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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 79 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 79

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 79: Furnace Liquid

“Sixth Sister, let me elaborate on this matter. Eleventh Brother is mainly afraid that you will be unhappy.” Ye Shang poured Qing Ji a cup of tea.

“Unhappy? Tell me more. I will only be happy for Eleventh, why would I be unhappy?” Qing Ji was bewildered..

Ye Shang then told her everything about Mo Chen and Chu Lingfei.

“Eleventh is really a bastard. That’s just something between Chu Lingxiao and me. It has nothing to do with others. Even if Chu Lingfei is not a mere cousin but the blood sister of that a*****e, I wouldn’t mind. Get Eleventh here,” Qing Ji shouted at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang let out a sigh of relief as he knew that Qing Ji was a reasonable person, but he was afraid that she would lose her mind when she became emotional.

He was relieved that she didn’t object to it, hence he got up and shouted for Mo Chen.

“Sixth Sister,” Mo Chen greeted after coming over.

“Eleventh, in your eyes, am I such an unreasonable person? Not to mention that I do not have an opinion on this matter, even if I did, I would still want you to be happy.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she became emotional.

She was happy that Mo Chen had considered her feelings, but at the same time she felt apologetic that he did.

“Sixth Sister, that’s not what I meant, I just didn’t want you to be unhappySixth Sister, I’m sorry!” Mo Chen choked up.

“Eleventh, just like you’ve done everything you could for Twelfth, I will do anything for you. We are the brothers and sisters.” Qing Ji hugged Mo Chen and patted his back.

“Thirteenth, thank you.” Mo Chen smiled at Ye Shang.

“Eleventh Brother, now that our problem has been solved, what if Chu Lingxiao disagrees?” Ye Shang voice out.

“How dare he? If he disagrees, we will make him agree with our fists. We don’t need to notify our Master, just inform Great Martial Brother in advance.” Qing Ji snorted.

“Thank you, martial sister. I want to drink, did you bring the blue blood spirits?” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Bastard. You’re always taking advantage of me.” Qing Ji slapped Mo Chen, but still took out the jar of wine.

“If I don’t take advantage of Martial Sister, will you allow me to take advantage of Thirteenth?” Mo Chen glanced at Ye Shang.

“You dare? Master will peel your skin off. Let’s drink! Sikong, drink some too. I shall abstain.” Qing Ji looked at the direction where Yang Lei was cultivating.

Just then, a formidable shockwave from the location where Yang Lei was cultivating washed over them, and they felt riots of aura from the mansion.

“The breakthrough was successful.” Qing Ji said with excitement.

“Yes, that feels like the aura of a fifth-order cultivator. Ye Shang, your Ninth Sister succeeded.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“Then we can drink together with Ninth Sister.” Ye Shang was very happy for Yang Lei.

Among his martial brothers and sisters, Yang Lei was most protective of her younger brothers and sisters, so Ye Shang felt most comfortable with Yang Lei.

“No, it would take a few more days to stabilize her aura, but I can drink now.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“Sixth Sister, does that mean Ninth Sister now is the top disciple among all the second-generation disciples in the Medicine Valley?” Knowing that Yang Lei was successful, Mo Chen was very excited.

“She should be at the top in terms of cultivation base, but in actual combat, many second-generation disciples are also very strong. Take Great Martial Brother as an example, he had killed cultivators at the early fifth-order stage a few years ago. Chu Lingxiao is not a pushover either, but I’m enraged whenever I think of that a*****e.” Qing Ji opened the jar and said.

With the success of Yang Lei, they relaxed considerably and started drinking.

“These are your cultivation resources, gathering pills and core pills. Master only gave two core pills for you to consume at the Soul-condensation stage 3 and stage 7.” Mo Chen took out a small packet and tossed it to Ye Shang.

“What’s in the bottles?” Opening the packet, he discovered two different bottles.

“That is the furnace liquid. I’m depressed,” Mo Chen introduced with pursed lips.

“What is the furnace liquid?” Ye Shang opened the bottle, smelled it, and asked.

“Sixth Sister, isn’t it really shameful to be such a show off?” Mo Chen did not answer him, but looked at Qing Ji instead.

“It is very shameful to show off, but I would like to point out Thirteenth does not know the efficacy of the furnace liquid.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

Later, Qing Ji gaveYe Shang a thorough introduction of the furnace liquid.

The furnace liquid was a kind of spirit liquid produced by the Spiritual Eight Dragons Furnace in the Medicine Valley.

They produced it in a special place on Danding Cliff, and the furnace liquid was extracted from the aura condensed by the Eight Dragons Furnace, which was extremely rare.

They could only produce 10 to 20 drops every year, thus only the heaven-level disciples in the Medicine Valley were qualified to use, even the elders and king-level disciples were not qualified.

“Then why did he give it to me?” Ye Shang was a little surprised.

“Don’t you know? Your authorization level in Medicine Valley is heaven-level now. The cultivation resources you’ve received is also the treatment of the heaven-level disciples, but you have the strength and identity of regular heaven-level disciples.” Qing Ji said.

Ye Shang understood that it should be the benefits of handing over the Sheng Ding Scripture.

“Thirteenth, this is a good thing. Only Great Martial Brother and Ninth Sister in Taixuan Peak have used it.” Mo Chen stared at the furnace liquid.

“What are the benefits?” Ye Shang covered the bottle and asked.

“It can’t help the user to improve the cultivation base directly, but it can make the cultivator’s qi more condensed and strengthen the body. The most amazing thing is that it quells demons in your mind. Everyone has a soul, which is invisible, but doesn’t change the fact that it exists. Just like how some people are sensitive to the senses, and some are clear-minded. The potential effect of this medicine is to strengthen the soul, and prevent qi deviation.” Qing Ji said.

“There are two bottles here. Martial Sister and Brother, take it! Sikong, if I receive more in the future, I will give it to you too.” Ye Shang handed two bottles of the furnace liquid directly to Qing Ji and Mo Chen.

“What are you doing? This is your cultivation resource, not ours. Keep it.” Qing Ji stared at Ye Shang.

“Sixth Sister, my cultivation is very smooth now. I don’t need this.” Ye Shang shook his head.

“Ye Shang, this is a matter of principle. Keep it! You are now practicing Master’s Heaven Obscuring Palm and your body strength is of great importance.” Qing Ji handed the bottles to Ye Shang.

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