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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 6 - Zenith Novels

The Almighty Asura – Chapter 6

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 6: The Awakening Asura

“Big uncle!”

Mu Feng shook his head, looked at Yun Hai, and said: “Uncle Yun, what you said is true. With my current state of Wudo cultivation, I’m nothing but a cripple. However, life has its ups and downs. I don’t believe that I, Mu Feng, will stay a cripple forever. I will not say anything more, but will prove my words with actions instead. My future may look bleak but I will hold onto my dreams!”

Mu Feng looked at Yun Hai. The trace of decadence in his eyes had vanished and was replaced with an unwavering faith and determination.

He, Mu Feng, joined the army as a young boy and slept among a pile of dead bodies while his peers slept in the comfort of their parent’s arms. Of course, he wouldn’t be defeated that easily!

His father once told him that a true warrior was one who dared to face a tough life.

Yun Hai looked at the young man. He admired his spirit, but let out a deep sigh. Honestly speaking, among all the young men in this kingdom, he admired Mu Feng the most. Mu Feng was born in an upper-class family but he was not bossy or arrogant at all. Yun Hai could see that he possessed many good qualities.

However, he must face the reality that there wasn’t a future for a cripple.

“I agree to cancel our marriage because I love Wan Er and I’m aware of our family’s current situation. However, you must promise me something.”

Mu Feng’s decision to cancel the marriage shocked Mu Chen and Yun Hai.

However, nobody knew that his heart was dripping with blood when he said those words.

“Okay. I will promise you if it’s within my control.”

Yun Hai sighed.

“I agree to cancel the marriage, but you cannot marry Wan Er to Shang Guan Qianzhi. I’m sure that you’re aware of what kind of man he is and how many girls he had played with. It’s clear how would Wan Er be treated if she’s married into the Shang Guan family. If you ever marry Wan Er to Shang Guan Qianzhi and I found out that she had been suffering, I vow to kill him and will…”


Mu Feng emphasized the last few letters on purpose, causing everybody to be silent. His words were full of determination.

Although he was only a 15 years old crippled young man, his words were respected by everybody, including the elders.

Yun Hai squinted his eyes and stared at Mu Feng for a while. Finally, he nodded and said: “Okay, I promise you, but I can only delay the marriage for two years. Within these two years, I forbid you to have any interactions with Wan Er at all, so that she can forget all about you!”

He delayed the marriage because of the pressure received from the Shang Guan family. However, the Yun family was also a famous Wudo family, so the Shang Guan family had to retain a mutual relationship with them as well.

The most important reason was that Yun Hai didn’t want his own daughter to be involved in the Mu family matters.

Mu Feng was clearly aware of the reason as well. Although he was devastated to do so, he still agreed to call off their engagement. 

Why? There was no other reason than his love for Wan Er. He cared for her deeply and would never let her suffer. 

He once asked his father what responsibility meant.

His father thought about it for a while, patted his shoulder, and said: “This is responsibility. Responsibility means to shoulder all the burdens that you have by yourself.” 

“Two years…”

Mu Feng clenched his fists and nodded. After that, Yun Hai stood up, clasped hands and said: “If that’s the case, I will take my leave now, Brother Mu.”

“Hmph, I won’t see you out.”

Mu Feng waved his hand and sneered coldly.

Yun Hai wasn’t angry and walked straight out. He stopped briefly beside Mu Feng and said: “A true man stands strong.”

Mu Feng bowed, clasped hands, and said: “I am never weak.”

Yun Hai said nothing more and left the hall. 

Mu Feng stared at his back and clenched his fists so tightly that his nails dug into his flesh. He bit his lip.

“I’m sorry, Wan Er…”

The human world was as turbulent as a battle. The people living in it would either suffer mentally or physically. The world was changing constantly and the crippled were doomed to say farewell to their beloved.

“Feng Er, you…”

Mu Chen shot a worried look at his nephew.

“Big uncle, I’m fine.”

Mu Feng shook his head, bowed down to Mu Chen, and walked out slowly. His receding figure looked so sad and lonely. 

“Haha, these are a lot of gold coins! This will definitely ease our financial burden for a while.”

The others only focused on the gold coins.

Mu Feng looked at them and sneered coldly: “Where is your conscience! Do you know that this gold represents Feng Er’s broken heart? If my second brother sacrificed his life for this depraved country and greedy people, his sacrifice would be in vain. You all are grown-ups, but your actions are no better than a mere child’s! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Mu Chen shouted furiously. Upon hearing his words, their faces turned red and they were speechless. Mu Chen left the hall soon after that. 

Meanwhile, Mu Ye stared at Mu Chen’s back and was drowned in his own thoughts. 

Mu Feng returned to his own courtyard that was very beautifully designed. Mu Feng stared at the two rows of words that were carved on the trunk of a big tree with purple and gold flowers. 

The leaf will go anywhere the breeze blows.


Mu Feng punched heavily at the tree trunk and blood started to drip from his fists.

“Wan Er……”

His eyes were full of pain. He was forced to leave his lover. This kind of pain was excruciating for him as he loved her deeply. 


He yelled at the sky and his eyes turned red. He then sat cross-legged on the ground, placed his hands on his knees and began to meditate.  

“Two years, two years! I do not believe that I’m bound to be a cripple forever.”

Mu Feng started practicing his family’s cultivation method insanely, the Iron Blood Chant. 

This chant was an upper-ranked Huang-class cultivation method that was passed on within the Mu family for generations.

Cultivation methods and Wudo Forms had five recognized classes, namely Sky, Earth, Xuan, Huang and Ordinary.

The highest level was the Sky level and the lowest level was the Ordinary level. Each level was further divided into three sub-ranks, namely upper, middle, and lower.

The Iron Blood Chant was a precious cultivation method as upper – rank Huang-class cultivation methods were very difficult to obtain for ordinary people.

A stream of white-colored Qi of Heaven and Earth entered Mu Feng’s body, and when the Qi entered his damaged Meta-pulses, he felt a wave of pain throughout his entire body.

The pain was so intense until Mu Feng turned pale and beads of cold sweat started to drip down from his forehead. However, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain. He kept on absorbing the Qi of Heaven and Earth and channeled it into his damaged Meta-pulses. However, the Qi was dispersed within his Meta-pulses before it was cultivated into Vitality.

Meta-pulses were like pipes and the Qi of Heaven and Earth was like water, and how could water be channeled if the pipes were damaged? 


Mu Feng’s cultivation failed and he spat out a mouthful of blood. 

“I don’t believe this, I don’t believe this…One more time, I’ll have to try it once more!”

Mu Feng yelled and started to cultivate again, but the outcome was the same. He spat out another mouthful of blood.

After vomiting so much blood, Mu Feng passed out as he was already quite weak.

All of a sudden, a sanguine energy from the jade pendant in his heart started to channel into his damaged Meta-pulses.

Surprisingly, his first Meta-pulse started to heal under the nourishment of this energy. In addition, the color of the recovered Meta-pulse wasn’t the normal white color, but sanguine instead. The newly recovered Meta-pulse was strong, elastic, and 10 times more powerful than an ordinary Meta-pulse!

At this time, a voice rang out in Mu Feng’s unconscious mind and a message was passed on to him.

The fallen shall rise, all spirits in the universe shall be cultivated by blood. All hail the sacred book of the almighty Asura!

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