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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 7 - Zenith Novels

The Almighty Asura – Chapter 7

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 7: The Cultivation Method of Killing

Mu Feng was now in a strange world.

The sky was blood-red and the vast land below it was deserted. Far above the ground, two opposing armies were locked in an intense mid-air battle.

Just like the heavenly warrior gods, they were able to fly. Their Sword Qi was able to travel a distance of more than three kilometers and the earth shook when their swords clashed.

Among the two opposing sides, one army had troops with pairs of white-colored wings on their backs, and all of them looked handsome and pretty. Their bodies even emitted a holy white light.

The troops on the other side had pairs of sanguine wings on their backs, and their hair and eyes were sanguine as well. Fangs protruded from their mouths and their bodies emitted a sanguine light. 

Both armies were fighting viciously without giving a damn about anything else that was happening in the world.

A woman with unrivaled beauty dressed in sanguine armor with a pair of sanguine wings on her back was moving about in the battlefield. 

Her long red hair fluttered in the wind and she had a pair of limpid black eyes. Her skin was white as snow and her facial features were exquisite, as though they had been meticulously carved by a sculptor. She was wielding a sanguine sword, and one strike of her sword could kill hundreds of enemies.

Her fighting was noticed by a powerful enemy from the opposing side. A man covered in white flames suddenly attacked her and both of them started a vicious fight that tore open the sky, revealing a black void of emptiness.

In the end, the woman didn’t manage to withstand a strike from her opponent. The man gave her a slap and she vanished into the void.

Mu Feng wanted to see what happened next, but he felt a sharp pain in his head. The images faded away and were replaced by a series of messages.

The sacred book of the Almighty Asura! Kill to prove your innocence by cultivating the Qi of Heaven and Earth! The Blood Qi of all living things and blood from the battlefields will be your source of energy! Reach the peak of cultivation with blood! A swing of the sword could destroy the whole universe and a single thought could subject all living things to your rule…  

A wave of memories rushed into Mu Feng’s mind, leaving him in astonishment.

He sat down cross-legged and tried to recollect the fragments of memories. After quite some time, he managed to recollect a fragment that made him overjoyed.  

This memory fragment was about healing and it included a method of how one could restore their Meta-pulses by cultivating Blood Qi.

However, the restored Meta-pulses were not known as Meta-pulses, but were known as Xue Ling pulses instead. This type of pulse was multiple times more powerful and elastic than normal Meta-pulses. They could also transport Qi much faster.

“Why did these memories exist in my mind? What is the sacred book of the Almighty Asura? Does the battlefield really exist in that deserted world? Are there really such powerful forces? Who was that woman?”

Mu Feng muttered to himself. What he had just seen was full of mysteries, but it felt so real at the same time.

Mu Feng was drowned in his own thoughts. After a while, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He started to concentrate and focused his thoughts on the Meta-pulses inside his body.

Tong Mai level cultivators were not able to look into their bodies. However, he was previously a Zi Fu level cultivator. Although his cultivation had went down the drain, he was still able to look inside his body as long as he maintained his concentration. 

Soon, he was able to locate his twelve damaged Meta-pulses. To his surprise, he found out that three of his Meta-pulses were fully recovered and were sanguine in color. He also noticed that a stream of pure-white Vitality was flowing smoothly in the Meta-pulses without any obstructions. The Vitality was very pure and was incomparable to the Vitality obtained by cultivating his family’s Iron Blood Chant. 

This meant that he had reached Tong Mai Third Sky!

“Restored! My Meta-pulses have actually been restored!”

Mu Feng stood up immediately and was thrilled. He was like a man who finally saw a ray of light and a beam of hope after being in the darkness for a long time.

“Hahaha…I knew it! I knew that there was hope! I can now seek revenge and be qualified to marry Wan Er! Father, look at me now. Heaven hasn’t abandoned Mu Feng!”

Mu Feng laughed out loud. After all, he was still a teenage boy. He couldn’t possibly hide his happiness after going through so many ups and downs in life.

Mu Feng then took a deep breath and channeled the Vitality in his Meta-pulses towards his fist, which then emitted a pale white light.

“Tong Mai Punch!”

Mu Feng punched at the thick trunk of the pear tree that was in the center of his courtyard.


A loud bang resounded and a deep dent was formed on the tree trunk, shaking the tree and causing leaves to fall off. 

Mu Feng was astonished by the power of his punch.

In the Tong Mai level, whenever another Meta-pulse was opened, one’s strength would be increased significantly. One opened Meta-pulse meant about 100 kilograms of strength.

Currently, he had opened three Meta-pulses, so he should have an explosive force of 300 kilograms.

However, to his surprise, the strength of his punch was not weaker than that of a Tong Mai Fifth Sky cultivator. It might even be as strong as that of a Tong Mai Sixth Sky cultivator!

“What a pure form of Vitality! If even the lowest-ranked Tong Mai Punch could unleash such power, just how powerful would it be if I used a higher-ranked Wudo Form?”

Mu Feng muttered to himself in confusion and excitement. However, he soon figured out the reason. The Vitality in him now was multiple times more pure that what he had cultivated before. In addition, the area and volume of his Meta-pulses were also multiple times larger than those of a normal person, so his explosive force should be much stronger than the others.

The sacred book of Asura, I wonder what class it belongs to? Don’t tell me it’s a Xuan-class cultivation method?!

Mu Feng thought to himself. His family’s highest class chant, the Iron Blood Chant, was only a Huang-class cultivation method, but it was already considered very powerful.

A chant that was a higher class than the Iron Blood Chant would be Xuan-class. As for Earth-class or Sky-class cultivation methods, those were beyond his imagination. One couldn’t obtain those kinds of cultivation methods even though you managed to sell off the whole Nan Ling kingdom.

“However, come to think of it, this cultivation method is quite bloody. If I want to heal my Meta-pulses, I’ll have to absorb Blood Qi to provide the required nourishment. It’s such a pity that I’m no longer fighting in battles, or else I would have restored all 12 of my Meta-pulses and regained my cultivation in less than a year. Could it be that this cultivation method is actually some sort of black magic?”

Mu Feng frowned, as he had never heard of a cultivation method that could cultivate Vitality by absorbing the Blood Qi of living things.

“Whatever! As long as it can help me regain my cultivation and avenge my family, I will practice it whether it’s evil or not. Besides, there are no good or evil in cultivation methods, there are only good or evil people.”

Mu Feng smiled and stopped thinking about it. Although he was only 15 years old, he had killed more than hundreds in battle. For him, he didn’t reject the thought of killing as long as he wasn’t killing the innocent.

Mu Feng looked up at the sky. The autumn sun was as red as blood and shone brightly on his handsome face.

The young man looked into the distance, punched out, and did a thumbs up. A cheerful smile appeared on his face and he said: “Father, please rest in peace. Feng Er will never be defeated, nor will the Mu family. There are no cripples in the Mu family and we will never give up easily!”

The appearance of the sacred book of Asura was like a ray of hope that shone into his heart. From now on, he would not live in decadence anymore.

Mu Feng turned and walked towards his room. He had been practicing in the courtyard all this while.


However, just as he was about to do so, the courtyard door opened and a few uninvited guests stepped in. 

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