The Almighty Asura – Chapter 1

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

We had previously released the first 11 Chapters of this novel, but this novel is now picked up and being continued by Minx Calypso, as he started back from Chapter 1, the chapters will be re-released again. ~ Enjoy the read! You can support the translation  by purchasing Ebook on Amazon or Just simply dropping a review there as you read the novel here..

Chapter 1: The Boy of Iron and Blood

The Jiu Quan city of the Nan Ling kingdom was located on the border between the kingdoms of Tian Feng and Nan Ling. 

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers in black armor stood outside the walls of Jiu Quan City and looking eager to kill. All of them were releasing a strong murderous intent.

Around 200,000 soldiers in silver armor stood by the entrance of Jiu Quan city with shining long spears in their hands.

The leader of this army was a muscular, middle-aged man with a resolute face and a black spear that was more than 10 feet long in his hand. He rode on a green-scaled Yao Beast and glared at the tens of thousands of enemies on the other side.

He was Mu Tian, the general of Jiu Quan city and a Yuan Dan level cultivator.

The Tian Wu continent worshipped the art of ancient Wudo cultivation. Hundreds of kingdoms coexisted in this vast continent, and war between the kingdoms constantly broke out.

Human beings absorbed the Qi of Heaven and Earth in order to cultivate Meta-power and Vitality. Ancient Wudo masters had categorized Wudo cultivation into a few different levels according to one’s inner strength. 

The cultivation levels were the Tong Mai level, the Zi Fu level, the Ning Gang level and finally, the highest level, Yuan Dan. Each level was further divided into nine Skies. 

A young man stood beside General Mu. He resembled General Mu and was very handsome. He had sharp cheekbones and a scar on his left eyebrow. Although he looked like he was 15 or 16 years old, his aura was that of a soldier forged from iron and blood. 

The silver armor that he wore made him look even more outstanding. 

Mu Feng, the son of Mu Tian, was a well-known genius in Nan Ling kingdom, as well as the most respected young man in the Mu family. From a young age, he had fought in many wars alongside his father. Although he was only 15 years old, he already possessed Vitality and his cultivation level had reached Zi Fu Third Sky.

Mu Feng gripped his spear and stood beside his father. Unlike his peers, he had a determined look and was fearless even though he was facing hundreds of thousands of enemies.

A middle-aged man dressed in royal robes that were embroidered with a Jiao Long stood on the border wall of Jiu Quan city. He looked down and sneered coldly when he saw Mu Tian’s back.

“Mu Tian, don’t blame my ruthlessness. It was you who chose the wrong side.”

This middle-aged man muttered to himself.


The 800,000 enemies on the other side sounded a bugle.


The enemy’s leader yelled, which prompted hundreds of thousands of soldiers to charge forward, full of fury. 

“Feng, are you afraid?” 

General Mu asked his son while looking at the hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers.

“Father, I’m not afraid. I, the son of the Mu family, vowed to protect our homeland. I’d rather die in battle than retreat to live.”

Mu Feng said determinedly.

“Haha, you’re indeed my son. My fellow brothers, what about you? Are you all afraid?”

General Mu shouted at the soldiers that stood behind him.

“The Mu army is never afraid of death!”

Two hundred thousand soldiers shouted back fiercely.

“Good! The enemies of our country shall all be killed!”

General Mu shouted, with his spear held high in the air.


On his call, the 200,000 soldiers charged forwards on their horses. Although they were outnumbered, there was one thing that made them forget about their fear and fight bravely. 

As a soldier, their sole duty was to defend their homeland!

Chang! Clang!

The two troops of soldiers collided into each other in an instant. The clashing sounds of weapons and human roars echoed throughout the battlefield.

Mu Tian held his spear and the golden Meta-power in his body poured into his weapon like rushing water. Suddenly, tens of golden beams shot out and stabbed towards his enemies.

 Kachakk! Kachakk!

The beams of light pierced into the bodies of dozens of enemy soldiers, killing them instantly.

One man could kill 1,000 people, and one skill could nearly wipe out an entire army. This was the strength of a Yuan Dan level cultivator.


With a sword in his hand, Mu feng leaped from his war horse, traveling more than 10 meters in a single jump. With a swing of his sword, a three-meter-long beam of red-colored Sword Qi burst out and struck at a soldier who was from the Tian Feng kingdom.


The enemy soldier screamed while being chopped in half.

As soon as Mu Feng’s feet reached the ground, he jumped onto another enemy’s horse and beheaded him with a single strike.

He then jumped from his enemy’s horse back to his own. He was very familiar with this killing tactic as he had already practiced it many times before.

Mu Feng was smart. He only fought about 20 feet away from his father. 

“Your Royal Highness, should we release arrows to help General Mu?”

Up on the wall of Jiu Quan city, a lieutenant colonel was asking a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was none other than Nan Hao, the prince of Nan Ling kingdom.

“No, the arrows might accidentally hurt our General.”

Nan Hao sneered coldly. The lieutenant colonel frowned, but did not say anything else. 

The number of enemies was three or four times times that of the Mu army. Although the Mu army was fearless and brave, their enemy still had an advantage as the Mu army was outnumbered.

The sun started to set in the West. After fighting for a long time, the Mu army had lost almost half of their soldiers. However, they managed to kill more than 200,000 enemies, soaking the golden sand with blood.

Even so, the Mu army still had not received any backup from Jiu Quan city.

“Your Royal Highness, we can’t continue to fight like this. Although the Mu army is brave, they are outnumbered. Your Royal Highness, please allow me to send backup.”

A lieutenant colonel asked Nan Hao respectfully.

“We can’t do that. Who will defend our city if all our soldiers are sent out?”

Nan Hao declined.

The lieutenant colonel’s face turned pale. He looked down from the wall and felt bitter when he saw the struggling Mu army below.

Behind the enemy’s army, a general was riding on a Dragon Horse that had a dragon horn on its head. He watched the battle and sighed deeply: “Mu Tian is indeed a great general. It’s such a pity that he was born in the Nan Ling kingdom. Pass my order, full attack. A hundred gold coins will be rewarded for each dead enemy!”

“Yes, general!”

Beside him, a soldier passed down the order.

“General, we can’t continue to fight like this anymore. We are outnumbered. We should retreat back to the city first and continue to defend by making use of the geographical advantage there. We could attack once more as soon as we receive backup.”

A muscular man whose armor was dyed with blood said. He was Mu Shou, Mu Tian’s right-hand man.

Mu Tian looked at the remaining half of his army and his son who was a bit tired after the fight. He then nodded and shouted: “Retreat and continue to defend our city!”

The Mu’s army started to retreat back to the Jiu Quan city wall.

“We will retreat and continue to defend the city. Open the gates now!”

A lieutenant from the Mu army shouted.

“Yes, general. We will open the gates immediately!”

The lieutenant colonel who was standing on top of the city wall shouted back. When he was about to open the gates, his head was chopped off by the strike of a sword.

Nan Hao, the one who beheaded the lieutenant colonel, said with a cold smile: “You’re not allowed to retreat!”

“Your Royal Highness, what do you mean?!”

Mu Tian saw what had happened. He squinted his eyes and shouted furiously. 

“General Mu, once you retreat, the enemy will definitely grab the chance to attack. Please hold on for a little while longer, backup will come soon.”

Nan Hao looked down from the wall and said with a cold smile.

“Shut up, you son of a b*tch! I think you are planning to kill us all. Open the gates now!”

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