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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 73 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 73

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 73: Purple Gold Beast King

Seeing Ye Shang blushing, Sikong Chuyu understood what was going on as Ye Shang was nervous and shy.

“Sikong, maybe I should put Tian Yu away! The phoenix is very fast, Tian Yu has to fly at full speed. It cannot last that long.” Flying for a quarter of an hour, Ye Shang said.

Sikong Chuyu nodded and made the phoenix to slow down, while Ye Shang put Tian Yu back inside his taming space.”

A day later, Sikong Chuyu and Ye Shang reached the purple gold mountain.

After the phoenix landed, Sikong Chuyu looked towards Ye Shang and said, “Let’s hunt the Purple Gold Beast King first. The place where it exists must contain most of the purple gold with high purity.”

“Sure.” Ye Shang nodded.

“Well, let’s go!” Sikong Chuyu took the lead in front.

“Sikong, what’s the cultivation of the Purple Gold Beast King?” Ye Shang asked, following beside Sikong Chuyu.

“According to the task prompts, the Purple Gold Beast King is a fourth-rank monster.” Ye Shang was astonished by Sikong Chuyu’s reply.

“Ah!” Ye Shang was stunned as he had never met any third-rank monster, and now Sikong Chuyu was about to hunt down a fourth-rank monster, the Purple Gold Beast King.

“Oh! What are you nervous about? I will do the killing part, not you.” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“I am not nervous, just shocked. I didn’t know that you were so powerful.” Ye Shang knew that Sikong had a high cultivation base, it might have been at least at the Soul Segregation Stage, since Mo Chen, who was at the peak of the Core Formation Stage couldn’t see through it.

“You would become stronger than me when you reach my age.” Sikong did not tell him her cultivation base.

“How old are you?” Ye Shang regretted asking the question almost immediately as it was quite rude to ask a woman for her age.

“Oh, so you knew the question was inappropriate?” Looking at the change of Ye Shang’s expression, Sikong Chuyu understood his thoughts.

“Sorry.” Ye Shang hesitated and apologized.

Sikong Chuyu smiled and walked towards the Purple Gold Mountain without talking.

The mountain stretched for thousands of miles wide but there were only a few places rich in purple gold here. Many came seeking fortune from the gold mines but few had struck gold.

The most common beast in the Purple Gold Mountain was the Purple Gold Beast, which lived by devouring Purple Gold. Its rank wasn’t high but its combat power was very strong.

High-level cultivators disdained searching for purple gold here, but low-level ones were not able to find anything, so purple gold was scarce.

“Do you have a destination in mind?” Seeing Sikong Chuyu advancing without hesitation, Ye Shang asked.

“Well, I have checked the map so I know where the Purple Gold Beast King lives.” Sikong Chuyu turned and said.

As soon as she turned around, Ye Shang was caught unprepared as he was still walking forward.

When he stopped, he was only half a foot away from her and caught a waft of Sikong Chuyu’s scent.

Ye Sheng took a step back quickly and so did Sikong Chuyu.

“What are you doing?” Sikong Chuyu blushed too since she had never gotten so close to men.

“I didn’t know that you would stop.” Ye Shang said.

“Well, let’s go! It’s still early, and if possible, let’s finish the task by today,” Sikong Chuyu said.

Sikong Chuyu rushed forward, while Ye Shang followed closely behind.

“Sikong, since you know its location, why don’t you fly your phoenix directly towards the target’s location?” Ye Shang was somewhat puzzled.

“The purple gold beast eats purple gold mines essence, so its body contains purple gold impurities. This impurity is very corrosive. We don’t know where the purple gold beasts are hiding. If they spray the purple gold poisonous impurities on my phoenix, it will be injured.” Sikong Chuyu explained, but she didn’t stop walking.

Ye Shang now understood the danger of riding flying monsters here.
Just when Ye Shang was thinking about this problem, Sikong Chuyu took out her long sword and directly slashed towards the front.

A light purple 4-foot-tall body with claws was cut into two halves.

Sikong Chuyu moved on after killing the Purple Gold Beast with a slash.

“Swift! Her attack was too fast, though the speed of the Purple Gold Beast was breakneck, it was incomparable with the attack of Sikong Chuyu.

Ye Shang took out his reincarnation spear and followed her since he had to protect her back.

After advancing for two hours or so, Sikong Chuyu stopped and turned to look at Ye Shang, “The Purple Gold Beast King is in the cave in front. It’s already come out. You should step back and not come forward.”

Ye Shang retreated a few steps since he knew that he couldn’t participate in such battles.

With the long sword, Sikong Chuyu stared at the front.

“Not good, retreat!” Sikong Chuyu grabbed Ye Shang’s shoulder and fell back quickly.

Ye Shang turned and saw a tall monster with purple-gold scales appear.

It was originally on the ground, but Ye Shang saw its claws shining with metal luster after it leaped.

This monster did not land after leaping, but flew directly towards them.

“That damn informant, the purple gold beast king has reached the peak of the fourth-rank, let’s move quickly!” Sikong Chuyu pushed Ye Shang away.

After landing, Ye Shang looked up and saw her veil fluttering while she kept attacking the purple gold beast king with her long sword in the air.

Then they landed and leaped again as they kept fighting.

After entering the fourth-rank, cultivators and the demons could fly briefly, both Sikong Chuyu and the purple gold beast king were probably at this stage.

The Purple Gold Beast King had the upper hand as its 4 four claws and large mouth with hook-like teeth constantly attacked Sikong Chuyu.

Monsters were stronger than humans at the same level, hence it was normal that the monster at the peak of the fourth-rank could probably suppress Sikong Chuyu, who hadn’t reached the fifth stage.

If Sikong Chuyu had entered the fifth stage, she wouldn’t have landed after leaping, she would have had an advantage in the battle in midair.

“You are not good as it is, in terms of internal energy. You should fight on the ground and rely on your agility!” Watching the battle, Ye Shang found the key.

Hearing his words, Sikong Chuyu landed on the ground and started fighting on the ground.

“Stay away from it since it might spray purple gold impurities.” Sikong Chuyu did not forget to remind Ye Shang as she knew that it was useless to ask him to leave.

If Ye Shang was that kind of person, he would’ve already run away.

“Where is its weakness?” Ye Shang stood behind a boulder and shouted.

“The connection between the back neck and the head.” Sikong Chuyu shouted as she withstood the attacks of the Purple Gold Beast King.

“This is not working. It is too powerful. Come to me, circle around the boulder and look for opportunities.” Ye Shang jumped on the top of the boulder and squatted down.

Sikong Chuyu took his suggestion and took the Purple Gold Beast King to the side of the boulder.

“What are you doing up there?” Seeing Ye Shang squatting on the boulder, Sikong was suddenly surprised, as it was both brave and stupid for a First Stage cultivator to stay there at this moment.

“Fight around the boulder. I will be fine even if it sprays purple gold impurities meanwhile I will check for its weaknesses.” Answering, Ye Shang started looking for the weakness of the Purple Gold Beast King.

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