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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 75 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 75

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 75: Rapid Recovery

“What happened to Tianji Tower? Why not get us to hunt a fifth-rank monster instead!” Looking at the gauze wrapped around Sikong Chuyu’s arm, Ye Shang said, annoyed.

“If the cultivation base of the Purple Gold Beast King  was only one or two levels different from the information, it may be  a temporary change, but a difference of five levels is an error in the intelligence report.” Sikong Chuyu was enraged.

“Fortunately, we completed the task.” Ye Shang grimaced as he twisted his body to dispel the discomfort of the ointment on his body. 

“I told you not to move. The most precious thing in the body of the Purple Gold Beast King is its Purple Gold Beast Core , which is also my task item. I will give up this task.” Sikong Chuyu put a fist-sized, purple-colored crystal core in front of Ye Shang.

“What are you doing? Aren’t we friends?” Ye Shang felt uncomfortable when Sikong Chuyu took out the core.

“That’s not what I mean. This Purple Gold Beast Core is too precious and you have earned it by risking your life.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“If you see me as a friend, keep it and pass me the wine!” Ye Shang pointed at the wine jar in the hands of Sikong Chuyu.

Sikong Chuyu put away the beast core with a smile and said, “This wine is now mine.”

At first, Sikong Chuyu expected Ye Shang wounds would scab in half a day, and he would be able to move freely within two days. But the speed of his recovery surprised her. The wound on his back scabbed within two hours and he could move freely after resting for a night.

Since Ye Shang had regained his mobility, they entered the underground cave and began collecting purple gold.

The cave of the Purple Gold Beast King was very deep and it wasn’t until they were five or six miles underground did they reach the end of the cave.

There was not a ray of light in the cave and they had to rely on Sikong Chuyu’s night pearl to light up the cave.

At the bottom of the cave, they saw purple-gold ores wrapped in a purple glow and the location where Purple Gold Beast King rested, there were even high purity ores. 

Ye Shang took out his mining tools, Sikong Chuyu unsheathed her long sword and they began to collect the ores since these were precious refining material, the more the merrier.

After mining for two hours, Sikong Chuyu stopped since her storage ring was filled to brim. He began to wonder where Ye Shang stored these purple-gold ores since he was collecting them at a much faster pace.

Out of curiosity, Sikong Chuyu asked. “Ye Shang, where did you store the purple-gold ores?”

“Storage belt.” Ye Shang answered, without looking up.

Sikong Chuyu snorted since she knew that a storage belt couldn’t be that large.

If so, there would be no need for storage rings, but then she thought that he might be carrying more than one storage belt.

After mining for three hours, the two came out of the underground cave. Ye Shang even excavated the purple gold mineral crystal, which was a treasure worth dozens of times the price of the purple-gold ore.

Ye Shang wanted to continue mining, but Sikong Chuyu didn’t allow him to do so. She was worried that his wound would reopen or that he would perspire, which was not conducive for his injury.

Ye Shang didn’t find any problems with it as he found that his wound healed really fast while cultivating last night, especially when he circulated energy to his back. But he didn’t mention this to Sikong Chuyu.

When they emerged from underground, Sikong Chuyu released her phoenix.

“Aren’t you afraid that Purple Gold Beasts would spray purple gold toxic impurities?” asked Ye Shang.

“You are so unyielding. This time we are not aiming to explore, we just need to fly high. Where is your next task location?” Sikong Chuyu grabbed his shoulders, landed on the back of the phoenix and let the phoenix take off.

“The next task is to gather black iron wood from the Qianshan City area.” Ye Shang said.

With the rapid flight speed of the phoenix, the two arrived at the black iron forest in the Qianshan City area in a day.

“What kind of weapon is it for?” In the black iron forest, Sikong Chuyu frowned and murmured.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Shang didn’t understand why Sikong Chuyu said so.

“You’ve picked up the task of the black iron grass before, right? There are also bronze-token and silver-token tasks of collecting materials. You got the purple gold mines task this time and mine was to pick up the purple gold beast core. Now it is the black iron wood, indicating that someone is forging a weapon.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“This has nothing to do with us.” Ye Shang didn’t think so much.

“Well, Ok. The danger here is mostly from red snakes, but they won’t come out if the phoenix is here. Cut a black iron wood and let’s return to Qianshan City to rest. We can go to your next task location tomorrow.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“I can do the rest of my tasks myself. I am very grateful to you.” Ye Shang said while cutting black iron wood.

Black iron wood was extremely hard and it could be integrated with mineral materials after refining, which would increase the hardness of the materials.

Therefore, it was not easy for Ye Shang to cut.

“You can’t do the tasks alone. Your injury will delay your progress, I am afraid that you can’t complete it in time.” Sikong Chuyu said.

After a while, Ye Shang eventually cut down a black iron tree and trimmed it to the length according to the task.

Outside of the black iron forest, Ye Shang and Sikong Chuyu arrived at Qianshan City on the phoenix and found an inn.

After asking the waiter to prepare some food for them, Sikong Chuyu nodded at Ye Shang, “I will change the dressing for you.”

“No need! I feel pretty good.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“Yes you have to!” Sikong Chuyu walked up to Ye Shang and said.

Ye Shang nodded,  entered the room, then took off his shirt.

“Wow! The cream is so effective! It’s almost healed.” Looking at the back of Ye Shang, Sikong Chuyu said.

“I told you.” Ye Shang slowly put on the clothes.

Sikong Chuyu did not stop him since he did recover and there was no need to apply any medicine.

Knock! Knock!

There was a knock on the door.

Ye Shang got up and opened the door.

“Oh……sorry, the food is ready, you can enjoy it at any time.” The attendant hurriedly closed the door.

“Why is he so embarrassed?” Ye Shang put on his robe and said.

“That jerk.” Sikong Chuyu blushed as she certainly understood what the attendant meant when he saw Ye Shang’s disheveled looks.

“Don’t blame him, he’s just informing us to eat.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“How embarrassing!” Sikong Chuyu took a look at Ye Shang and went out.

When dining, Sikong Chuyu was still somewhat odd.

“Sikong, do you know what weapon requires so many materials to forge?” asked Ye Shang.

“Most of the materials are normal, but the purple gold beast core indicates that the owner has some bad intent.”

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