Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Encountering Demons on the Way

After a night-long session of cultivation, they helped their bellies with some meal and continued to move on with the advent of the dawn.

As Qin Zen noticed Ye Shang meditating with the utmost dedication, he couldn’t stop his stubborn body resorting to meditating on its own accord. It seemed that both he and Ye Shang had a great affinity for cultivation. 

However, since the entire day was filled with an unaccustomed hustle and bustle, they couldn’t find a chance to cultivate earlier, but now that the coast was all clear they could finally fall deep into echoing the distinct mantras of meditation.

Though it looked like Ye Shang was on par with Qin Zen when it came to cultivation, Qin Zen seemingly had much greater lust for power than Ye Shang.

The next two days were peaceful since all the demons were taken care off by the guards. Thus, with no hideous demons lurking around, Ye Shang could revert back to his daily routine.

He thus continued with his evenings occupied with hunting and cooking the delicious supper for Qin Zen and his minions.

Qin Zen though have never rejected the humble offerings of food and wine coming from Ye Shang, but the two still had no verbal communication.

In fact, one fortunate day, Ye Shang saw Qin Zen taking the core elixir, and he was a bit shocked.

What is the use of the medicinal herb if I couldn’t take it?

Aren’t these medicinal herb meant for improving the strength?

Taking it would certainly maximize the benefits that enhanced strength.

As Ye Shang filled his head with the such thoughts, he also started taking these medicinal elixirs, Ye Shang was edging closer to Level 3 of Qi-Refining Stage.

While Ye Shang and others were focused on cultivating, a beast like roar cracked through the tranquil surrounding. It was followed by a violent vibration of the beast cart.

The captain was shocked. “Don’t move.” He uttered in a bit concerning tone as he approached towards the bolted door to open it.

The two guards of Qin Zen also turned cautious.

From the fiendish roaring, it was evident that the demons this time were quite unusual.

Otherwise, these Tigers were beasts with similar level of power as a second rank demon, wouldn’t be under this kind of any turmoil unless the power level of demons surpassed them.

The cart was tilted, which showed that the tigers were fully suppressed and pressed down on the ground.

It didn’t take long for the battle to begin, and within an instant the cart was shaken very violently. Ye Shang quickly grabbed the rails of the window while Qin Zen was grabbed tightly by his guards, and the other two teenagers unfortunately fell off the cart.

“This is a Green-Winged Eagle. It has the origin of the Ancient Green-Winged Peng.” One of Qin Zen’s guard shouted after glancing properly through the window at the atrocity in front of them.

“Can’t the guards kill it?” Qin Zen asked and frowned.

“I cannot feel its cultivation base. Maybe only the captain can withstand it, but it will be difficult to kill.” One of the Qin Zen’s guards clenched his fist at his inability to comply with his master’s demands.

Ye Shang leaned against the window to assess the situation by himself. However, he was startled to notice that the green-winged eagle had already injured a lot of guards.

Its wings were at least five or six meters wide, and its claws were shining, looking no different from sharp blades.

Just as Ye Shang witnessed the battle breaking down, the green-winged eagle waved its head, broke off the long sword of a guard, and knocked the guard out cold. His chest was sunken, and he started spitting blood.

“Attack the exteriors of his claws.” Captain Qiu Zen shouted in a raging voice.

Ye Shang also noticed it. The Green-Winged Eagle seemed at ease attacking with its front and back claws, but it couldn’t fare well with the outside of its thighs. Although its wings could also attack, the threat was way trivial, and it could not inflict any severe damage.

Qiu Zen confronted the Green-Winged Eagle, his body flashed rapidly, even Ye Shang couldn’t see his figure clearly.

The guards were knocked away by the wings of the Green-Winged Eagle, but it couldn’t stand the constant attack of the other guards for long. Thus, after a while, its wings, and legs were stained with a blood, revealing several deep wounds on its body.

“At this time, if someone attacks its Tianshu, it will be better.” After watching it, Ye Shang adviced the perplexed guards as he noticed the battle at a close range..

Qin Zen’s two guards turned to look at Ye Shang, and one of them said. “Li Song, you protect the master. I will help them. If we fail, everyone will suffer.”

“Okay! Guan Xiong, be careful.” Li Song nodded.

Guan Xiong pushed the door wide open, and his body flashed toward the tail of the Green-Winged Eagle.

The Tianshu, mentioned by Ye Shang, was just below the tail of the Green-Winged Eagle, and is often know to common folks as an*s.

Guan Xiong unexpectedly hit right on the spot and the long sword in his hand penetrated through the Tianshu of the Green-Winged Eagle.

With a scream, the Green-Winged Eagle lowered its tail, and was about to sweep Guan Xiong away, but Guan Xiong somehow managed keep hold of the long sword firmly.

The Green-Winged Eagle howled! This was the difference between the Green-Winged Eagles and other bird demons, they don’t chirp but howl.

The Green-Winged Eagle was huge, but it was stabbed in its Tianshu. Thus, when Guan Xiong moved the sword around, it became really pitiful. However, Qiu Zen intercepted its head thus, preventing it from attacking Guan Xiong.

After several attempts, it couldn’t get rid of Guan Xiong. The Green-Winged Eagle thus, after suffering few more attacks, it just took off. At this moment, Guan Xiong quickly let go of the sword, as the eagle was holding its Tianshu tightly, Guan Xiong thus, couldn’t pull his sword out and had to discard it.

The Green-Winged Eagle was gone for good, which brought back a sigh of relief to everyone who were tussling with the beast. The injured guards were given first aid, and several uninjured guards help set the carts upright.

“Guan Xiong, thank you. If you didn’t attack it, all of us would certainly be dead meat by now.” Qiu Zen looked gloomy as he noticed his guards laying dormant owing to their injuries. He realized that he was foolish enough to run into the battlefield with no tactics. He thus couldn’t help but curse at himself for the death of a few of his guards. 

“Captain Qiu, you shouldn’t just thank me alone. It was Ye Shang who noticed the weakness of the Green-Winged Eagle” said Guan Xiong as he looked at the young pal with some intent.

“Ye Shang? You…… Really good.” Qiu Zen looked at Ye Shang in astonishment.

“I used to hunt before. I feel that while fighting with the beasts one should focus on their weaknesses. If they are fast, just attack their Tianshu and not let them go. This way it will be easier to drive them away, so that there will be less casualties.” Ye Shang said with a giggling face.

“You really know your stuffs.” Qiu Zen turned around and paused a little while thinking of something, “This thing was a demon with the cultivation base of a fake core. If it was really in Core Formation stage, we would all already be dead.” Qiu Zen was a little scared. It wasn’t his first time going to Danding City, but he had never encountered such a dangerous beast before.

Under the attack of the Green-Winged Eagle, the team suffered great losses. Many of the guards were injured while two of them died. In addition, the three tigers of the first cart were killed, they were thus left with only two beasts to drive what’s remaining of the two carts.

After giving the two guards their proper burial, the team moved on.

Staying in the cart with Ye Shang, Qiu Zen and several other guards also changed their attitude towards Ye Shang.

Witnessing the power of the Green-Winged Eagle, Ye Shang was frightened, as they were only half way through the journey! If he had gone with with the caravan, the danger would be even greater. The strength of the caravans from Chamber of Commerce would definitely be not comparable to the guards sent by the city governor.

Fortunately, the following journey was safe. Ye Shang also witnessed the strength of Qiu Zen and others, including weapons like steel crossbow, the illusion drug and poison.

When encountering powerful demons, Qiu Zen and others fought wisely.

The Green-Winged Eagle was just a rare accidental encounter.

After all, it was a powerful flying demon, and there was no opportunity for Qiu Zen and others to prepare for it.

After another break, Qiu Zen told everyone that they would be arriving at Danding City in three days, which meant that they were already within a safe region now.

A few demons, however, could still be in the vicinity of Danding City, and Medicine Valley was not far from the city.

“Captain Qiu, it’s seems really hard to go back and forth from Chiyang City to Danding City since the journey is really long. It’s very dangerous if our cultivation bases are low.” Ye Shang said in a sentimental tone.

“We have too many people this time. If we’re just a few people, we can ride flying beasts.” Qiu Zen said with a smile.

Upon hearing this news, Ye Shang was shocked.

Yes, there are cheetahs, lions and tigers. Hence flying demons can also be used as tamed mounts.

“Stupid. If it wasn’t for my three uncles, would you be able to come to Danding City?” Looking at Ye Shang, Qin Hai said insidiously.

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