The Almighty Asura – Chapter 3

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 3: Mu Feng in a Pinch

There were thousands of kingdoms within the vast land of the Bei Wu continent, and countless battles were fought among them. 

The Nan Ling Capital was a big city with millions of people, including both good and bad people. 

The Mu family was a family of Wudo cultivators. The Mu clansmen had been soldiers for many generations and they all held high ranks in the Nan Ling army. The Mu family was an upper-class family, but not a top class one.

In this world, every inch of the land belonged to the king and every individual living on this land was the king’s subject. In this capital, it was obvious that the top-class family was royalty.

Inside a well-renovated room of the Mu family’s mansion, a ray of sunlight shone through the windows onto the handsome face of a young man. 

The young man was sleeping like a newborn baby and breathing regularly. His upper body was wrapped in white bandages.

No one knew exactly how many battles this 15 or 16 year old young man had been through, but the countless battle scars on his body told his story. A sanguine Qilin was tattooed on his shoulder. 

A white-haired doctor was checking the young man’s pulse. After he finished, he stood up and said to a middle-aged man beside him: “Lord Mu, the third Little Lord is recovering steadily and he will be fully recovered after some time, but……”

The middle-aged man had a fierce look and was dressed in black robes. He also emitted an aura of iron and blood and was respected by the others.  

He was Mu Chen, the lord of the Mu family and also Mu Feng’s uncle. 

“But what? Doctor Liu, please tell me.”

Mu Chen frowned when he saw that doctor Liu was stammering. 

“All the Meta-pulses in the Little Lord’s body have been damaged and are not healing. I’m afraid that he will have to give up his Wudo cultivation for the rest of his life.”

“Ho-How is that possible?”

“Little Lord Feng……”

Upon hearing the statement, the faces of all the other Mu family members turned pale.


A beautiful young girl with big eyes who wore a white skirt teared up as well. She touched the young man’s face with her slender hand and felt very sorry for him. 

She was Yun Qingwan, Mu Feng’s childhood friend as well as his fiancée. She was the daughter of the Yun family, an upper-class family that also practiced in Wudo cultivation. 

“Nonsense! Doctor Liu, it’s impossible that brother Feng has damaged all of his Meta-pulses, and there’s no way that he will have to give up his Wudo cultivation. Doctor Liu, stop talking crap! Br-brother Feng is our family’s genius!”

A young man who was about Mu Feng’s age grabbed hold of Doctor Liu’s collar and shouted angrily. He was Mu Kuang. He had short hair and was dressed in black robes as well. He also had a bad temper.

There is no future for a man who cannot practice Wudo cultivation in a Wudo family.

“Mu Kuang, stand down. Don’t be rude!”

Mu Chen shouted. Mu Kuang clenched his fist and backed down. He looked at the young man lying on the bed and gritted his teeth. 

“Brother Feng……”

“Doctor Liu, can’t he be cured? We are willing to give up everything we have.”

Mu Chen asked with a tremble in his voice. 

“Yes, it’s possible. His Meta-pulses can be healed, but only if you manage to find a sixth-class panacea, or an extraordinary doctor who is willing to cure him by using up his own Wudo energy over a long period of time. However, as you already know, it would be hard to find a sixth-class panacea even if we searched every corner of this kingdom.” (EN: Wudo energy is the overarching term for cultivation energies like Vitality and Meta-Power. I don’t think it will be used that often, though.)

The doctor said with a sigh.

Upon hearing the doctor’s words, everybody showed a look of despair. It’s not even known whether or not this kind of panacea existed in the whole Nan Ling kingdom.

“All right, I see. You may take your leave now, doctor.”

At that moment, Mu Chen looked like he had suddenly aged. With a wave of his hand, the doctor took his leave. He then ordered the others to leave as well, leaving only Yun Qingwan and him in the room.

“Qingwan,you should go home and rest if you’re feeling tired.”

“No, uncle Mu, I want to be here with Mu Feng. You should go and rest instead.”

Yun Qingwan shook her head. Mu Chen left the room with a sigh when he heard her words.

The young girl wiped the young man’s face and body with a wet towel and the corners of her mouth gradually curled up. 

“Feng, I know that you’ll wake up soon. You told me before that you plan to conquer a kingdom for me. Nothing can beat you down. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side.”

She leaned on his chest. A teardrop slipped down from the young man’s closed eyes…… 

Soon, the news about Mu Feng’s damaged Meta-pulses spread within the Mu family and caused a small uproar. 

“I-Is this true? The Little Lord has damaged all of his Meta-pulses and is now a cripple?”

“Yes, it’s true. Little Lord Feng’s servant told me.”

“What a pity. He was once the most talented boy in the Mu family. The entire Mu army was wiped out in battle, even Second Lord Mu was killed. Mu Feng was the only one who survived, but he ended up in such a state. God is so unfair.”

“Yeah… Little Lord Feng is now a cripple and Second Lord Mu is dead. It seems that our Mu family is now in its worst times.”

A group of servants chattered. 

Mu Feng, the number one genius in the Mu family, started his Wudo cultivation at the age of five. He managed to open his ninth Meta-pulse at the age of 12 and reached the Zi Fu level at 14. He was a natural-born Wudo cultivator and the whole kingdom knew about him. He was even openly recruited by our kingdom’s top Wudo academy, the Royal Wudo Academy.” 

However, his Meta-pulses were damaged and he had became a cripple. A lot of people let out a deep sigh when they heard about this. 

Soon, the news spreads across the city, and all the upper-class families in the capital were shocked when they heard the news.

The moon and stars shone brightly in the dark sky, and the kingdom of Nan Ling was lit up by thousands of lanterns. 

The Shang Guan family’s huge courtyards and vast lands were also lit up brightly.

The Shang Guan family was a large family, and most of its family members worked as government officers in the kingdom of Nan Ling. Their social ranking was slightly higher than that of the Mu family.

A young man who was around 17 or 18 years old was having sex with his servant girl in one of the guest rooms. Their naked bodies twisted together.

Knock Knock…!

At this moment, somebody knocked on the door.

“Who the f*ck is it?!”

The young man’s angry shout rang out from the room.

“Little Lord, it’s me. I’ve something urgent to tell you!”

“I don’t care! Hold on a moment.”

The young boy was furious that he was interrupted. He got out of bed, threw on his robes, and covered the naked body of his servant girl with a blanket.

The young man had a handsome face with a sharp and pointed nose. However, his eyes were full of evil.

He was Shang Guan Qianzhi, the son of Lord Shang Guan. He had a level eight Yuan Gu and was also a talented Wudo cultivator.

In Wudo cultivation, Yuan Gu was one’s Wudo foundation. The higher the level of Yuan Gu a cultivator had, the stronger the sensitivity towards the Qi of Heaven and Earth they had. Level one was the lowest level and level nine was the highest level. We will talk about those who can surpass the ninth Yuan Gu level later. (EN: The sentence in italics was written by the author in italics. He is basically just breaking the fourth wall here for foreshadowing.)

Shang Guan Qianzhi opened the door and saw a servant dressed in grey standing outside. 

“You’d better give me a good explanation, or I will chop off your third leg.”

Shang Guan Qianzhi said furiously.

The servant trembled and said: “Little Lord, it’s good news. According to a reliable source, Mu Feng, from the Mu family, has damaged all of his Meta-pulses and became a cripple. It was said that he will have to give up his journey of Wudo cultivation.”

Joy immediately spread out on Shang Guan Qianzhi’s face. He grabbed the servant by his collar and said: “What did you just say? Mu Feng’s Meta-pulses are all damaged?”

“Yes, Little Lord. I’m afraid that the news will soon spread across the whole kingdom.”

“Haha, that’s great. That’s good news indeed. Mu Feng, I’m interested to see how are you still qualified for Qingwan’s hand in marriage this time. I will ask my father to propose a marriage to the Yun family right away! Hahaha, God is on my side now!”

Shang Guan Qianzhi laughed loudly. His laughter echoed in the room, causing many servants to turn and look at him in shock.

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