The Almighty Asura – Chapter 2

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77


Chapter 2: A Treacherous Man

Some Mu army soldiers yelled that they do not take orders from the Royal Highness, but only from Mu Tian alone. 

Nan Hao ignored the swears from the Mu army. He laughed coldly and said: “General Mu, we can’t open the gates. If we open them now, I’m sure that the enemy will charge into the city. If that happens, the innocent people of Jiu Quan city will be slaughtered and killed. May I ask General Mu to be patient for a while more? Don’t worry, backup is on the way.”

Upon hearing his words, the Mu army flew into a rage. Some even aimed their bows at Nan Hao but were stopped by Mu Tian.

“General! This treacherous man obviously wants all of us to die here!”

“Yeah, General, let’s force our way into the city!”

General Mu stared at Nan Hao and spoke to Mu Feng in a cold tone: “Son, remember his face.”

Mu Feng nodded with a flash of coldness in his eyes.

After that, Mu Tian got back on his horse, turned around, and yelled: “My Mu brothers, charge!”

Just as he finished his sentence, Mu Tian charged forward with his spear in his hand. The remaining 100,000 Mu soldiers gazed at each other in despair for a second, but soon followed Mu Tian and charged forward as well. Mu Feng stayed close to Mu Tian and continued to slaughter his enemies.

Blood dyed the young man’s armor red, and a trace of toughness flashed across his immature face. 

The heart-shaped jade pendant that he wore on his neck emitted a sanguine light and was also covered in blood. 

The outcome was obvious. The remaining 100,000 Mu soldiers were besieged by the hundreds of thousands of enemies, and their numbers kept dropping. 

Gradually, the number of remaining Mu soldiers were no more than 1,000. 

Mu Tian fought with one arm, as he lost his other arm in battle. His green-scaled Unicorn Horse had been killed and he was soaked in blood.

Mu Feng’s armor was shattered and there was a long, deep gash on his chest along with many other minor injuries. Although he was heavily injured, the eyes of both father and son were still sharp and there wasn’t a trace of fear in them at all.

The remaining 1,000 Mu soldiers were also seriously injured but none of them showed a trace of fear upon their deaths.

On the other side, a muscular man dressed in black armor with a red cape rode on a Yao Beast. There was a trace of respect in him when he saw the Mu soldiers who were willing to fight to their deaths.

“Mu Tian, why don’t you surrender? Since you were abandoned by the Nan Ling kingdom, why don’t you choose to join me instead? I give you my word, if you join us, the Tian Feng kingdom, you’ll be treated much better.”

The middle-aged man started persuading him. As a soldier himself, he respected a soldier like Mu Tian.


Mu Tian laughed when he heard his words and had an ironical expression on his face.

“If one from the Mu family becomes a soldier, the word ‘surrender’ will never exist in our dictionaries. As a soldier, we defend our country. As a Wudo cultivator, we vow to never give up. We’d rather charge forward and die than retreat backwards and survive. My brothers, are we going to surrender?!”

“We’d rather charge forward and die than retreat backwards and survive! We vow to follow you to our deaths!”

The Mu soldiers shouted furiously as they all released murderous intents. 

Upon hearing their response, Mu Tian’s eyes were teary. He looked at Mu Feng, pressed his forehead on his, and whispered to him. His words were full of self-blame.

“Son, I’m sorry. Since young, you have followed me into countless battles but I never gave you the love like other fathers would have. I was always strict with you. Now, I’ve led you into this death trap. I-I’m not a good father…”

Even Mu Tian, the man who bleeds but never cries was crying when he said that. Who said that a man made of iron and blood would never cry? It’s just that he had buried his emotions deep down in his heart and never expressed them until a moment like this.

Mu Feng smiled when he heard his words. His pale smile had neither regrets nor hatred and he said: “Father, in my heart, you’re the best father in the world. Since I was small, I have always been proud to have a father like you and wanted to become a man of iron and blood like you. I understand that your strictness towards me was all for my own good, wasn’t it?”

“Haha, what else should I ask for if I have a son like you.”

Upon hearing what Mu Feng said, Mu Tian laughed with a hint of sadness. After that, he looked at his remaining 1,000 soldiers and knelt down on one knee. 


All the soldiers knelt down as well when they saw him doing so.

“My dear brothers, I, Mu Tian, owe you all an apology. It’s my fault that all of us were deceived by a treacherous man. It’s my fault that I led you to your deaths.”


“From the day we decided to become Mu soldiers, we vowed to defend our homelands and follow you to our deaths. Even if our dead bodies aren’t found, we have no regrets!”

“Even if our dead bodies aren’t found, we have no regrets!”

Thousands of soldiers burst into tears and shouted together.

“Haha, good, you’re all my brothers indeed! You all are the best soldiers and Wudo cultivators that I’ve ever met. It’s my honour to be your general and fight alongside with you all. In my next life, we will still be brothers! No regrets!”

Just as he finished his sentence, Mu Tian stood up, picked up his spear, and shouted loudly: “The Mu army!”



Mu Tian then charged forward with his spear towards the tens of thousands of enemies. The remaining 1,000 soldiers also charged at their enemy.

They were like moths flying into hell’s flames. They chose to die fighting and had no regrets at all.

In the meanwhile, up on the walls of Jiu Quan city, many soldiers teared up when they saw the scene and gripped their weapons tighter.

However, Nan Hao let out a cold smile when he saw this.

“Well, well, Mu Tian, you’ve led yourself to your own death. Don’t blame me for it…”

In the end, the entire Mu army was wiped out outside of Jiu Quan city and Mu Tian’s body was stabbed by the sword of the general who persuaded him previously.

“Mu Tian, I respect only a few people in this world, and you are one of them.”

This enemy general muttered to himself as he pulled out his weapon. The body of Mu Tian fell into his hands.

Only at this moment did the backup army who had been waiting in a valley behind Jiu Quan city receive orders to provide their support.

The backup army had been there for a long time. However, they followed Nan Hao’s orders to stay put in the valley until the entire Mu army was wiped out.

The enemy retreated as soon as the backup army charged into the battlefield. Even the body of Mu Tian was taken away by the enemy’s general.

The body of a young man lied still among the mountain of corpses. His heart was pierced by an arrow and his body was gradually getting colder.

However, suddenly, the heart-shaped sanguine jade pendant on his chest transformed into a sanguine light and flew into his heart. The young man’s heart then started to heal. 

During the process of healing, his heart emitted a dim sanguine light, and after a while, it started to beat slowly. A powerful energy rampaged around the nine Meta-pulses inside the young man’s body, greatly damaging them. The energy was very powerful and was as red as blood. 

“Look, there’s somebody alive over here!”

“I-Isn’t he Mu Feng, the son of General Mu?”

“Yes, it’s Mu Feng indeed. Quick, let’s hide him somewhere first. The Royal Highness would never let him live if he knew that he’s still alive. General Mu was such a loyal man and he was the person whom I respected the most. I can’t possibly let his son die after he was set-up and killed.” 

These soldiers who had a good conscience then carried Mu Feng away. They snuck into the Nan Ling kingdom and went to the Mu family…

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