task” said Sikong Chuyu.

“Well, then I will do the task with the least time limitation first. I’ll contact you after that.” Ye Shang nodded.

When Ye Shang and Sikong Chuyu left the elegant room, the hall of Tianji Tower once again became noisy.

Many of them were disciples from the Medicine Valley, including Qin Zhan, Qin Hai and Kong Jun, as well as disciples from Wangyun Peak.

In addition, he also saw Qi Ming, who helped him in Grass Valley.

“Thank you for the help, martial brother Qi Ming.” Ye Shang greeted Qi Ming.

“Don’t be. I am the third-generation disciple of Danding Peak, you are my martial uncle.” Hearing the greetings of Ye Shang, Qi Ming quickly waved his hand since seniority was highly-valued in Medicine Valley.

“Well, are you also doing the tasks?” asked Ye Shang.

“Yes, I came to pick up some tasks with a few outer disciples this time in order to train them, but I don’t know which jerk took all the good tasks.” Qi Ming voiced out angrily.

Ye Shang was kinda depressed since he just picked some tasks, how did he suddenly become a jerk?

“What I want to say is that Ye Shang has taken a lot of tasks.” Sikong Chuyu saw the embarrassed face of Ye Shang and said.

“Martial Uncle, I didn’t mean it. I wasn’t blaming you.” Hearing Sikong Chuyu’s words, Qi Ming was stunned and became anxious.

If the disciples of Taixuan Peak knew this, he would have a very hard day.

“I know, it’s okay. If you have time, let’s drink together.” Ye Shang smiled since he knew that what Qi Ming said was unintentional, and he still owed Qi Ming a favor.

“Great. Martial Uncle, excuse me.” Qi Ming valued Ye Shang more since many swaggered with the fame of their masters, but Ye Shang still behaved modestly.

Outside of Tianji Tower, Ye Shang waved at Sikong Chuyu and went towards the city on a beast cart since several tasks had severe time limitations.

When Ye Shang was doing his tasks, the Great Elder of Medicine Valley and the Fourth Elder Lu Chenyun came to the Jingxin Cliff in Taixuan Peak along with Ao Yushan, where the residence of Liu Yangyu was.

When the three arrived at Jingxin Cliff, Hua Nan and Gong Xuan were asking Liu Yangyu for some doubts regarding their cultivation.

“Great Elder and Fourth Elder, please have a seat.” Liu Yangyu clasped hands towards the great elder.

“It’s soothing here.” The Great Elder sat down with a smile.

“Yangyu, I’m here to apologize along with my stupid disciple.” Lu Chenyun said.

Liu Yangyu took a sip of tea and didn’t talk.

“Yangyu, we must solve this.” The Great Elder said.

“Then I will not beat around the bush. Ao Yushan, how dare you hire a killer and attempt to kill my disciple. Fortunately, my disciples are safe. If they had gotten hurt, I would have killed your whole family.” Liu Yangyu flicked his sleeves and slapped Ao Yushan’s face.

“It’s my fault.” Ao Yushan answered.

“You dare to put an assasination task on my martial brothers? I will kill you!” Gong Xuan, who did not know this before, stood up and his face immediately turned murderous.

“Don’t worry.” Liu Yangyu stopped Gong Xuan.

“Yangyu, it’s Yushan’s fault. Now his family has already suffered heavy losses. Let’s solve this problem!” Lu Chenyun said.

“Great Elder, what do you think?” Liu Yangyu asked the Great Elder.

“I am here to give you two a chance to solve this matter. But it’s up to you two.” The Great Elder shook his head.

“I am willing to compensate.” Ao Yushan said with a grimace.

“Compensate? If someone secretly puts a hit on my disciples in the future and asks to compensate us once they are found, then what should we do?” Liu Yangyu snorted.

“Yangyu, I can guarantee this time. If he still does any misconduct in the future, then I will kill him personally.” Lu Chenyun said.

“I will give some face to the Fourth Elder and the Great Elder. Then let’s hear about your compensation!” Liu Yangyu said.

“I will give you 30 pieces of high-level spirit stones and the mansion in Longquan Mountain.” Ao Yushan said.

As soon as he heard this, Lu Chenyun wanted to slap the face of Ao Yushan.

Appropriate compensation could be made, but 30 pieces of high-level spirit stones and the mansion in Longquan Mountain were really hurting his heart.

30 pieces of spirit stones were all the Ao family had, and the mansion in Longquan Mountain was even more precious.

There were two scenic spots around Danding City, one was Qingshi Fores and the other was Longquan Mountain.

At the foot of Longquan Mountain was Tianshui Lake.

There was only one mansion in Longquan Mountain, which was the property of the Ao family.

The reason why the mansion was so precious wasn’t only due to the expensive estate, but also because it was in a natural formation and could absorb the aura of Tianshui Lake, which could make people calm.

“Then, deal! Gong Xuan, take care of these and then give them to Thirteenth.” Liu Yangyu said.

“Then, now that we have solved this problem. I will tell you one more thing. I was going to inform the elders at the elder meeting, but I will tell you this in advance. The safety level of Ye Shang is now listed as heaven-level and his sect treatment level is also heaven-level.” said the Great Elder.

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