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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 81 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Soul-Condensation Stage

Shortly after Ye Shang returned to the second floor, Qing Ji showed up since it was dinner time.

Qing Ji enjoyed a higher quality of life, hence she wouldn’t take any bigu pill if not necessary.

“Master Qing, Master Ye just came out, played with Tian Yu for a while, ate something, and then went back to the room.” The servant reported.

Qing Ji nodded, she was not worried about Ye Shang who had built a strong foundation from tasks and actual combat experiences.

She headed for the loft where Sikong Chuyu lived and planned to have dinner with Sikong Chuyu.

In front of Sikong Chuyu’s loft, Qing Ji stopped, and was surprised that Sikong Chuyu was seeking a breakthrough.

When Sikong Chuyu came to the mansion, she was at fourth-order stage seven, and was now heading towards the fourth-order stage eight.

What surprised Qing Ji was Sikong’s trust in her, since Sikong was at risk of being seriously injured if she was disturbed during the advancement.

Shaking her head, Qing Ji returned to the main building and began to eat.

Qing Ji, who finished dinner, did not start to cultivate, and instead stayed in the grand hall to keep a lookout for any disturbance.

Since Sikong Chuyu trusted her, she had to live up to that trust.

Not to mention that Qing Ji got along well with Sikong Chuyu, Qing Ji would help simply because Sikong was Ye Shang’s friend.

Ye Shang calmed his mind and started his close-door cultivation after returning to his room and taking the mediation pill.

There was a fundamental difference in the quality of qi between the Qi-refining stage and the Soul-condensation stage. He had to produce a qualitative change in the quality of his qi by compressing it from a gaseous state to a liquid state.

Liquefied qi was a sign of entering the Soul-condensation stage, and solidifying the liquefied qi into a core would be the symbol of the cultivators at Core Formation Stage.

Ye Shang first circulated the qi in his Dantian slowly.

After a quarter of an hour, Ye Shang absorbed the power from the meditation pill, directed the energy of the medicine towards his Dantian and continued to compress the gaseous qi in his Dantian.

Ye Shang then continued the process of absorbing the energy of the mediation pill, and compressing his qi.

It was a difficult process, and no accident could be tolerated.

Once an accident took place, the compressed qi would rebound and his efforts would be in vain, risking damage to his Dantian and other internal organs.

Ye Shang kept absorbing the energy from the meditation pill and compressed the qi in his Dantian.

After four hours, his forehead was covered with perspiration, when he continued to compress the qi.

Two more hours later, Ye Shang’s Dantian shook, the qi was compressed to an extreme causing a qualitative change, and a drop of liquefied qi was produced.

After the appearance of this drop of liquefied qi, a chain reaction occurred in his Dantian. The gaseous qi condensed upon contact with this droplet, and it took less than a quarter of an hour for the transformation to be complete.

Continuing to cultivate for 2 hours, Ye Shang continued to cultivate for another two hours to stabilize his cultivation base completely before leaving the room.

He took a bath right away as he was soaked through.

When he went downstairs, he saw Qing Ji, who was drinking tea in the lobby, and he was a little shocked since it wasn’t dawn yet.

“What are you doing In the middle of the night?” Qing Ji, who was sitting in the hall, saw Ye Shang and said.

“I am going to take a shower.” Ye Shang said.

“Wow, you’ve reached the Soul-condensation stage so quickly. Take a bath first, then come back and have some tea.” Qing Ji waved at Ye Shang.

It was dawn after Ye Shang’s shower.

He headed to the grand hall after getting dressed, “Sixth Sister, did you get up early, or did you not rest?”

“Have a cup of tea. Sikong is also making a breakthrough. I was worried that she might be disturbed by crooks, so I had to protect her. I didn’t expect you to be advancing too and you didn’t even tell me.” Qing Ji gave him a cup of tea and said.

“It’s just the Soul-condensation stage, and not a big deal. I don’t want to bother you.” He sat down and said.

“Don’t feel pressured, Xu Mu is not a big deal. He just had an earlier head start” Qing Ji knew that Ye Shang was stressed up, and hence tried to comfort him.

“I know, but I’m representing Taixuan Peak.” Ye Shang said.

“Xu Chenbai is a jerk. In the early years, there was already enmity between him and Taixuan Peak. In addition, Sihai Sect is also under the jurisdiction of Jiuyin Peak. When your Twelfth Brother got into the accident, he even tried to stop us from taking revenge. This time, he accepted the beast baby because he wants to defeat us.” Qing Ji said.

Later, Ye Shang also learned that Jiuyin Peak often played dirty in the sect contest, and all the disciples of other elders in Taixuan Peak were once victims.

One of the main reasons this was happening was that the valley master was old, but his disciples weren’t qualified for the line of succession, hence the Medicine Valley intended to choose one peak leader to succeed him.

The most likely choice was Liu Yangyu, followed by Xu Chenbai, so there were often conflicts between the two peaks.

Xu Chenbai wanted to embarrass Taixuan and damage Liu Yangyu’s chances.

“Master said that he does not care about the position of the valley master. Also, a newcomer’s game is a small matter, it’s hard for them to suppress us. You don’t have to think too much, I just want you to know that you shouldn’t compromise when the disciples of Jiuyin Peak provoke you.” Qing Ji said.

Ye Shang nodded as he understood that the politics in Medicine Valley was very complicated.

He also learned that the Tianyue Peak Leader Jin Can and the Jiuyin Peak Leader Xu Chenbai were martial brothers, and they were disciples of the second elder of the Medicine Valley.

“By the way, I heard a name called Lin Tianjue, is he very strong?” Qi Ming mentioned his name before Ye Shang entered the Medicine Valley.

“He is the best among all third-generation disciples, also ranked No. 1 on the core list. He is the disciple of Luo Daoyuan. How do you know him?” Qing Ji asked.

Ye Shang then told her that Qin Zhan once tried to kill him, Qi Ming stopped him, and Qin Zhan threatened Qi Ming.

“This is because we had no third-generation disciples before, otherwise, he couldn’t throw his weight around.” Qing Ji snorted.

They chatted casually, and Qing Ji reminded him to pay attention to the matter of the extradimensional space.

In less than one and a half years time, the extradimensional space in the Danding Mountain would be opened, and Ye Shang must reach the Core Formation Stage before then.

The extradimensional space was very important since it was easy to procure extradimensional treasures.

The extradimensional space was equivalent to a small world and no one knew what was inside because no humans had ever set foot in it, and it might have produced some treasures.

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