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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 8 - Zenith Novels

The Almighty Asura – Chapter 8

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 8: The One who Humiliates My Parents Must Die

The door swung open and four muscular men stepped into the courtyard.

Mu Feng frowned and shouted at them: “What are you guys trying to do? Who gave you the permission to enter my courtyard?!”

“Little Lord Feng.”

Among the four men, the muscular man who was 1.9 meters tall clasped his hands towards Mu Feng and said: “We were ordered by Little Lord Qing to move some stuff away.”

“Stuff? What kind of stuff?”

“Your belongings, of course. Little Lord Qing said that this Dan Xin Ya courtyard is for the most talented disciple of the Mu family to live in, and not for some cripple. Little Lord Qing will be moving into this courtyard tomorrow. As for you, Little Lord Qing had already made arrangements for you to live in the East Side guesthouse.”

The man said with an evil grin.

Upon hearing that, Mu Feng squinted his eyes.

The person he referred to was Mu Qing, the son of his third uncle. He was two years older than Mu Feng and had reached Zi Fu First Sky. They had not seen eye to eye since childhood.

Perhaps it was because of the level of seniority within the family, as Mu Feng’s father, Mu Tian, held more authority than Mu Qing’s father, Mu Ye. In addition, Mu Feng had been more talented than Mu Qing in Wudo cultivation since they were young.

This Dan Xin Ya courtyard that he lived in was much better than the courtyards that the other Mu family members lived in. It had four rooms: a dining room, a study room, a bedroom, and a cultivation room. It also had a front yard and a backyard.

However, Mu Feng joined the army at a young age, so he usually didn’t stay here. Hence, he did not have any servants in his courtyard. 

The East Side guesthouse was just a normal room that was incomparable to this Dan Xin Ya courtyard.

Now, with Mu Tian dead and Mu Feng being a cripple, Mu Qing couldn’t wait to bring him more misfortune. As the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours.” 

“Move his stuff away, now!”

The muscular man ignored Mu Feng and ordered the others to start taking away his belongings. 

“Stop it this instant!”

Mu Feng shouted angrily. He stepped forward and grabbed hold of the servant’s hand. He then raised his hand and gave the servant a tight slap.

“How dare you move my belongings! Mu Qing, who does he think he is?”

Mu Feng said coldly. The slap was so powerful that the servant’s tooth was knocked out. He spat out a mouthful of blood and one side of his face swelled up.

Being provoked by Mu Feng, the servant said coldly: “Little Lord Feng, I respected you because you are the little lord. Now, I have not respect for you because you are just a f*cking cripple without parents! You better have a sense of shame! Continue to move away his belongings!”

The servant gave the order again and the other three servants continued to take his belongings away. 

Meanwhile, there was a murderous intent in Mu Feng’s eyes. His eyes gleamed with a sanguine light.

The servant sneered coldly and walked passed him. All of a sudden, Mu Feng made an abrupt move and kicked him in the chest, causing the servant to fall back a few steps.

Mu Feng dashed forward like an arrow and pointed his fingers like a sword. A pure stream of Vitality concentrated at his fingers as he stabbed the servant’s throat.


The servant grabbed hold of Mu Feng’s hand and stared at him in disbelief. Blood gushed out from the hole in his throat. He never thought that Mu Feng would suddenly kill him.

The other three servants were stunned when they saw the scene. They dropped the stuff and looked at Mu Feng in horror.

Mu Feng clasped his hands firmly around the man’s neck while the blood kept dripping down along his arm. He stared at the man with red eyes.

“Did you know that you didn’t have to die today? However, what I hate the most are people who humiliate my parents. That’s why you must die today!”

Mu Feng whispered coldly in the servant’s ear. He broke the servant’s neck with a tight grasp of his hand. 

There were two wounds in Mu Feng’s heart, and one was because of his mother. He had never seen his mother before. Nobody knew how jealous he was when he saw other kids acting childishly in their mother’s embrace.

When he was small, he often asked his father: “Father, why don’t I have a mother like everybody else?”

Each time Mu Feng asked this question, his father would remain silent and start drinking. He would give a light pat on his Mu Feng’s head without saying anything. When Mu Feng grew older, he could see the sadness inside his father’s eyes so he stopped asking the question.

Since Mu Tian was always in the army and Mu Feng didn’t have a mother, Mu Tian was afraid that Mu Feng lacked parental love, so he always brought Mu Feng along with him into battle. They would spend most of their time in the army and only about two months a year in the Mu family.  

If his mother was Mu Feng’s old wound, then his father’s death was his new wound. What the servant said tore opened both of his wounds, so it was natural that Mu Feng wanted to kill him.


Mu Feng threw the servant’s body on the ground, shook off the blood from his hands, and looked at the other three servants.

The three servants were terrified. Mu Feng looked at them with a murderous intent in his eyes and his death stare was so cold that it did not seem to belong to a 15-year-old boy.

This was the boy of iron and blood who killed thousands in countless battles: Mu Feng!

“Little Lord Feng, please spare our lives, please have mercy on us!”

The other three servants exchanged a glance, knelt in front of Mu Feng, and started to beg for their lives.

In actuality, they were Wudo cultivators who had reached Tong Mai Sixth Sky or Seventh Sky. However, they were terrified by Mu Feng’s murderous intent as they had never killed a person before.

“Get lost! Tell Mu Qing to save his stupid tricks!”

Mu Feng said coldly. The three servants stood up immediately and ran out of the yard. They carried the corpse and were about to leave the courtyard.

A thought flashed through Mu Feng’s mind and he shouted: “Wait!”

The three servants stopped instantly.

“Leave the corpse.”

Mu Feng said calmly. The three servants looked at each other in confusion.

Don’t tell me that Little Lord Feng is not done with the corpse?

The three of them shivered at the thought. They then dropped the body and swiftly ran out of the courtyard. 

Mu Feng closed the door and dragged the body into the cultivation room, leaving a long, bloody trail on the ground. 

He closed the stone door of the cultivation room. The room was built from hard rocks. Even a Ning Gang level cultivator couldn’t break into this room.

The room was simply furnished, with a set of a table and chairs, a sandalwood censer, and a rush seat cushion. (EN: A censer is a container in which incense is burned, and a rush seat is a type of seat woven from some type of plant fiber.)

However, the furniture was stained by the blood from the corpse. 

Mu Feng sat on the rush seat cushion, closed his eyes, and adjusted his breathing pace. After he gained inner peace, he placed his hand on the corpse and started cultivating according to the Blood Qi cultivation method stated in the sacred book of Asura. 

A gush of Qi channeled from his palm into the corpse, causing the blood in the corpse to boil. The blood then evaporated into a stream of sanguine Qi. 

The sanguine Qi then poured into Mu Feng’s body, entered his sanguine Meta-pulses, and channeled towards his fourth damaged Meta-pulse.

The fourth Meta-pulse started to heal under the nourishment of the Blood Qi! 

After a while, the corpse was mummified, leaving a white-colored shirt that covered the bones. It looked terrifying. Even the blood stains on the ground disappeared!

Mu Feng blew out a long stream of white smoke and his eyes sparkled in excitement.

One-third of his fourth Meta-pulse was recovered.

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