The Almighty Asura – Chapter 12

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 12: Level Ten: Ling Gu

Yun Qingwan was now under the spotlight. 

Being attractive in appearance, having a rare Yuan Gu talent and a good family background, these three factors made her the most desired young girl in the city. 

At this moment, almost all the young boys were staring passionately at Yun Qingwan whereas the girls stared at her with eyes full of jealousy.

Of course, Shang Guan Qianzhi also couldn’t hide his desire for her.

I must have Wan Er as my bride! That cripple Mu Feng does not deserve this kind of beauty!

Shang Guan Qianzhi shouted in his mind.

Meanwhile, up on the sixth floor of a building near the square, two men looked down at the beautiful girl who was walking down from the stage.

“So, she’s the daughter of Yun Hai from the Yun family?”

Nan Hao, the prince of Nan Ling kingdom, looked at Yun Qingwan and asked softly.

“That’s right, my lord. She was previously Mu Feng’s fiancée, but I heard that Yun Hai has called of their marriage.”

Duan Qian Mou replied.

“Scoff. Well, I have to say that the Yun family is smart, as they’re well aware of the current situation. They’re aware that they have to cut ties with the Mu family. Hmm, Yun Qingwan is desirable indeed — pretty, talented, and her family background is also not bad. She’s a potential match for my son, Ling Er.”

Nan Hao said with a laugh while praising Yun Qingwan.

“My lord, do you plan to…”

Duan Qian Mou understood what Nan Hao was trying to express.

“Yes. In a few days, prepare some gifts and go to the Yun family to ask for her hand in marriage. After all, the Yun family is quite a powerful family. They would be a good pawn for us to use in our future plans.”

Nan Hao said with a laugh while waving a gold fan in his hand.

“Yes, my Lord. I understand.”

After that, Nan Hao looked down at the crowd and fixed his eyes on Mu Feng. He then asked: “How are the preparations going on?”

“Rest assured, my lord. I can assure you that absolutely nothing will go wrong.”

Duan Qian Mou said proudly.

“Good. As the saying goes, we must pull up the grass by its roots. We must make sure that there’s nobody left to seek revenge in the future!”

Nan Hao waved his golden fan and said calmly, but with a murderous intent.

Soon, it was the Mu family’s turn to take the test. The first to take the test was Mu Qing.

Mu Qing slit his palm and pressed down on the stone pillar. The stone pillar instantly started absorbing his blood, and the Yuan Wen started to light up one by one.

After a short while, a total of eight Yuan Wen were lit up.

“Mu Qing from the Mu Family, level eight Yuan Gu, qualified!”

A man shouted and recorded down his name.

“Huh, as expected of the second most talented disciple in our family, Mu Qing. He has a level Yuan Gu, which is the same as Shang Guan Qianzhi.”

“Nah, he’s not the second most talented anymore. He’s now the most talented, don’t you remember?”

One of the Mu disciples said as he glanced at Mu Feng. The other disciple realized what he meant and said with a laugh: “Oh yeah, he’s the number one most talented disciple now.”

The Mu disciples started chattering with each other. Some of them thought about Mu Feng and commented with a trace of sarcasm.

Meanwhile, Mu Qing proudly looked at Mu Feng and walked down the stage with a cold sneer.

“Next, Mu Kuang!”

“Level seven Yuan Gu, qualified!”

Mu Kuang was the second disciple to take the test. His test showed that he had a level seven Yuan Gu, which was quite amazing as well.

The rest of the Mu disciples walked up the stage to take their tests subsequently, and more than half of them turned out to be qualified. Finally, it was the last disciple’s turn — Mu Feng!

As soon it was Mu Feng’s turn, many people turned their heads and stared at him.

“Hey, look. It’s Mu Feng.”

“I heard that his Meta-pulses are all damaged and he’s now a cripple. I wonder if that’s true.”

“Well, let’s see. The truth will be revealed today.”

According to the news spread within the country, Mu Feng’s Meta-pulses were all damaged. Once he was a genius, but now, he had become a cripple. Most people already had a feeling that the news was true, but they still looked at Mu Feng with curiosity.

Being under the spotlight, Mu Feng took a deep breath and tried to maintain a calm expression.

He then walked towards the stone pillar, slit his palm with a dagger, and dripped his blood on it. 

At this moment, the Yuan Wen started to turn sanguine as they lit up.

One Yuan Wen,

Two Yuan Wen,

Three Yuan Wen,

Four Yuan Wen,


Eight Yuan Wen,

Nine Yuan Wen!

In a short while, nine Yuan Wen were lit up!

However, the lighting of the Yuan Wen had not stopped just yet!

10 Yuan Wen!

Finally, the last Yuan Wen was lit up! All 10 Yuan Wen on the stone pillar lit up and were emitting a sanguine light.

“What?! H-how is this possible?!”

“Ten Yuan Wen! Th-this is…”

A commotion broke out from the crowd in an instant. As known by public, there were only nine levels of Yuan Gu! Therefore, only nine Yuan Wen could light up.

“Level 10 Yuan Gu! It’s Ling Gu! It must be Ling Gu, the rarest Yuan Gu talent ever, only one in a million!”

The three elders instantly stood up, and two of them were very astonished. However, the remaining elder, Zhao Heng, had a solemn expression.

“Yuan Gu level 10, wh-what does that even imply?”

“It’s Ling Gu, the legendary Ling Gu. Mu Feng is a genius!”

A tumult broke out from the crowd below.

Mu Feng was surprised as well. Previously, when his father tested his Yuan Gu level, it was only level nine. 

Why was it level 10 Ling Gu now? Have my Yuan Gu evolved?

One with Ling Gu was known as a legendary cultivator, as the speed of absorbing the Qi of Heaven and Earth was multiple times faster than that of a normal cultivator with Yuan Gu.

“Wow, Ling Gu! It seems to me that the academy will have another genius!”

The man with the roster was also stunned. He then shouted: “Mu Feng, level 10 Ling Gu, qua…”


Just as the man was about to shout ‘qualified’, a cold shout came from afar.

It was Zhao Heng.

Zhao Heng got up from his seat, looked at Mu Feng, and said coldly: “Mu Feng, let me ask you a question. Aren’t all your Meta-pulses damaged?”

Upon hearing Zhao Heng’s question, the crowd fell silent. They looked at the young man and were eager to know the truth as well.

Does he really have to ask me this?

Mu Feng bit his lip and nodded.

“Yes, that’s right. My Meta-pulses are indeed damaged.”

Just as he finished his sentence, the crowd burst out into a heated discussion again.

“They are indeed damaged!”

“Haih, what a pity! He has such a rare gift, Ling Gu!”

Many people said with a sigh.

With a Ling Gu level talent, he could have been one of the strongest among the Yuan Dan level.

“I see.”

Zhao Heng nodded and ordered the man with the roster: “Cross off Mu Feng’s name, he is not allowed to enroll in the Royal Wudo Academy!”

Upon hearing his words, Mu Feng’s expression changed drastically, as what he had been worrying all along had just became a reality. However, he still clasped his hands and asked politely: “May I ask the elder, why is that so? Just now, you clearly said that the enrollment only depends on one’s age and Yuan Gu level.”


Zhao Heng laughed coldly and said: “Don’t you know the reason? Your Meta-pulses are all damaged! Even if you have the rarest gift, what use will it be if you can’t be a Wudo cultivator anymore? Our academy does not recruit cripples. It would be a waste of resources!”

Cripple! Cripple!

The words stabbed deeply into Mu Feng’s heart.

Mu Feng clenched his fists tightly and his body trembled slightly. He wanted to study in the Royal Wudo Academy so badly.

The academy had the best Wudo masters, cultivation skills, and Wudo Forms within the whole Nan Ling kingdom. Of course he would want to study there.

However, he also knew that his biggest drawback was his damaged Meta-pulses. 

Besides, he couldn’t say anything about the sacred book of Asura, as he knew that people would want to steal it from him and he would be in danger.

He knew clearly what the saying ‘treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime’ meant.

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