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The Almighty Asura - Chapter 5 - Zenith Novels

The Almighty Asura – Chapter 5

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 5 : The guests from the Yun Family

In the big hall of the Mu family’s mansion, Mu Chen sat in the seat of honor, while a pale looking long-haired middle-aged man dressed in white robes sat beside him.

A group of Mu elders also sat in the hall. 

“Haha, brother Yun, it’s been a long time since your last visit.”

Mu Chen said with a smile while a servant girl served some tea.

The man dressed in white robes was the lord of the Yun family and the father of Yun Qingwan. 

“Haih, I was quite busy with our family matters after the war between our kingdom and the Bei Ling kingdom. Brother Mu, you, as the lord of Mu family, should be able to understand my difficulties. You have my deepest apologies.”

Yun Hai sighed, clasped hands, and smiled bitterly. Upon hearing his words, Mu Chen showed a trace of sadness. His third brother, Mu Tian, died in that battle, along with 200,000 Mu soldiers. They were the elite forces of the Mu army.

Mu Chen said nothing and sipped his tea. 

Of course, Yun Hai knew about the Mu family matters, so he didn’t continue to talk about it. 

Both of them chatted for a while before Yun Hai asked cautiously: “Brother Mu, I heard that Feng’s Meta-pulses were all damaged and his cultivation has went down the drain. Is that true?”

Mu Chen remained expressionless but nodded and said: “Yes, it’s true. Feng’s Meta-pulses are destroyed, although we don’t know why. We are trying to find a cure.”

Fire can’t be wrapped up by paper. Mu Chen knew that there were spies within the family and that it was a futile attempt to hide the news, so he admitted it. 

“A cure? Is there any other cure besides the legendary panacea? I’m afraid that my poor nephew is now a cripple.”

A middle-aged man dressed in black robes who sat among the elders said disapprovingly.

His name was Mu Ye, the third younger brother of Mu Chen and Mu Tian. Mu Tian and him had not see eye to eye since childhood. 

His words were full of sarcasm. Mu Chen glared at him and Mu Ye laughed coldly.

“Haih, General Mu and I were best brothers back then. Now he left us, and Feng Er is in such a pitiful state. God is indeed unfair.”

Yun Hai sighed with a trace of sadness in his eyes. However, nobody knew whether his sadness was sincere. After that, he clapped his hands and called for his servants.”

“Bring them out!”

A few servants of the Yun family stepped into the hall with two huge wooden cases. They put the cases on the ground and a clashing sound of metal was heard from the cases. 

The Mu elders looked at the cases in confusion. With a wave of his hand, Yun Hai ordered two of his servants to open the cases. A golden light shone out from it.

These two huge wooden cases were full of shining gold coins!

“That’s a lot of gold coins…”

“That’s a lot of gold coins… I think there’s more than 200,000 gold coins!”

All the elders were shocked, and they showed a trace of greediness when they saw the gold. 

Gold coins were the currency used in this continent. 10 bronze coins were equivalent to one silver coin, and 10 silver coins were equivalent to one gold coin. 

The daily income of an ordinary man was only one silver coin.

There were no less than 200,000 gold coins inside these two wooden cases. It was even enough to buy an upper-class book of cultivation methods.

“Brother Yun, what do you mean by this?”

Mu Chen frowned and asked.

“There are 200,000 gold coins inside these two cases. I’m aware of the current situation faced by the Mu family and we’ve always maintained a good friendship over the years. Consider these two cases of gold coins as my gift for your family.”

Yun Hai said with a smile. Upon hearing his words, the Mu elders were very pleased. 

“The Yun family is so kind-hearted.”

“Yeah, our family is so blessed to have such a friend.”


The Mu elders started giving their compliments but their eyes were transfixed on the gold coins. 

“Brother Yun, I-I can’t accept your gift.”

Mu Chen was very grateful but he waved his hands. However, Yun Hai said: “Aiya, just take it. We’re best brothers after all. There’s no need for you to be so polite.”

After a series of declinations and persuasions, Mu Chen finally accepted the gift. He didn’t want to be in debt, but judging by their current situation, they needed the money.

200,000 gold coins was not a small amount. This amount of money could pay for the family’s expenditure for six months.

“Actually, there’s another reason why I’m here, Brother Mu.”

After Mu Feng accepted his gift, Yun Hai said awkwardly. 

“I’m all ears, Brother Yun.”

After accepting the gift, Mu Chen agreed to hear him out without further hesitation.

“I was wondering, can we postpone Wan Er and Mu Feng’s wedding? Or should I say, let’s cancel their marriage.”


Upon hearing his words, Mu Chen had a gloomy expression. He said: “Brother Yun, what do you mean by cancelling their marriage?”

Yun Hai smiled bitterly and said: “To be honest with you, a few days ago, the lord of Shang Guan came to our family and asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage. He came on behalf of his son, Shang Guan Qianzhi. Brother Mu, as you know, the Shang Guan family is the king’s favourite and they are supported by our prince, Nan Hao. It’s hard for me to refuse their proposal.”

“Hmph! That’s none of our business! Brother Yun, you shouldn’t forget that it was you yourself and my second brother who arranged this marriage! Now, my brother is dead. Feng Er grew up without a mother and now he’s all alone. Besides, you know that both of them are truly in love! How would you expect me to face Feng Er and my second brother?!”

Mu Chen stood up and said angrily. 

“Brother Mu, I admit that their marriage was arranged by me, but during that time, your brother and I only agreed verbally and there wasn’t any sort of certification. If you think that the price isn’t high enough, I’m willing to give you another 100,000 gold coins.”

Yun Hai stood up too and expressed a trace of anger.

They glared at each other and the atmosphere around them was quite intense. A flaming red energy swirled inside Mu Chen’s body and a powerful Energy Force started spreading.

It was the Energy Force emitted by a Yuan Dan level cultivator! (EN: Energy force is sort of like a force field that is formed by the fluctuation of energy that a cultivator releases when they circulate their energy.)

Meanwhile, a blue energy swirled inside Yun Hai’s body, and his Energy Force was not weaker than that of Mu Chen’s. The two forces collided in the hall, causing the tables to shake continuously.  

Seeing this, the Mu elders rose from their seats and tried to calm them down.

At this moment, a young man dressed in black robes walked slowly into the hall with a resolute expression. He emitted an aura of iron and blood while he walked.

It was Mu Feng.

“Big uncle, Uncle Yun.”

Mu Feng bowed politely to them. When they saw him, both of them stopped using their Vitality immediately.

“Feng Er, you heard….”

Mu Chen looked at the young man with a complex expression while Yun Hai sat down.

“Big uncle, I heard everything.”

Mu Feng said with a resolute expression. Although he managed to control his emotions, a trace of anger flashed across his eyes. 

“Since you’ve heard what I said, then I won’t say anything more. I assume that you are aware of your current situation and the situation that your family is currently facing. If Wan Er was to be married into your family, I’m sure that she wouldn’t be happy. I hope that you’ll think about her future.”

Yun Hai looked at Mu Feng and said with a trace of pity.

He was once a Wudo genius, why is he now a cripple?

If Mu Feng’s Meta-pulses weren’t damaged and he was still a Wudo genius, Yun Hai wouldn’t call of the engagement even if the Mu family was in a pinch. 

A family would become powerful if their heir was powerful. However, Mu Feng was no longer one of the powerful ones. Due to the current state of the Mu family plus the actions taken by the Shang Guan family, Yun Hai had no choice but to cancel the marriage.

“Shut up!”

Mu Chen shouted angrily at Yun Hai. He didn’t want anybody to rub salt on his nephew’s wound anymore.

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