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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 78 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 78

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 78: Getting Along Well

“Sikong, wait a minute. Sixth Sister, there is a misunderstanding. I have known Sikong for a long time. We did the tasks together and she helped me a lot.” Ye Shang said Qing Ji.

“Thirteenth, I should trust who you trust, but your ninth sister is now in the middle of her close-door cultivation!” Qing Ji was embarrassed as she knew that Sikong Chuyu did not harbour ill intentions after looking into her clear eyes and hearing what she said, but she couldn’t take any risks.

“Ye Shang, your sixth sister is right. It’s okay, I’ll leave,” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“Sixth Sister, anyone who wants to harm my ninth sister must step over my dead body. But I can’t disappoint my friends. Sikong, I will accompany you to find a suitable place in the city.!” Ye Shang gave way and started heading out as he knew that Qing Ji was right. After all, she did not know Sikong Chuyu.

“Well, go arrange accommodation for her! Don’t go to the lake.” Qing Ji sat down as she knew that the relationship between them was very good.

If Sikong Chuyu left Ye Shang, Ye Shang would never forget it.

“Not now, I will accompany Sixth Sister for a cup of tea for sure.” Sikong Chuyu entered the hall and sat down.

“I am sorry. If Ninth Sister wasn’t undergoing close-door cultivation, we could have had a banquet when Thirteenth’s friends come to visit.” Qing Ji said.

“I get it, your martial brothers and sisters are lucky to have such a good elder martial sister like you.” Sikong Chuyu said and drank some tea.

“My martial brothers and sisters are all from poor families, some of whom are even orphans, thus I am their elder sister. Thirteenth, arrange a place for Miss Sikong to live.” Qing Ji waved at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang felt that they were getting along and left with the servant.

“Sikong, Thirteenth still doesn’t know what beauty is, and is not well versed in the matters of the heart. He has no friends either and his friendship is genuine. I hope you won’t hurt him in the future.” Qing Ji sighed as she knew that Sikong Chuyu was destined to be a hurdle in Ye Shang’s life.

Sikong Chuyu was too beautiful, though Qing Ji had seen many different kinds of people, she had never seen a woman with such a figure, appearance and temperament.

It might be nothing now, but when the circumstances around Sikong Chuyu changed, it would be a hurdle for Ye Shang.

“I know. True affection is rare. Just the day before, he saved my life, which left scars on his back! So I won’t hurt him. But I don’t understand, do I not look like a good person?” Sikong Chuyu was confused as Qing Ji seemed to think that she would hurt Ye Shang.

“I don’t mean that. You will understand what I said in the future. I apologise if I’ve offended you,” Qing Ji clasped her hands.

Sikong Chuyu shook her head since she really didn’t mind it, and she understood very well that Qing Ji was protecting her younger martial brothers and sisters.

They had dinner together, and Ye Shang nodded at them after finishing his dinner quickly. “Sixth Sister and Sikong, I’m going to cultivate.”

Looking at his back, Qing Ji shook her head helplessly. “He never rests.”

“Your worry about him is right. He really is like a blank piece of white paper.” Sikong Chuyu said.

Qing Ji did not go to rest as she had to pay attention towards the safety of the mansion now that it was the crucial period for Yang Lei who was about to break through to the fifth-order stage.

Sikong Chuyu did not rest either, but played chess in the grand hall with Qing Ji.

They only ended the game after dawn.

“Thank you for accompanying me the whole night.” Ending the game, Qing Ji said.

Sikong Chuyu shook her head and thought nothing of it. She admired Qing Ji’s unconditional care for her younger martial brothers and sisters.

“The two of you are up so early?” Ye Shang came down with a towel.

“Not at all. I’m going to sleep. If anyone comes, wake me up right away. Remember, anyone. Sikong you should rest too,” Qing Ji walked out of the grand hall to rest.

“My martial sister didn’t sleep all night?” Ye Shang asked.

“Yes, although she could also detect the movements in the mansion during meditation, she was nervous and felt uneasy with it.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“So you were up all night with my martial sister? Get some rest.” Ye Shang understood after Qing Ji’s reminder.

“Rest? I don’t even know where my room is!” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

Though Ye Shang had arranged her accommodation, he did not take her there yet.

Ye Shang smiled awkwardly and quickly took Sikong Chuyu to a loft not far from the bamboo building.

Sikong Chuyu turned to Ye Shang after arriving at the loft, “Pay attention to your body. Let me know if there is any discomfort. There might be some residual toxins left.”

Ye Shang smiled reassuringly and waved her goodbye. He still had to practice the spear methods and the Heaven Obscuring Palm.

In the next few days, the relationship between Sikong Chuyu and Qing Ji got much better.

Sikong Chuyu was very respectful of Qing Ji, and Qing Ji who understood social convention, gradually had a better impression of Sikong.

When they were eating in the evening, Mo Chen came and was surprised to see Sikong Chuyu. “Thirteenth, you are amazing, you brought such a beauty home.”

Sikong Chuyu blushed and even Ye Shang knew what Mo Chen meant.

“Nonsense! You can’t even take care of yourself, don’t you worry about Thirteenth,” Qing Ji glared at Mo Chen.

“Sixth Sister, I still need your help with my problem!” Mo Chen sighed.

“You need my help? Then tell me which girl have you fallen for?. I will help you find a way.” Qing Ji looked at Mo Chen said.

“Thirteenth, what should I do? I saw her today.” Mo Chen looked at Ye Shang.

“I will bring it up with Sixth Sister later.” Ye Shang knew who he meant, it must be Chu Lingfei, the cousin of Chu Lingxiao.

“Well, it’s just a matter of time.” Mo Chen nodded, sat down and started eating voraciously.

He understood that he would need to face it sooner or later, and Ye Shang could help him explain to Qing Ji, which would avoid some embarrassment.

After he had finished his food, Mo Chen glanced at Ye Shang and left.

He was very conflicted.On one side was his respected martial sister, and the other was his lover, who had waited for him for more than a decade.It was a torture to leave this problem unresolved.

He hoped Qing Ji would compromise for the sake of Ye Shang!

“Thirteenth, what happened? If it’s about Master, I can help your eleventh brother.” Qing Ji asked after Mo Chen left.

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