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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 83 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Meeting Xu Mu

“Master and Xu Chenbai are not the same kind of people. Master will not want us to suffer any harm, but Xu Chenbai will do whatever it takes to help enhance the cultivation base of the beast baby. He will not be bothered by the consequences. With a disregard for any repercussions, there is a possibility that the beast baby could enter the peak of the Soul-condensation stage if he could provide the beast baby all the resources he needs,” Qing Ji expressed her concerns.

“That’s true. Peak Leader Liu only allowed Ye Shang to take the core pills at the Soul-condensation stage three and seven, which means that Ye Shang can only take one core pill before the newcomer’s games. If they ignore the consequences, the beast baby can take up to three core pills, and he can definitely reach peak Soul-condensation.” Sikong Chuyu also understood the difference.

“Ye Shang, come eat some fruit, take a break, then continue with your practice.” Qing Ji shouted at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang was practicing in the garden, while Qing Ji and Sikong Chuyu sat at the stone table under an old tree, eating fruits and drinking tea.

Ye Shang came over with his spear, “My attacks still lack strength and intensity.”

“Take it easy.” Qing Ji threw a towel at him.

“Have you thought of separating the shock waves? You can concentrate some on the shaft, with just enough intensity to repel the opponent’s weapon, and the rest on the tip of the spear to increase its destructive power.” Sikong Chuyu suggested. .

“You’re right! Let me try,.” Ye Shang stuffed a green apple into his mouth and resumed his practice.

“Well…I should’ve told him later, he ignores everything else during practice.” Sikong Chuyu said with exasperation.

“Thirteenth is an orphan. He wants to be strong, so that he can search for his family.” Qing Ji lowered her voice as she shared more about Ye Shang.

“His inherent temperament is unique and unlike children from ordinary families. He might be from a powerful and wealthy family, that has run into some problems.” Sikong Chuyu thought.

People were different, the descendants of the bandits inevitably inherited their temperament, but disciples from families of great influence often inherited noble temperament and imposing manners.

“According to the description of Grandpa Gu, the two people who protected Ye Shang should be guards. Both of them died, Ye Shang lost contact with his family, and no one came looking for him.” Qing Ji said.

Sikong Chuyu nodded and did not expect that he had such a story.

Ye Shang gradually found an inkling to Sikong Chuyu’s suggestion, leaving some shock waves on the spear body and focusing the rest on the spear tip.

Having found his touch, Ye Shang practiced for two hours, studying the control of shock waves on the shaft and the spear tip.

Ye Shang did not stop to take a shower until evening.

“I don’t know how to describe him. He’s obsessed with it, madly.” Sikong Chuyu exclaimed, standing up after gulping down her tea.

After cultivating for two more days, Ye Shang decided to pick up more tasks to stabilize his cultivation base and spear techniques.

Sikong Chuyu did not agree because his cultivation base was still somewhat low, which would be difficult to challenge bronze tasks and she couldn’t go out with him.

However, Qing Ji agreed after pondering since she felt that the cultivators in the greenhouse would have lower combat power than those who grew up in battles, and the latter could strike a balance between combat strength and cultivation base.

Since Qing Ji agreed, Sikong Chuyu had no opinion.

After making some preparations, he left the Longquan mansion and arrived at Tianji Tower.

Seeing Ye Shang, Enforcer Dong was stunned. “Oh, I haven’t seen you for a while, and you have improved a lot.”

“So-so, I want to pick up some tasks.” Ye Shang took out his identity token.

“Ye Shang, you have entered the Soul-condensation stage for a while. It is still difficult to do the bronze tasks. Many cultivators at the Soul-condensation stage are still doing the black iron tasks.” Enforcer Dong said as he knew Sikong Chuyu had a good relationship with Ye Shang, and he didn’t want him to take risks.

“Thank you, Enforcer Dong. I will be careful, and I will not pick up tasks in the way I did before. I will find one which I have confidence in.” Ye Shang said as he understood that his advice was a show of goodwill.

“That’s fine.” Enforcer Dong took out the list of bronze tasks and handed it to him.

When he was checking the tasks, he heard someone complain that the black iron tasks with high points and good rewards have all been completed.

Ye Shang was slightly puzzled since he hadn’t picked up tasks for a while, but the black iron tasks were still in short supply.

Ignoring the complaints, he chose a task to kill some bandits.

The bandits had a group of hundreds of people, with two leaders at the peak Soul-condensation stage and the task involved handing in the heads of the two leaders of the bandits.

“This task is relatively low-risk among the bronze tasks, but still not suitable for you.” Enforcer Dong said.

“These tasks are not just about strength, but they test the intelligence of cultivators too. I won’t fight against them recklessly. I will wait for a chance. Since there is no time limit for this task, I will take it slow.” Ye Shang said with a smile.

“That’s fine! Remember that your life is the most important thing.” He then looked at the gate because a boy in black came in.

Though he still had the face of a boy, he had the body of a man.

Ye Shang turned to look at that boy.

The boy in black also looked at Ye Shang.

What’s that look?

Ye Shang only saw this look on the face of the Purple Gold Beast King and the black dragon.

It was cold and murderous.

The boy in black looked straight into Ye Shang’s eyes and then walked inside.

He shouted at the servants and entered a private room.

“It’s him. He was the one who picked up a lot of black iron tasks.”

“He even killed the Iron Leopard triplets outside the city.”

Seeing the boy in black, many cultivators began to whisper.

“He is also a disciple from the Medicine Valley. He completed two-thirds of the black iron tasks this month.” Enforcer Dong whispered to Ye Shang.

“Disciple from the Medicine Valley? What is his name?” Ye Shang felt that there would be connections between him and the boy in black, but not in a good way.

“Xu Mu.” Enforcer Dong said.

Xu Mu!

Ye Shang knew that he would be the main opponent at the newcomer’s games, as he was the person whom Jiuyin Peak specially trained to deal with him, but he did not expect him to meet him so soon.

“Thank you, Enforcer Dong. I am going to do the task.” Ye Shang nodded and left.

After meeting Xu Mu, Ye Shang knew that he was much stronger than himself since he couldn’t see the other person’s cultivation base, which meant that the other person’s cultivation base was at least 4 stages above his.

Only by improving one’s strength quickly could he overcome him and become the true champion of the upcoming newcomer’s games.

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