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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 77 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 77

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 77: No Need

“Thirteenth, you got upgraded to the bronze tier in Tianji Tower!” Qing Ji looked at the bronze token in his hand.

“Well, after completing the tasks today, I entered the bronze tier, so I can save some points when I exchange them for medicinal herbs.” Ye Shang put away the bronze token and said with a smile.

“Exchange for medicinal herbs? What kind of medicinal herbs do you want to exchange?” Qing Ji asked after getting Ye Shang a cup of tea.

“I plan to exchange them for core pills. Sikong said that using three core pills at the Soul-condensation stage is a bit too much, thus I plan to exchange for two.” Ye Shang told them his decision.

“Do you have a lot of points? Or do you think we don’t have any medicinal resources in Taixuan Peak? You don’t need to exchange your points for them, you will have the pills when you reach the Soul-condensation stage.” Qing Ji said.

Then Mo Chen smiled and told Ye Shang that Taixuan Peak provided them with three core pills when they achieved Soul-condensation stage, but under the restrictions of Liu Yangyu, each person only took one or two.

“Thirteenth, you have been doing tasks recently, and have a very stable foundation. Now, you should focus more on cultivation and stop doing tasks until you enter the Soul-condensation stage.” Qing Ji said since she was very worried that Ye Shang would pick up bronze tier tasks he could not handle.

“Okay, I understand.” Ye Shang nodded and said.

“Thirteenth, are you going to cultivate here or on Taixuan Peak?” Mo Chen asked.

“I feel the same everywhere.” Ye Shang thought for a moment and said.

“Well, Eleventh, go back and inform the Master about the situation here. I will stay here to protect your Ninth Sister during her close-door cultivation period and guide Thirteenth. In addition, when you come back, bring the resources belonging to Thirteenth.” Qing Ji said to Mo Chen.

“Since the arrival of Thirteen, I have completely lost my status and am reduced to an errand boy.” Mo Chen sighed.

“Stop complaining!” Qing Ji grabbed the towel from the table and threw it at Mo Chen.

Mo Chen chuckled and ran away.

After chatting with Qing Ji for a while, Ye Shang returned to his room on the second floor to rest since he couldn’t keep up with Qing Ji’s questioning about Sikong.

In the private room of Tianji Tower, Sikong stood in front of the window, Enforcer Dong stood not far behind her.

“Enforcer Dong, how many people know that I am here?” Sikong turned and looked at Enforcer Dong.

“Nobody knows. Master, you said that the task of the Purple Gold Beast King was a trap. Was it aimed at you? Or was it just a coincidence?” Enforcer Dong questioned Enforcer Dong uncertainly.

“A few days ago, the Dongxuan headquarters sent some personnel to every first-class city, right? Monitor the one sent here, find someone reliable to go to Purple Gold City and look into Tianji Tower there. The task should be requested from there.” Sikong Chuyu pondered for a while and made the arrangements.

“Are you suggesting that someone knows that you are in Danding City?” Enforcer Dong said, surprised.

“Well, if my uncles haven’t given up, they should’ve found that I am in Dongxuan, so I have to disappear and go underground.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“Master, where are you going? If no one can ensure your safety, I won’t be able to explain to your mother.” Enforcer Dong was somewhat anxious.

“I’m not going away and will stay in Danding City. It’s best that no one finds out that I have been to Danding City. Even if they were to find out, then they would think that I have left the city after I disappeared. Danding City will be the best place to hide.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“Got it. I will arrange accommodation immediately,” Enforcer Dong was about to leave.

“No, I have a place to go to. If there is any problem, I will go to your house. By the way, prepare two core pills for me.” Sikong Chuyu clarified.

“Why does Master want those low-level medicinal herbs?” Enforcer Dong was puzzled.

“If it were not for Ye Shang, I would’ve died during the Purple Gold Beast King task. He may need some core pills.” Sikong Chuyu answered honestly.

After getting the core pills, Sikong Chuyu left Tianji Tower, found a beast cart, circled a few laps in Danding City and eventually arrived at Ye Shang’s mansion in Longquan Mountain.

Arriving at the mansion, Sikong Chuyu informed the housekeeper that she wanted to meet Ye Shang.

After being informed, Ye Shang went out of the mansion and was very confused as to who would ask to meet him personally.

Ye Shang was surprised to see Sikong Chuyu, dressed in a white robe and purple gauze, standing outside the gate, and quickly opened the gates. “Why are you here?”

“I am here to seek asylum.” Sikong Chuyu smiled and entered the mansion.

“Stop joking. Who can threaten you?” Ye Shang smiled and led Sikong Chuyu in.

“I’m not joking. I ran into a little trouble. May I stay here for a while?” Sikong Chuyu looked at Ye Shang and said very seriously.

“Of course you can.” Ye Shang could see that Sikong Chuyu really meant it.

“That’s good.” Sikong Chuyu nodded with a smile.

“Sixth Sister, this is my good friend Sikong Chuyu.” Ye Shang introduced Sikong Chuyu to Qing Ji after entering the hall.

“Hello, I am Sikong Chuyu.” Sikong Chuyu nodded slightly to Qing Ji.

“I am Qing Ji, Ye Shang’s sixth martial sister.” Qing Ji stood up and introduced herself while sizing her up.

Qing Ji was astounded because Sikong Chuyu was a lot younger than her, but Sikong’s cultivation base exceeded hers.

“Sixth Sister, take a seat first, I will arrange a place for Sikong to stay.” Ye Shang said and then went out with Sikong Chuyu.

“What? Wait a minute. She wants to move in?” Qing Ji was startled.

“Sikong is in some trouble and has to move in.” Ye Shang nodded and said.

“Thirteenth, do you know what her cultivation base is? Level 7 of the Soul Segregation Stage. What troubles can she have?” Qing Ji said and looked at Sikong Chuyu.

“I secretly left my home and my family is now investigating my whereabouts so I want to hide here for a while. I told you this because I wanted you to know that I didn’t lie to Ye Shang. I’m not about to be questioned” Sikong Chuyu scoffed and started walking out.

She couldn’t stand the attitude of Qing Ji since no one had ever treated her like this.

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