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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 76 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 76

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 76: Bronze Token

“I can’t judge what the specific weapon would be, but black iron wood and black iron grass are highly toxic materials, the Purple Gold Beast core is also another strongly corrosive material. We can imagine the effect of the forged weapon.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“Understood, it’s not a good thing when there’s such a person residing in Danding City.” Ye Shang said while eating.

“Well, let’s not bother about this. If he does harm others, then someone will put in a request to kill him.” Sikong Chuyu smiled and said.

“I see, thank you for your help. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to complete the tasks so smoothly” Ye Shang raised the wine glass towards Sikong Chuyu for a toast.

“Don’t say that, I should thank you. If the Purple Gold Beast King sprayed purple gold toxic impurities on my body or on my face, I wouldn’t have the courage to live anymore. I owe you my life.” Sikong Chuyu said.

Ye Shang drank the wine wordlessly.

After eating, they returned to their rooms to rest, Ye Shang started his cultivation in Qi and the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome manual instead of combat skills due to his injury.

While Ye Shang was cultivating, Sikong Chuyu felt that the task she picked hinted at a trap. If Ye Shang didn’t follow her, it would have been difficult for her to escape.

She planned to look into it carefully and find out who requested the task after she got back. She would not take it lying down.

After a night of cultivation, Ye Shang noticed that all the scabs had fallen off and he began practicing his spear methods in the yard after taking a shower.

Sikong Chuyu, who was dressed in a light blue robe, saw Ye Shang practicing and originally wanted to give him a dressing down. But she stopped herself after noticing that Ye Shang had full control of his body, and had recovered.

“We will attempt the tasks after our meal. I don’t know if there will be scars on your back.” Sikong Chuyu said after sitting down at the table.

“I am a man, so it’s not a problem to have few scars on my body!” Ye Shang sat across from Sikong Chuyu.

“If you ever get married, try telling your wife you got the scars from helping another woman,” Sikong Chuyu looked at Ye Shang with a smile.

Ye Shang was stunned, this had never occurred to him but after giving it some thought he felt that he would definitely be bothered if his wife in the future bore scars from other men.

“Is it impossible for you to accept your wife to have scars left from other men?” Noticing the change in his expressions, Sikong Chuyu knew what he was thinking.

“For the sake of friends, there can be an exception.” Ye Shang began eating, in a bid to end the topic.

Sikong Chuyu did not ask any more questions, as she knew Ye Shang must be thinking about it in his mind.

They only started talking again after they had left Qianshan City

“Sikong, which sect do you belong to? Jinyan Sect?” Ye Shang asked while keeping his distance from Sikong Chuyu on the phoenix.

“No, in fact, I am not from Dongxuan. I am here to escape from some people, ” Sikong Chuyu looked at Ye Shang.

Then Sikong Chuyu told him briefly that she was born in a wealthy family but escaped because she was not satisfied with the family’s arrangement.

“You must resist. My cultivation base is low. If I could, I would knock out all the teeth of those who have bad intentions towards you.” Ye Shang waved his arm and said.

“You said it. I will hold you to your words.” Sikong Chuyu looked at Ye Shang and spoke with a smile.

“When I have the ability to, I will help you.” Ye Shang nodded sincerely.

“Okay, I can still avoid the situation and I won’t let them catch me so easily.” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“Sikong, you look so beautiful when you smile,” Ye Shang grinned.

“Well, where did you learn this?” Sikong Chuyu rolled her eyes at him.

Ye Shang continued grinning since he thought that Sikong Chuyu’s smile was really beautiful.

Sikong Chuyu followed Ye Shang as he completed all of his tasks but she didn’t help him since she knew he was very prideful. He would not accept the help of others, even when faced with a task he could not manage by himself.

Returning to Danding City, Ye Shang and Sikong Chuyu went to Tianji Tower together.

With the help of Sikong, Ye Shang now changed his black iron token to the bronze token.

“Sikong, I’m leaving. Remember, somethings cannot be compromised.” Ye Shang said.

“Well, come over when you have time.” Sending Ye Shang off at the door of Tianji Tower, Sikong Chuyu waved at him.

Ye Shang nodded to Sikong Chuyu, got in the beast cart and left for his mansion.

Back at the mansion, Ye Shang saw Qing Ji in the lobby, as well as her maidservant Qiu Xue.

“How come you left for so many days? Don’t you know that we’ll be worried? You didn’t even tell your eleventh brother before heading out.”Qing Ji reprimanded Ye Shang the moment she saw him.

“I was doing tasks with another person this time.” Ye Shang said with a smile and he understood that Qing Ji was angry because she cared about him.

“You know someone else? Nonsense.” Mo Chen also showed up.

“I completed all my tasks with Sikong from Tianji Tower,” Ye Shang was quite embarrassed since he didn’t inform Mo Chen before he left.

“Tianji Tower? Thirteenth, you are very sociable.” Qing Ji said no more and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Sixth Sister, Sikong is a beautiful woman. She’s gorgeous.” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Thirteenth, the more beautiful a woman is, the more dangerous she is. You must be careful.” Qing Ji reminded Ye Shang.

“Sixth Sister is also a beautiful woman, but you treat me really well.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“Ha-ha, Thirteenth, you’re really generous with the compliments. You don’t know how many people think of the Martial Sister all the time in the Medicine Valley!” Mo Chen laughed.

“Stop laughing. Fortunately, Thirteenth returned safely. If something bad happened, you would be done for.” Qing Ji glared at Mo Chen.

Later Ye Shang briefly talked about the tasks he had done.

“You mean, the woman named Sikong killed the Purple Gold Beast King who was at the peak of fourth-rank?” Qing Ji was a bit surprised.

“Yes, she’s very strong and she did all the tasks with me.” Ye Shang took out his own bronze token and shook it in front of Qing Ji and Mo Chen.

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