Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Dragons and Snakes


On the way to Dandling City, Qiu Zen and Ye Shang were busy with their zealous talks. They really didn’t care much about Qin Hai and the others, however, their ignorant behavior towards him was shredding Qin Hai’s pride as a member of the Qin family, to pieces. In his delusional head, Ye Shang was no one to be held in such high regards in his presence.

Moreover, Qin Zen only nodded when Qin Hai, Qin Shan and others conversed with him,  since he refused to engage in their futile talk. However, even though he didn’t talk to Ye Shang, they seem to be getting along well.

“Call me stupid, ha!”  Ye Shang laughed as he really didn’t care about Qin Hai and the others. Ye Shang could clearly see how arrogant Qin Hai was and there would be no connection between them in the near future. He thus refuted his false pride and refused from building any sort of rapport with a guy who was arrogant despite being handed everything on a silver platter.

What Ye Shang said had infuriated Qin Hai, the disdain on his face was already reflecting the grudges he held against Ye Shang.

“You brought this upon yourself!” Qin Hai dashed toward Ye Shang while holding a long iron sword in his rough hands.

Qiu Zen who was sitting with his quiet notion noticed it. Sure enough, he knew Qin Hai’s identity, he was unwilling to pay much attention to him since he looked down on everyone. Even though Qin Hai had powerful connections, but he couldn’t let Qin Hai hurt Ye Shang in any way.

Seeing Qin Hai was going to attack, Qin Zen who stood at the side of Ye Shang stepped forward and meanwhile Ye Shang also clenched the black iron spear behind him.

Though Ye Shang had no clue about Qin Hai’s cultivation level, Ye Shang wouldn’t hesitate to fight back if Qin Hai insisted picking on him, even if he might be defeated, if he didn’t fight back, it would bring nothing but shame to his beliefs as a warrior.

Seeing Qin Zen standing beside Ye Shang, stunned Qin Hai. Qin Zen’s cultivation base wasn’t good, In fact, it was even worse than Ye Shang. But there were two guards behind Qin Zen.

Although they were all Qin Family members, the status of Qin Hai and Qin Zen in the family stood at completely different levels. Guan Xiong and Li Song would certainly stand on Qin Zen’s side if a tussle broke between the two at this very moment.

“Hey, what are you doing? Qin Hai, fall back!” Just as the fight was about to break, Qiu Zen intervened and stopped the unnecessary duel. The situation was different now. Since both sides were from the Qin Family, Qiu Zen could not afford to offend Qin Aoxuan.

“You’ll see!” Qin Hai murmured something in a cursing tone and left the scene.

Ye Shang’s eyes were gleaming with murderous intent. Even though he had seen Qin Hai leaving without saying anything before, he didn’t even care much about the earlier incident, yet he couldn’t withstand that same surly behavior twice in a row.

He clenched his hand which was holding the black iron spear, then smiled and released his hand.

“Strength determines everything, Ye Shang. After our arrival at the Medicinal Valley, you must prepare to meet the days and nights.” Qiu Zen patted the Ye Shang’s shoulder while trying to console him.

“Thank you, Captain Qiu. I will make sure to abide by your words.” Ye Shang nodded his head while smiling at Qin Zen standing besides him.

With his comforting words, Qiu Zen left the scene while ordering the guards to investigate the surrounding areas.

“Captain, Qin Hai is out of line, he sure is prone to pay for his bad temperament in the Medicine Valley.” Qiu Yuan, the vice-captain of the escort, said in a grave tone while pointing at Qiu Zen. Qiu Yuan was the cousin of Qiu Zen, but it was his own strength and skills that earned him a name amongst the team..

“Bad temperament. Qiu Yuan, do you know the difference between snakes and dragons?” Qiu Zen replied to his concerns with a smile.

“A snake jumps naively and isn’t afraid of anything. It dares to attack any target, so it dies early. A dragon, on the other hand, crouches when it is enraged. When it moves, it soars in the sky.” Qiu Yuan said while smirking at his own wisdom.

“Dragons and snakes are different. Humans are also the same!” Qiu Zen sighed and stared at Ye Shang.

Qiu Yuan looked over in the direction of his firm gaze and found Ye Shang, who stood still on the other side. He understood what Qiu Zen meant, but he couldn’t imagine why Qiu Zen valued Ye Shang so much.

It took them two and a half days to get to the Danding City.

Far away from the city, the city walls looked like a dragon crouching on the ground.

The setting sun shed a golden glow on the earth and the entire ancient city was covered with golden shine blended with mysterious colors.

This was Danding City, the largest city within a radius of 100,000 miles.

Danding City had a rich history which probably aged back to more than 10 thousand years.

After reaching, Ye Shang found that the walls were more than ten meters high, all of which were constructed from dark granite. The gate itself was quite colossal measuring about five meters in width and seven meters in height.

Above this skyscraping structure stood a tower, which was heavily guarded from every directions.

Qiu Zen handed over the token and they entered Danding City smoothly. After entering the city, Qiu Zen made everyone get off the carts to show them around the Danding City.

“This city is a lot bigger than our Chiyang City. It should be called the city of the sky,” said a young boy as his curious eyes filled themselves with the breathtaking beauty.

“This is just a small part in Dongxuan State. The world outside is quite enormous. You can find cities of much larger scale everywhere.” Qiu Zen looked at the boy and Ye Shang. Ye Shang was very quiet as if he wasn’t shocked at all.

Ye Shang didn’t talk much in these two days and stayed dormant in his dedicated rituals of cultivation. He didn’t even go hunting. Qiu Zen knew that though Ye Shang looked normal, the conflict with Qin Hai left quite an indelible impact on him.

Qiu Zen found an inn to make arrangements for everyone’s accommodation and asked Qiu Yuan to buy three tigers. Although the two tigers could also suffice for driving the carts for now, it would certainly cause delay. In addition, it was not a good idea to put the whole baggage on the two tigers since the steel carts were too heavy and would certainly put a considerable amount of pressure on the two tigers driving the wagon.

After entering the inn, Ye Shang started cultivating. He had to improve his cultivation base as much as possible before the Medicine Valley Apprenticeship Conference. Although he had almost reached Qi-Refining Level 4, he would have better chance to get accepted if he had a better cultivation base.

In another room, Qin Hai and Qin Shan were talking in a rather incoherent voice.

“Brother Hai, you don’t have to mind him. It’s very unlikely that he will get accepted into Medicine Valley since his cultivation base has only reached Qi-Refining Level 3. If he is unable to enter Medicine Valley, it would be easy for us to deal with him.” Qin Shan said with a smirk surfacing on his villainous face.

“Right. Let’s not talk about other cities. Even the weakest among us, have a cultivation of Qi-Refining Level 6. It is almost impossible for him to enter the Medicine Valley. I will ask Guard Song to kill him if he fails to enter Medicine Valley.” Qin Hai said indifferently.

“I just don’t understand why younger brother Zen is so persistent in protecting that brat. Didn’t he just eat some of his food?” Qin Shan said in a humorous tone.

“Well, if he wasn’t the son of Third Uncle, he wouldn’t be different from Ye Shang considering his cultivation.” Qin Hai sounded somewhat envious because he thought Qin Zen had snatched his rightful place as the heir to the Qin family. As for whether Qin Zen could enter Medicine Valley, he never doubted, because Qin Aoxuan’s Master was an elder of Medicine Valley, who was also Qin Zen’s Grandmaster.

“Big brother, it is very difficult for Ye Shang to enter Medicine Valley. Even though his progress is considerably fast in the past few days, his current cultivation level is too low.” In another room, Qiu Yuan was talking to Qiu Zen in a rather austere tone.

“If he fails this year, he will come back next year. I think he will not give up. Gold will shine sooner or later.” Qiu Zen said while stuffing himself with some good wine stuff.

After a restful night, they continued to move on.

There were still a thousand miles to cross from Danding City to the Gate of Medicine Valley, but this area didn’t look like a wasteland unlike the previous areas they journeyed through. It looked as if someone had already paved a protracted journey on this road.

There were a lot of beast carts on the road since the annual apprenticeship of Medicine Valley was considered as the biggest event within the radius of 100,000 miles, hence many people had gathered to participate in this premier occasion.

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