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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 80 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 80

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 80: Xu Mu the Beast Baby

After gazing at Qing Ji and Mo Chen, Ye Shang put the furnace liquid away since he understood that they had their own dignity, and they wouldn’t take something which did not belong to them.

“By the way, the Jiuyin Peak leader also accepted his last disciple, and he’s likely to win the newcomer’s games this year.” Mo Chen turned somewhat awkward.

“What happened? Is there no chance for Thirteenth?” Qing Ji put down the glass in her hand.

“The disciple was the beast baby brought back by their eldest disciple, Tie Qun, a few years ago. The Valley Master recognised his talents and potential when he first saw him, and groomed him, taming his wild natureTwo months ago, the Valley Master returned the beast baby to Jiuyin Peak. Xu Chenbai, the leader of Jiuyin Peak, announced that the beast baby’s wild nature has been considerably tamed, and will be accepted as his disciple.” Mo Chen told them the news.

“I’ve heard of the beast baby, when he was first brought back, he injured many of the servants.” Qing Ji said.

“When I went to pick up the resources for Thirteenth, Tie Qun brought that little tyke there too. He bragged that the beast baby would participate in the newcomer’s games and told us to be prepared. That beast baby smirked and made a gesture resembling breaking someone’s neck.” Mo Chen said.

“Jerk, Jiuyin Peak is doing this intentionally,” Qing Ji cursed.

“Xu Chenbai is at loggerheads with Master, so he won’t let go of any chance to strike at Taixuan Peak.. The beast baby is no longer a baby, he is Xu Mu now.” Mo Chen said.

“Xu Chenbai is such a bastard. What’s the cultivation base of Xu Mu now?” Qing Ji asked.

“Soul-condensation stage 5. He is born with the strength to fight against stronger enemies.” Mo Chen said.

Ye Shang got up and left, and when he reached the stairs, he said, “I will cultivate harder.”

Qing Ji threw Mo Chen a dirty look as she watched Ye Shang leave. She understood that Ye Shang was stirred up and felt pressured by the news. Liu Yangyu had told those who are participating in the newcomer’s games to work harder and perform well. Under these circumstances, Ye Shang couldn’t afford to lose.

Mo Chen rubbed his forehead helplessly. It was not his intention to give Ye Shang more pressure when he shared the news. Now that Xu Mu is participating in the newcomer’s games, winning the game was almost impossible.

“I believe him. As long as he wants to, he can do it. Soul-condensation stage 5 is much higher than Ye Shang’s, but it is not a problem for him if he has more time.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“There is not much time left. He has less than 6 months now. The annual sect contest is held three months before the apprenticeship ceremony.” Qing Ji said.

Mo Chen shook his head as he thought about how imperfect the system was.

Some outer disciples had been cultivating for several years, and they were still qualified to take part in the newcomer’s game.

Even if the Valley Master had said that he was taming Xu Mu’s wild nature, the valley Master definitely taught him other techniques too.

After arriving back to his room on the second floor, Ye Shang took the blood elixir and half a meditation pill before the cultivation.

He didn’t want to bring shame to Taixuan Peak.

In the next few days, Ye Shang did not come out, but kept cultivating with the help of bigu pills.

He finally came out of his room on the fourth night, after being dragged out by Yang Lei.

When Yang Lei finally ended her close-door cultivation, she heard about Ye Shang’s situation and hence immediately pulled Ye Shang out of his room.

“Ninth Sister, you are out, congratulations!” Ye Shang greeted Yang Lei.

“Yeah, so everyone should drink and celebrate.” Yang Lei said with a smile.

“Thirteenth, if your Ninth Sister did not call you, were you planning to stay cooped up in your room?” Qing Ji said.

“I intend to break through to the Soul-condensation stage as soon as possible.” Ye Shang said.

“Well, take your time!” Qing Ji nodded and said.

Everyone had fun that night.

Not to mention the Medicine Valley, even in other top powers, it was a big deal for members to enter the fifth-order stage, which was a sign of formidable strength.

After dinner, Ye Shang and Sikong Chuyu went for a stroll in the yard, before returning to the room to cultivate.

“Sixth Sister, I am going to return to Taixuan Peak since I must inform the Master.” Yang Lei said.

“Sure, go back! Bring Eleventh along and help him to settle his affairs.” Qing Ji told Yang Lei about the matter between Mo Chen and Chu Lingfei.

“Well, if Chu Lingxiao dares to make trouble, I will fight him in the ring. In the past, he was stronger than me, but now I have absolute confidence in defeating him.” Yang Lei said.

“Then head back to Taixuan peak! I will stay here to cultivate and take care of Thirteenth.” Qing Ji said to Yang Lei and Mo Chen.

“Six Sister, did I give him too much pressure when I told him about Xu Mu?” Mo Chen asked apologetically.

“It’s nothing, he needs an opponent to become stronger. Xu Chenbai wants to dominate the game, but it’s not over yet.” Qing Ji said.

“Sikong, let’s drink tea together when I have time. My brother and I will go back first.” Yang Lei said to Sikong Chuyu.

Yang Lei left, and Sikong Chuyu returned to the loft after taking her leave from Qing Ji since she also needed to cultivate.

In a blink of an eye, half a month has passed, and Ye Shang also reached the peak of Qi-refining stage 9 and entered the bottleneck phase before a breakthrough.

Feeling that he couldn’t refine the aura and the energy of the medicinal herbs anymore, Ye Shang came out of the room and planned to calm himself down before the breakthrough.

Though the Qi-refining stage and Soul-condensation stage were two similar stages, there were great differences in the strength and the quality of the qi.

Although Ye Shang had defeated opponents at Soul-condensation stage 5, he had relied on his strength and combat skills, not the qi.

When he walked out of the room, he didn’t see Sikong or Qing Ji, so he asked the servants to prepare some food for himself and went to see Tian Yu.

“Master Ye, Tian Yu eats too much, he needs a beast every day.” The servant said.

“Feed him all he wants. Here are some gold tickets.” Ye Shang passed some gold tickets to the servant, and then helped Tian Yu comb its feathers.

Tian Yu had grown a lot and his wingspan now reached three and a half feet.

After playing with Tian Yu and a quick meal, Ye Shang entered the room for the close-door cultivation towards the Soul-condensation stage.

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