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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 71 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 71

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 71: Taking Over the Mansion

Lu Chenyun and Ao Yushan were stunned.

“Great Elder, is the problem so serious?” Lu Chenyun said.

“This is the order from the grand elder’s group. You don’t have the authority to know everything. I will tell you only this that Ye Shang now has my token. If he’s in trouble, ha-ha!” Great Elder snorted and left.

“Look at what you did.” Lu Chenyun took a look at Ao Yushan and left directly.

“Okay, Gong Xuan. You follow him to take over those things.” Liu Yangyu waved at Gong Xuan and Ao Yushan.

Ao Yushan, who left Taixuan Peak, was still in shock as he knew that he was lucky enough to have reached an amicable settlement, or things would have been very serious.

Ye Shang had done 5 time-restricted tasks in a row before returning to Tianji Tower again.

Sikong Chuyu was not there, hence Ye Shang completed the tasks and returned to the inn.

Inside the inn, Ye Shang saw Qing Ji, Yang Lei, and Mo Chen.

What shocked him was that Gong Xuan was also there.

“Lil Thirteenth is back, how are the tasks proceeding?” Gong Xuan asked with a smile.

“I completed all the time-restricted tasks, and the rest can be done slowly. How come you are here, great martial brother?” asked Ye Shang.

“To give you some good stuff. Ao Yushan compensated us and sent you 30 pieces of high-level spirit stones. We’re really envious.” Gong Xuan handed a bag of spirit stones to Ye Shang.

“I don’t need them. Great Martial Brother, you can share them with martial brothers and sisters.” Ye Shang pushed the stone bag back to Gong Xuan.

“This is what you should take.” Gong Xuan shook his head.

“I will work hard if I need them. These are what you fought for me.” Ye Shang shook his head.

Gong Xuan and Yang Lei looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.

“Well then, your two martial brothers and sister did many things for you. Take it, Sixth.” Gong Xuan handed the bag to Qing Ji.

“Why me? Thirteenth, you should keep it.” Qing Ji said.

“Sixth Sister, I really don’t need it now, you can take it!” said Ye Shang.

“We should stick together when facing difficulties and even when having fun. Take 2 each, and we’ll give the rest to Master.” Qing Ji made the decision, then opened the bag, took out two pieces and gave the bag to Ye Shang.

Ye Shang didn’t refuse as he also took two pieces because what Qing Ji said was reasonable.

Then Yang Lei and Shi Tianlin both took two pieces and then returned the bag to Gong Xuan.

“In addition to the spirit stones, there is another compensation too. Come to accept it with me later, Lil Thirteenth.” Gong Xuan said.

“What?” asked Ye Shang.

“There were two kinds of compensation, one was the spirit stones, and the other was a mansion. From now on, you don’t need to live inside this inn in Danding City. Let’s go now.” Gong Xuan got up and said.

“Dechang, arrange two people to help Thirteenth to take care of the mansion.” Leaving the inn, Mo Chen said to Zhang Dechang.

Finding two beast carts for a ride, they set off towards the south gate of Danding City with two of Zhang Dechang’s servants.

Out of the city gate, it took half an hour to walk to the lakeside of Tianshui Lake arriving at a very simple manor.

When they arrived at the gate of the manor, a butler showed up. “Are you lords from Taixuan Peak? Is Master Ye here?”

“I am Ye Shang.” Ye Shang stepped out slowly and said.

“The city owner reminded us that we could leave when Master Ye comes. Here is the title deed.” The old butler handed a box to Ye Shang.

Opening the box, Ye Shang took a look and found that it was the title deed of the mansion along with the ownership of the surrounding area of about 30 miles, which meant that it was now his private territory.

“If there’s nothing else, I will take my leave.” The butler left with a few servants.

“Thirteenth, this will be your place. Hey, clean it up.” Mo Chen shouted to a servant sent by Zhang Dechang, who had been serving him and Ye Shang for quite a while.

“Okay.” The young servant ran into the door and opened the door.

“Eleventh, you look very dominating.” Qing Ji narrowed her eyes and looked at Mo Chen.

“God! Sixth Sister, don’t think too much, I didn’t mean it.” As soon as he heard Qing Ji’s words, Mo Chen patted his head and knew that he couldn’t order him like this anymore.

The mansion looked very unconventional as the wood carvings and stone carvings inside the hall were beautiful.

“These furnishings are worth a lot. Why don’t they take it with them?” Yang Lei said, sitting on a chair.

“He is cozying up to us because he knows that if we go after him if he can’t accept the prize.” Gong Xuan also sat down.

“The mansion makes me feel relaxed.” Ye Shang took a deep breath and said.

Yang Lei, like Ye Shang, strolled back and forth in the lobby to enjoy the mansion.

Gong Xuan told them about the most precious place of the mansion, which was the natural formation.

“No wonder Thirteenth said that it made him feel relaxed. I also feel calm.” Qing Ji said.

“Great Martial Brother, you see……” Ye Shang took out the box.

“Stop, I know what you are going to say. You just keep it. This was arranged by the Great Elder and Master.” Gong Xuan directly interrupted Ye Shang since he knew Ye Shang didn’t want it.

“Thirteenth, you should keep it. We all will have our own spots in the future.” said Mo Chen.

“Fine!” Ye Shang did not refuse.

“Then, get something to eat, we want to drink.” Mo Chen gave a shout to the servant.

Among the disciples of Taixuan Peak, the younger ones must obey the older ones, even if they were wrong, which was clearly ordered by Liu Yangyu, so Mo Chen and Shi Tianlin didn’t refute Qing Ji and Yang Lei.

“Thirteenth, leave a loft for me, I have to undergo close-door cultivation.” Yang Lei said.

“Of course. There are so many lofts here, martial brothers and sisters can have your own rooms.” Ye Shang said.

Then they strolled back and forth in the mansion.

“There are all kinds of precious trees, several furnitures are also crafted using black jade, and the pool is made from sapphire. The Ao Family is really wealthy.” In the garden in front of the mansion, Mo Chen said emotionally.

“You don’t know that, this is what their ancestors passed down, so they suffered a great loss this time.” Gong Xuan said.

“Thirteenth, I will send you a maidservant from the secluded forest later, but you cannot mess around with her.” Qing Ji reminded Ye Shang.

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