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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 45 - Zenith Novels

The Almighty Asura – Chapter 45

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 45: Robbed

“Brother Feng, your Vitality is so powerful!”

Mu Kuang exclaimed.

“It should be due to the cultivation methods that I cultivated in.”

Mu Feng said with a laugh.

“You brat, since you’ve reached the Zi Fu level, you should be able to use some of the basic skills of the Asura Jade Pendant.”

At this moment, Xi Yue’s pleasant voice rang out in Mu Feng’s mind.

“Yue Er, tell me. What are the skills that I can use?”

Mu Feng asked hopefully.

“In the future, you will be able to use your Vitality to stimulate the Asura Jade Pendant and store Blood Qi that you find inside it. You can directly absorb the Blood Qi from inside the Asura Jade Pendant when you want to cultivate. On top of that, the Asura Jade Pendant is also a Legendary Item that specializes in attack and support skills. The pendant contains two types of Shen Wen, namely the Divine Knife Shen Wen and the Chisel Shen Wen. These two can be used to transform the pendant into the Divine Knife of Asura and the Chisel of Shen Wen, respectively.”

Xi Yue explained.

Mu Feng was delighted upon hearing the explanation. By learning the first skill, it would be less troublesome for him in the future. He will no longer have to sit and cultivate on the spot when he kills a beast. With the storing function of the Asura Jade Pendant, he could cultivate whenever and wherever he wanted.

“Xi Yue, what exactly are the Divine Knife of Asura and the Chisel of Shen Wen?”

Mu Feng asked in his mind.

“The Divine Knife of Asura is the battle form of the Asura Jade Pendant. The pendant can be transformed into a Blood Knife, but this form requires a large amount of Blood Qi. The amount of Blood Qi in the Asura Jade Pendant is not sufficient to transform it now. As for the Chisel of Shen Wen, have you heard of a chiseler before?”

“A chiseler? Of course I have. Back then, our forefathers learned about the concept of runes by observing the changes during Spring and Autumn and the constellations. Runes can be used to improve refineries, alchemy, battle spells, symbols, and seals. They are widely used. The social ranking of a chiseler is very high. Our Mu family has a second-ranked chiseler.”

Mu Feng said.

“That’s correct. There are different ranks of chiselers as well. The highest rank is known as Shen Wen chiseler, followed by Bao Wen chiseler, Ling Wen chiseler, and the lowest rank, Yuan Wen chiseler. In order to chisel runes, a chisel is indispensable. The Asura Jade Pendant is able to transform into the Chisel of Asura which can chisel Shen Wen, don’t you think that’s amazing?”

Upon hearing this, Mu Feng squinted his eyes and asked in excitement: “What you mean is that you know how to chisel runes?”

“Hehe, of course. I was a seventh-ranked Shen Wen chiseler back then. Besides, the runes that were mastered by the Asura clan were also recorded inside the Asura Jade Pendant. Among the Dao patterns, there were eight types of Shen Wen, 24 types of Bao Wen, 64 types of Ling Wen, and 108 types of Yuan Wen. These Dao patterns include various ways to chisel for refineries, alchemy, seals, and battle spells.”

Xi Yue said proudly.

Upon hearing that, Mu Feng was so excited that he became speechless. Runes were the most precious things to a chiseler. They are basically the foundation of all cultivation methods.

It’s considered awesome for a Yuan Wen chiseler to know a few types of runes. He didn’t expect that so many types of runes, including Shen Wen, were actually recorded in the Asura Jade Pendant.

If this was known by other chiselers, they would definitely steal it from him.

“Yu-Yue Er, can you teach me the runes when you’re free?”

Mu Feng rubbed his hands and laughed.

“There’s a requirement in order to become a chiseler. I’ll need to test your Soul Energy when I have time and see whether you’re qualified for it or not.”

Xi Yue said.

“Okay, thanks, thanks a lot.”

Mu Feng said happily.

Meanwhile, Mu Kuang looked at Mu Feng strangely. 

Why is Brother Feng acting so weird lately? He has been showing all kinds of different expressions by himself. He gets all excited and happy, but in the next minute, he’s shocked.

Mu Kuang lightly patted Mu Feng’s head and asked.

“It doesn’t seem that you’re sick. Are you all right, Brother Feng?”

“Ah? I-I’m fine. Come on, let’s go. Since we have already reached the Zi Fu level, we should head home after killing a few more Xiong Beasts. After two months of training, it’s finally time for us to go home.”

Mu Feng said with a laugh. The corners of Mu Kuang’s mouth curved up as well.

Both of them were indeed much stronger after reaching the Zi Fu level. They managed to hunt and kill three more Xiong Beasts. Mu Kuang looked at Mu Feng in surprise. Mu Feng put his palm out towards the carcass of the Xiong Beast, and the Asura Jade Pendant actually transformed into a beam of sanguine light that headed towards his palm. The light then shone into the carcass, instantly absorbing the Blood Qi of the Xiong Beast. The carcass immediately dried up, and the whole process took no more than two seconds. After that, the Asura Jade Pendant disappeared into Mu Feng’s body.

In the eyes of Mu Kuang, Brother Feng had always been a legendary being. Mu Kuang didn’t feel too surprised, even when Mu Feng did something extraordinary like this.

After absorbing the Blood Qi of the three Xiong Beasts, both of them ran out of the An Nan mountains.

However, they were disappointed when they arrived outside the An Nan mountains.

“Damn it, where are our horses?”

Mu Kuang looked at the horse post and said angrily.

“Our horses must have been taken by others, since we were in the mountains for two months. It’s all right, let’s run back home.”

Mu Feng said with a frown.

“Damn it, they better make sure that I don’t find out who the culprit is. Haih, we have to run back? The journey back to An Nan city is more than 150 kilometers!”

“Haha, just treat it as part of our training. It’s a perfect chance to train your leg muscles anyway. Come on, I’ll start running first. Let’s see who reaches An Nan city first!”


Right after he finished his sentence, Mu Feng’s body shot forward like an arrow, traveling almost six meters in an instant. He ran at full speed, and he was no slower than Liu Xiang’s 100-meter sprint record. (EN: Liu Xiang is a Chinese athlete that has a very fast 100-meter sprint record of 10.74 seconds.)

“Eh, Brother Feng, wait for me~”

Mu Kuang ran at full speed too.

Both of them ran for three hours, traveling a distance of 150 kilometers. When they arrived at An Nan city, Mu Kuang’s legs felt like jelly, and he collapsed on the ground. Mu Feng had no choice but to carry Mu Kuang back home on his back. It was common for Mu Feng to run more than 50 kilometers at a time back when he was in the army.

At the same time, Mu Hai, Uncle Fu, and nine Ning Gang level Mu elders were discussing something in the main hall of the Mu mansion. All of them were frowning and had solemn looks on their faces.

“Uncle Fu, how much did we lose?”

Mu Hai asked quietly.

“15 low-ranked Yuan Items, tens of normal weapons, and 100 first-ranked Yuan pills. We lost more than seventy thousand gold coins in cash.”

Uncle Fu said solemnly.

“Damn it, who the hell dared to steal the goods of Mu family! If I knew who the culprit is, I would not hesitate to kill him!”

The second elder said angrily.

A few days ago, a batch of goods being transported from another city to the Mu family was looted, resulting in huge losses.

“Fourth elder, I will entrust this matter to you and fifth elder. We must find out exactly which organization it was that robbed our goods.”

Mu Hai said with a solemn look.


The two Ning Gang level elders stood up and replied.

“My lord, our family’s weapon shop and pharmacy may run out of stock if we don’t supply them with goods. If that happens, our market will be taken over by other forces. On top of that, we’re still in debt to Bai Bing pavilion. If we don’t pay them back in a month, we’ll be in deep trouble.”

Uncle Fu said solemnly.

“Yes, I’m aware of that. All we can do now is to find the whereabouts of the goods and see if we can retrieve them.”

Mu Hai said gloomily.

Who on earth dared to pick a fight with us?

Mu Hai squinted his eyes and thought about the people who weren’t on good terms with the Mu family.

There were conflicts of interests between the Huang family and the Wang family, as their families were also involved in this kind of business. However, the three families had never meddled in each other’s business matters. Although they had some private arguments among themselves, this kind of incident had never happened before.

Wait a minute, don’t tell me it’s because of that!

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