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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 85 - Zenith Novels

Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Bandit’s Haunt Found

The first order of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, which trained the body, was the Blood Quenching Realm, similar to the Qi-refining stage most cultivators start training their Qi from; the second order was the Body Strengthening Realm which corresponded to the Soul-condensation stage; the third order was the Bone Forging Realm which corresponded to the Core Formation stage; the fourth order was the Soul Merging Realm which corresponded to the Soul Segregation stage.

While practicing in the Blood Quenching Realm, it was not only necessary to condense the vital energy of the natural environment into the bloodstream to strengthen the blood, but also to activate energy pathways throughout the muscular system such that the refined vital energy could reach the whole body.

The second order of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, the Body Strengthening Realm, strengthened the muscular system. If Ye Shang reached the second order of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, he could compete with other cultivators of the same stage even without Qi.

This time, Ye Shang had to activate the energy pathways present in the chest and abdomen area. Although there were many small muscles in these two areas, it wasn’t difficult since it was built upon the foundation laid previously. This step could only be carried out after the energy pathways in the muscles around the spinal cord, neck, arms, and legs were activated.

After taking the blood elixir, Ye Shang directed the energy in his body towards his chest area in waves of ceaseless impacts. When he ran out of energy, he replenished it with the energy refined from the blood elixir.

If anyone were present, they would see that the robe around Ye Shang’s chest area was undulating, just like a crawling mudskipper.

Itchiness and pain, these two unbearable sensations kept attacking Ye Shang’s nerves. He gritted his teeth and continued to direct a steady flow of energy towards his chest.

After nearly two hours, the pounding energy in his chest ceased, as his body’s internal energy could now pass through his chest smoothly.

Ye Shang was now halfway through the advancement! He continued to control his energy flow, guiding the energy through his chest and towards his abdomen.

The chest and abdomen were critical parts of a cultivator’s body as they were vulnerable to fatal attacks. Once the energy pathways in the muscles of the chest and abdomen areas were activated, Ye Shang’s body strength would significantly increase. Even if he was attacked, the stores of energy in the muscles of his chest and abdomen area could offset some of the impacts.

Ye Shang slowly became pale from the pain as the energy pathways in his abdomen were slowly activated.

The pain felt like his bones were shattering and his tendons were being ripped apart.

Fortunately, the pain did not last too long. After getting through his chest, Ye Shang had spent two more hours to activate the energy pathways of his abdominal muscles.

The energy pathways of his chest and abdomen were activated and the energy from practising Myriad Dao Treasured Tome began circulating in his body from the neck down. Activating the energy pathways above the neck was what he needed to do during level 9 of the first order.

After he was done, Ye Shang stretched his body, his bones creaked.

Ye Shang stood up, drank two gulps of wine before heading for a bath.

Tian Yu dived into the lake after Ye Shang.

Ye Shang laughed and swam to Tian Yu’s side to play with him. At that moment, he was pleased and content to have Tian Yu by his side on his cultivation road.

After they got out of the water, Ye Shang combed Tian Yu’s feathers and continued to meditate, he still needed to stabilize his cultivation base.

After he was done, Tian Yu came back with two prey. One was the python it liked, and the other was Ye Shang’s favourite, a pheasant.

After a delicious meal, Ye Shang began practising the Chasing Wind Spear Method.

Ye Shang only utilized three shockwaves on the shaft of the spear while the rest of the shockwaves were concentrated on the spearhead. Now that the strength from his arms was close to 4500 kilograms, he thought that there wasn’t much need to waste too much Qi on the shaft since his arm strength was sufficient to support the spear strikes. Even if his blows were not powerful enough, he could still use the shockwaves to block his opponent’s attacks, and use the reincarnation spear to attack with ease.

After another quick meal, Ye Shang rode Tian Yu and began searching for the bandits. This was his task. Although he was not in a hurry, he could not ignore it completely.

On the third day, he found a few traces of the bandits when they were flying at a low altitude, but he was not sure whether they were the targets or not. Thus he planned to investigate in secret.

He formed a secret signal with Tian Yu. As long as he whistled, Tian Yu would come to his aid. After instructing Tian Yu, he quietly sneaked back to the area where he found traces of the bandits.

There were stone houses, caves and even tree houses in the mountain pass.

In one of the stone houses, two men were talking and drinking.

“Big brother, someone just reported that a flying beast flew past above us. Although it was not an adult yet, it was swift, and we didn’t have a chance to capture it,” said a man who wore a tiger skin vest. He was Huang Jue, the second-in-command of the Lushan Bandits.

“It’s difficult to capture flying beasts without finding their nest and making an ambush. Let’s not think about that now. We have to quickly collect enough spirit stones and unlock the cave of the Venerable Lushan as soon as possible so that our brothers no longer need to live in fear every day. If we can get our hands on the treasures of the Venerable Lushan, becoming a powerhouse would no longer be just a dream. When that time comes, do we still need to hide?” Analysed the man who had a large animal skin cloak draped over his bare chest. He was Huang Jun, the leader of the Lushan Bandits.

“Some of us went out to explore. Once suitable targets have been found, they will be reported back immediately.” Huang Jue replied.

“That won’t work, it’s too slow. I don’t want to delay any longer. When they are back, we’ll find a small town, poison the villagers and then pillage their land. That may help us acquire the spirit stones we need,” Huang Jun decided, touching his bald head.

“Roger that,” Huang Jue obeyed.

Ye Shang approached the mountain pass but did not dare to get too close. He knew that the cultivation bases of two leaders of the Lushan Bandits were both at the peak of the second-order.

Their strength may be nothing in the eyes of experts, but they were considered strong among ordinary people. Moreover, he could not confirm that the men he approached were the Lushan bandits.

Ye Shang crouched down, hiding at the outer edges of the mountain pass. When he found a sentry, Ye Shang ambushed him, chopping his neck with his bare hand, knocking him out, then carried him away.

When he was five kilometres away from the ambush location, Ye Shang put down the sentry and splashed some wine on his face.

“You stupid hunter! How dare you provoke us, the Lushan Bandits! Do you want us to slaughter your family?” The sentry threatened after a quick look at Ye Shang’s burlap robe made by Aunt Lin.

“How many of you are there? Do you have another lair?” Ye Shang asked coldly, with the reincarnation spear at the sentry’s throat.

“You? You dare kill me?” The sentry was shocked to hear that Ye Shang was looking for the Lushan Bandits.

“Try me,” Ye Shang was murderous after he overheard the vicious words of the bandits.

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