The Almighty Asura – Chapter 11

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 11: The Enrollment Day

The news about Mu Feng soon spread across the whole kingdom. Today, October 5th, was the recruitment day of the Royal Wudo Academy.

The academy’s prerequisites were very high — students must be 18 years old or younger and they must have at least a level five Yuan Gu. On top of that, they were also required to pay quite a hefty sum of tuition fees. 

The fifth level of Yuan Gu was known as the breakthrough point. Having a level five Yuan Gu was considered not bad, level seven and eight were considered genius, and those who had a level nine were considered legendary. 

The Royal Wudo Academy was one of the most famous Wudo academies in the kingdom of Nan Ling. They were open for recruitment every 10 years. All students who graduated from this academy were no lower than the Ning Gang level.

The graduates from this academy had very promising futures. Some armies even recruited their high-ranked officers directly from these graduates.

Currently, Nan Ling square was very crowded. At a glance, approximately 200,000 people were gathered here. There were also armored soldiers surrounding the square to maintain order.

A group of people dressed in Wudo robes were standing on a platform in the center of the square. 

Three middle-aged men were sitting on one side of the platform and about 10 young men stood behind them.

Besides them, there was also a three-meter-high, white-colored stone pillar on the platform. Ten Yuan Wen were carved on top of the pillar. (Yuan Wen are 

Thousands of disciples from each family were standing beneath the platform. They were the students who enrolled in the Royal Wudo Academy. All their faces bore the same expressions of enthusiasm and excitement.

One of the groups had dozens of disciples dressed in white robes — they were the Mu disciples. To one’s surprise, Mu Feng was standing among them as well.

“Hey, check it out, it’s Mu Feng. Have you heard that all his Meta-pulses were damaged and he became a cripple?”

Somewhere in the crowd, a young man pointed at Mu Feng and whispered.

“Of course. It seems like he damaged them during his last battle. Hah, his father, Mu Tian, is dead and his Meta-pulses are all damaged. What a pity.”

“Hmph! He deserved it! Who asked him to join the army at such a young age? My father used to use him as an example to lecture me! Now that he is a cripple, my father will finally stop.”

Many young men and women around him started chattering about Mu Feng. Some of them let out a deep sigh, but most of them talked about him with a hint of sarcasm. 

Previously, Mu Feng was very well-known, as he managed to reach the Zi Fu level at the age of 15. He had also killed hundreds of enemies while he was in the army, so most of his peers were jealous of him. 

People tended to be jealous of geniuses. Hence, they started satirizing him so that they would feel less inferior. 


A loud shout echoed through the square, instantly silencing the crowd.

One of the three middle-aged men who were sitting on the platform stood up and walked forward to address the crowd. He was dressed in yellow robes and had a rough face with thick eyebrows.

He looked around and said: “I’m Zhao Heng, the person in charge of today’s enrollment and also one of the elders in the Royal Wudo Academy.”

His voice resounded loudly in the square. For one to become an elder of the Royal Wudo Academy, his cultivation had to reach at least the Yuan Dan level. 

“The prerequisites for enrollment are the same as the past years. Those who are 18 years old or younger will come up the stage to test their Yuan Gu level. If you meet the requirement, you’ll pass the enrollment test and are welcome to study at the Royal Wudo Academy.”

Zhao Heng said casually. The young men and women present were not surprised by his words as they all knew about the rules. 

“Alright then, I won’t say anything more. Now, I would like to invite the students to test their Yuan Gu level according to their respective families. We will record the names of those who qualify, and, starting from tomorrow, these students may start studying at the Royal Wudo Academy.”

Upon finishing his sentence, Zhao Heng returned to his seat.

Then, another elder from the academy who was dressed in green took out a roster and sat down at a desk next to the white-colored stone pillar.

“The first family to be tested will be the Shang Guan family.” 

The elder said, reading from the roster.

Right after he said that, more than 40 young men of the Shang Guan family who were dressed in blue robes immediately lined up beneath the stage.

The first young man walked towards the stone pillar, took out a dagger, and made a thin slit across his palm. Blood instantly started dripping down.

He then pressed down his palm onto the stone pillar. All of a sudden, the stone pillar started absorbing his blood, and the Yuan Wen that were carved on it began to light up one by one.

“One Yuan Wen!”

“Two Yuan Wen!”

“Three Yuan Wen!”


In the end, eight Yuan Wen were lit up.

“Shang Guan Qianzhi, level eight Yuan Gu, qualified!”

The man with the roster shouted with a hint of envy.


“As expected, the little lord of the Shang Guan Family has a level eight Yuan Gu, he has a very promising future indeed!”

“Tsk tsk, it seems that the Shang Guan family will have another Yuan Dan level cultivator within a few years. Their position in the capital will be so powerful.”

The adults chattered whereas the young men looked at him with a hint of jealousy.

Shang Guan Qianzhi smiled arrogantly, looked at Mu Feng, and mouthed out a single word.


Mu Feng’s expression changed, and he clenched his fists, but did not say anything in reply. 


Shang Guan Qianzhi walked down the stage while laughing boastfully.


“Shang Guan De, level six Yuan Gu, qualified!”



The test proceeded quickly and smoothly. All the disciples from the Shang Guan family finished their tests in less than 10 minutes.

More than half of the disciples from the Shang Guan family were qualified to study at the Royal Wudo Academy.

After that, a few families finished their tests without incident. Now, it was the Yun family’s turn. 

More than 30 disciples walked up the stage, and they were lead by a beautiful young girl with snow-white skin and big eyes — Yun Qingwan. 

“Qingwan! Qingwan!”

“What a beautiful young girl! Tsk tsk, I wonder what her personality is like. If I managed to enter the academy, I would definitely pursue her!”

The young men beneath the stage started to cheer and shout as soon as Yun Qingwan walked up the stage.

Yun Qingwan was a well-known beauty. Moreover, she was the daughter of the Yun family. The love story between Mu Feng and her was also well-known within the capital.

Now, however, the well-known love story had become well-known gossip instead. 

Wan Er looked at Mu Feng with worrying eyes whereas Mu Feng smiled back at her warmly. 

Seeing this, Wan Er smiled back, causing a few young men to be stunned at her beauty. She was happy to see that Mu Feng had regained his usual positive self. 

Yun Qingwan then slit her finger and dripped her blood onto the stone pillar.

Swoosh! Swish!

The Yuan Wen on the stone pillar started to light up one by one. After a while, a total of nine Yuan Wen were lit up! 

Everybody was astonished by what they saw, and a commotion broke out beneath the stage. The three elders of the academy got up from their seats as well.

“Level nine Yuan Gu, she’s a legendary talent!”

The three of them exchanged a glance as excitement flashed across their eyes. 

“This is such great news! I didn’t expect that there would be a legendary student!”

The man dressed in blue robes laughed.

“Yeah, me too! For someone like her, with a bit of training, reaching the Yuan Dan level will be a piece of cake. She may even become one of the most powerful Yuan Dan level cultivators!”

Zhao Heng said with a laugh.

“I didn’t expect Yun Qingwan’s to have a level nine Yuan Gu. Tsk tsk, she’s gifted indeed.”

The young men beneath the stage looked at her with eyes full of envy.

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