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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 72 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 72

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 72: With the Beauty

There were servants in the secluded forests, as well as maidservants.

The servants were registered in the Medicine Valley, but the maidservants were not since they were brought back from outside by Qing Ji when she used to cultivate.

“Martial Sister, do I look like that kind of person?” said Ye Shang with a wry smile.

“I am not saying that you are that kind of person, but still I must remind you.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“In fact, your sixth sister is right, many women are always scheming. If you mess around, you’re actually changing their lives and destiny.” Gong Xuan said.

“I see.” Ye Shang nodded.

After eating, Gong Xuan, Qing Ji and Shi Tianlin left.

Yang Lei wanted to undergo close-door cultivation here, and Mo Chen wasn’t busy, so he planned to stay here for a while.

Yang Lei chose a loft near Tianshui Lake and released her own blue vulture, while Mo Chen also chose a place near the main building.

Ye Shang arranged for Tian Yu in the area next to the main building, then he left some gold tickets to his servant, so that he could buy some monsters to feed Tian Yu and the flying monsters of Qing Ji and Mo Chen, as well as another beast cart.

After that, Ye Shang went to cultivate.

After staying for two days, Ye Shang came to Tianji Tower by a beast cart, and told the staff that he would like to see Sikong Chuyu because he was about to undergo the task of the purple gold mines.

Ye Shang drank some tea, and Sikong Chuyu who wore a robe and a veil, came to the elegant room.

“Are we about to do the tasks related to the purple gold mines?” Sikong Chuyu sat down.

“Yes, I have finished those tasks with time constraints. I am afraid that you were in a hurry, so I decided to move towards the task of the purple gold mines first.” Ye Shang said.

“Okay, what else do you need to prepare?” asked Sikong Chuyu.

“Nothing, what about you?” asked Ye Shang.

“Nothing, let’s go!” Sikong Chuyu got up and said.

Outside of Tianji Tower, the two stopped a beast cart and set off to leave Danding City.

“This time, what kind of compensation did Ao Yushan give you?” Sitting in the beast car, Sikong Chuyu laughed at Ye Shang.

“30 pieces of spirit stones and one mansion, how do you know this?” Answering, Ye Shang asked in surprise.

“You don’t understand us. We know pretty much everything that happens outside.” Sikong Chuyu said.

Ye Shang moved his body and sat across Sikong Chuyu since the breath of Sikong Chuyu made him feel a little nervous.

“What’s wrong with you? There is no need to exclude me, I am not a malicious person.” Sikong Chuyu explained as she thought Ye Shang was excluding her.

“I know.” Ye Shang took a deep breath and calmed his mind down.

“Well, don’t think too much. Since Tianji Tower is responsible for releasing a variety of tasks, we watch every movement of various forces, but there is never hostility involved.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“I understand.” Ye Shang nodded and did not talk.

Seeing him remain silent, Sikong Chuyu did not continue to talk as she felt that he was acting a bit strange.

Though he wasn’t excluding her, he was obviously different from before.

Out of the Danding City, Sikong Chuyu paid the fee.

“What about your flying animal?” Looking at Ye Shang, Sikong Chuyu asked.

Ye Shang nodded and released Tian Yu.

Tian Yu, out of the taming space, screamed and scratched his head on the shoulders of Ye Shang.

“Well, does it have the inheritance of ancient green pengs and a little bit of wisdom?” Looking at Tian Yu, Sikong Chuyu asked with some surprise.

“My master said that he had the blood of ancient green peng and luan, but he’s still young, so his power hasn’t been awakened yet.” Ye Shang touched Tian Yu and said.

“Your master really treats you very well since he gave you such a good demon.” Sikong Chuyu said while looking at Tian Yu.

“No, it was hurt before. I brought it back to my residence. Then it started following me and it has also saved me once.” Ye Shang reached out and helped Tian Yu smooth the feathers on its neck.

Hearing Ye Shang’s words, Sikong Chuyu straightened up and began to size Ye Shang up as she now felt that Ye Shang was far more unbelievable than Tian Yu since he could find a monster beast with the heritage of an ancient creature.

“Sikong, do you have a flying monster beast?” asked Ye Shang.

“Although I really want to sit on your flying monster but I do have my own one.” Sikong Chuyu raised her arm and a red flying monster appeared in his sight.

When the red monster appeared, Tian Yu showed up and immediately assumed a posture to attack.

“Tian Yu!” Ye Shang stood in front of Tian Yu.

“Phoenix!” Sikong Chuyu stopped the fiery flying monster.

At the moment, Ye Shang had time to carefully size Sikong Chuyu’s beast up.

It was a red-hot bird that was several times larger than Tian Yu, and it was similar to the phoenix he saw in the spiritual illustration.

“It has the heritage of the ancient phoenix. It’s female.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“It really looks impressive.” Ye Shang nodded since the phoenix was currently more powerful than Tian Yu.

After all, the growth period of both of them was different, but Tian Yu still stared at the phoenix all the time.

“Your Tian Yu is still young and slower, so you can sit with me on my phoenix!” Sikong Chuyu looked at Ye Shang.

“Sikong, you should go first! I will catch up.” Ye Shang said.

“It’s okay, let’s go!” Sikong Chuyu could see that Ye Shang didn’t want to bother her, which made her admire Ye Shang even more as he didn’t want to accept others’ charity.

“Maybe next time.” Ye Shang shook his head.

“What happened to you? I’ve waited for a few days, aren’t you going with me? Aren’t we friends?” Sikong Chuyu then walked to Ye Shang, clutched his arm, and leaped to land on the back of the phoenix, asking the phoenix to fly.

In the fire trail of the fire phoenix, Tian Yu also followed up.

“Sikong, I……” Ye Shang didn’t know what to say.

“Well then, we’re just doing tasks together. I won’t help you after we arrive.” Sikong said with a smile, while releasing his arm, and she sat down on the back neck of the phoenix.

“Thank you, Sikong.” Ye Shang also sat down.

“You fool, can’t you move over a bit? It’s so windy there.” Seeing Ye Shang sitting down on the rear back of the phoenix, Sikong said.

Standing up, Ye Shang moved a few steps, sat down beside Sikong Chuyu, and then began to meditate.

His heart was beating fast since it was his first time sitting so close to a woman.

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