The Almighty Asura – Chapter 10

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 10: A Tender, yet Murderous Intent

A girl stepped into the courtyard.

She was dressed in a blue mini skirt that wrapped tightly around her bust, and beneath the knee-length skirt was a pair of slender legs. Her long ponytail swayed as she walked, and a trace of anger flashed across her pair of big, brown eyes. She had healthy, tanned skin and was holding a blue leather whip in her hand as she walked towards them. 

Mu Qing was slightly stunned and greeted the young woman immediately when he saw her approaching.

The young woman was Mu Chen’s 19 year old daughter, Mu Linger. She enrolled at the Royal Wudo Academy at age 18 and her cultivation had reached Zi Fu Fourth Sky. She was also a well-known Wudo genius among the Mu family.

On top of her supreme Wudo cultivation, she was also very beautiful. Hence, every year, there were many families who came to ask for her hand in marriage, but she was quite hot-tempered. Once, she whipped a pursuer until he was badly bruised, so nobody in the Mu family would dare to mess with her either.

“Sister Linger.”

Mu Feng had a warm smile on his face when he saw her.

“Mu Qing, why are you here?”

Mu Linger pointed at Mu Qing and said angrily. She was like a dragon lady.

“Sister Mu Ling, I was just playing with my cousin brothers. Everything is fine. I’ll take my leave now.”

Mu Qing explained and left swiftly with his three servants. 

Meanwhile, Mu Kuang stood up with his face swollen and bruised. Mu Feng hurried over to help him. When he saw his brother being beaten to such a state, a trace of anger flashed across his eyes. 

“Mu Kuang, are you alright?”

Mu Linger asked with concern.

“I-I’m fine. Thank you, Sister Mu Ling.”

Mu Kuang said appreciatively.
Mu Linger took out a small white bottle and poured some green liquid onto Mu Kuang’s face. Its cooling effect relieved the pain and Mu Kuang instantly felt much better. 

“Why are you back?”

Mu Feng asked. Mu Linger was supposed to be cultivating in the Royal Wudo Academy. 

“Can’t I come back to see you?”

Mu Linger gave him a hard stare, making Mu Feng speechless. He then smiled helplessly.

Mu Feng and Mu Linger were very close. Others might think that they were actual siblings. 

“Okay, your swelling will be greatly reduced in a short while.”

Mu Linger said with a smile as she took out a handkerchief and wiped her hands.

“Thank you so much, Sister Linger. I will take my leave now so that you and Brother Feng can catch up.”

Mu Kuang replied shyly while his face turned a little red. Mu Feng saw him out and walked back into the room after a while. 

“I heard that all your Meta-pulses were damaged and that your cultivation has gone down the drain. Is it true?”

Mu Ling bit her lips and asked Mu Feng softly.

Mu Feng nodded with a calm expression. All of a sudden, Mu Linger had tears in her eyes. She walked towards Mu Feng and gave him a warm embrace.

Feeling her delicate body and her nice fragrance, Mu Feng felt warm and fuzzy.

Mu Linger sobbed quietly as she knew how much pain and sadness Mu Feng had been through recently. Her second uncle was dead and Mu Feng’s Meta-pulses were damaged. On top of that, she also heard that the Yun family had called off his marriage. 

Whenever Mu Linger thought about what Mu Feng had been through, her heart hurt as though somebody was stabbing her.

“Sister, don’t cry. I’m fine. You look really ugly when you cry. You’ll drive all your pursuers away.”

Mu Feng joked and tried to console her.


Mu Linger punched him at the shoulder and pushed him aside. She frowned and said: “What did you just say? Who said I’m ugly?!”

“Hmm, I wonder who said that? I’ll definitely kick his ass if I know who that brat is! My sister is so beautiful, that guy must be blind.”

Mu Feng pretended to be serious and looked around. Mu Linger couldn’t help but burst out laughing when she saw him doing so.

“Okay, you win. Let’s get back to the main topic. I heard that your Meta-pulses were damaged when I was in the academy, so I took a leave to pay you a visit. Is there some sort of cure?”

Mu Linger said worryingly.

Mu Feng couldn’t disclose any details about the sacred book of Asura, as that method restores Meta-pulses through killing. So, he said: “The doctor said that I have to either find a sixth-class panacea or an extraordinary doctor. There’s no other way.”

“A sixth-class panacea!”

Mu Linger almost fainted when she heard him say that. It was already extremely difficult to obtain a third or fourth-class panacea, not to mention a sixth-class panacea. She didn’t even know whether such a panacea existed within the whole Nan Ling kingdom.

“Don’t worry. There’s always hope. I believe that I’ll find a way. Besides, I have this feeling that my Meta-pulses will be fully recovered one day. Your brother is a genius after all.”

A bright smile appeared on his face. Mu Linger’s heart ached when she looked at him still able to have such positive thinking.

At a young age, Mu Feng had lost his mother. Now, he lost his father too. On top of that, God took away his hope to become a powerful Wudo cultivator.

Wait, maybe she can help!

Suddenly, Mu Linger thought of a person and her eyes gleamed. She bit her lips and looked at Mu Feng with a decision in her mind.

On the other hand, Mu Feng changed the topic and talked about other things as he didn’t want Mu Linger to worry about him anymore.

In a huge and luxurious mansion on the other side of Nan Ling kingdom, many armored soldiers were on patrol.

Three words were carved on the mansion’s gate — North King’s Residency.

This was the mansion of the Nan Ling kingdom’s prince, the residency of the North King, Nan Hao. (EN: Despite the title of “North King,” Nan Hao is a prince of the Nan Ling Kingdom, not its actual king.)

In the backyard of this mansion, Nan Hao was dressed in silk robes and was playing with a rare canary.

Beside him stood a bearded, middle-aged man dressed in green.

“Qian Mou, have you wiped out all the traces of the battle in Jiu Quan city?”

Nan Hao asked softly while playing with his canary.

Duan Qian Mou, the prince’s advisor, replied with a smile: “Rest assured, my lord. Only our men in the army know the truth, but…”

“Hmm? But what?”

“But… one soldier from the Mu army survived. He’s Mu Tian’s son, Mu Feng!”

Nan Hao frowned and said: “Mu Feng. I’ve heard of his name before. He’s a Wudo genius that was recruited by the Royal Wudo Academy. Although he’s still a kid, he is very talented. We can’t leave him alive!”

Nan Hao said with murderous intent. 

“Yes indeed. However, please don’t worry, my lord. According to a reliable source, although that kiddo didn’t die in battle, all his Meta-pulses were destroyed and his Wudo cultivation has gone down the drain. He is now a cripple with no future.”

Duan Qian Mou replied.

“His Meta-pulses were destroyed?!”

Upon hearing his words, Nan Hao was stunned at first but then sneered coldly: “God indeed wants to destroy the Mu family. However, a small leak will sink a great ship. A dead body is much safer than a cripple.”

“Yes, I understand, my lord.”

“Good. Settle it fast and leave no trace. The Mu family may have lost Mu Tian and his army, but even though they’re like a toothless tiger, they can still fight.”

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This makes no sense. I thought everyone know the prince was after the Mu family. Also, the enemy knows what happened. Even, if the enemy is not to be believed, it correlates with only the Mu family army dying and the prince’s favored family asking for marriage with Yu (Yun) family.

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