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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 9 - Zenith Novels

The Almighty Asura – Chapter 9

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Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 9:  Mu Qing

There was a type of energy in the blood of humans, cultivators, and animals. The energy in the blood of cultivators was the strongest.

Humans and animals had a type of blood that was known as a Blood Seed. Blood Seeds were the essence of blood, and they contained a huge source of energy.

The body of an ordinary person only contained one or two Blood Seeds. The stronger the cultivation of a cultivator, the higher the number of Blood Seeds in their body. Losing a large number of Blood Seeds would cause some health issues, or even death.

The sacred book of Asura was able to cultivate these Blood Seeds into Blood Qi, which can then be cultivated into Vitality to increase one’s strength.

Mu Feng stood up and dragged the mummified corpse to his backyard. He poured some oil onto the corpse and set it ablaze. A few moments later, the corpse turned into a pile of black ashes and was absorbed into the soil as fertilizers for the trees.

This was a dog-eat-dog world. Mu Feng didn’t think that his method was cruel, because in order to survive in this cruel world and to continue his cultivation journey, fighting and killing others was inevitable.

If there was a day where he himself was one of the corpses, he would bear no regrets because this was the path that he had chosen.

In a courtyard that was slightly inferior to Mu Feng’s, a boy dressed in blue robes with a golden belt around his waist was feeding his goldfish.

The boy was about 18 years old and had a handsome face with sharp features. However, his eyes gleamed with a trace of coldness. 

He was Mu Qing, the son of Mu Ye and Mu Feng’s elder cousin. 

The three servants who escaped from Mu Feng’s courtyard minutes ago were now kneeling beside Mu Qing and describing what had happened.

“No matter what, that servant was a Tong Mai Seventh Sky cultivator. But you’re telling me that he was killed by Mu Feng, who is now a cripple? He really is a piece of trash after all.”

“Come to think of it, that brat just lost his father and his cultivation went down the drain. How could he still behave as such? It seems that he’s still not aware of his current situation. Don’t tell me that he still thinks that he’s a Wudo genius like he was before?”

Mu Qing had a solemn look on his face.

“Exactly, Little Lord Qing. Little Lord Feng had never respected you! He killed that servant to belittle you!”

A servant said angrily. 

“Hmph! Who does he think he is to belittle me? If it wasn’t for big uncle, I would have kicked him out of the Mu family myself. You three, come with me. I can’t wait to meet my cousin in person.”

Mu Qing poured all of the fish food into the pool and walked towards Mu Feng’s courtyard with his three servants. 

Meanwhile, another young man stepped into Mu Feng’s courtyard. He was strong, muscular, and dressed in black robes. His hair was short and spiky like needles. 

His name was Mu Kuang. He was bad-tempered, and his cultivation was quite powerful too. He had a level seven Yuan Gu and was the same age as Mu Feng. He respected Mu Feng the most as he knew that Mu Feng joined the Mu army at a young age. At his age, he had already reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky and was a well-known, talented boy among the younger generation of the Mu family.

“Brother Feng, are you feeling better now?”

Mu Kuang sat down across Mu Feng and asked, full of concern.

Mu Feng smiled lightly and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t die. It’s just my Meta-pulses, haih…”

“Don’t worry about that, Brother Feng. The Lord and the others are finding a cure, so I’m sure that your Meta-pulses will be healed one day.”

Mu Kuang tried to console him, even though he was not good at consoling people. 

“Mu Feng!”

At this moment, they heard a shout from outside.

Mu Qing and his servants walked directly into the courtyard while Mu Feng and Mu Kuang stood up instantly.

“Mu Qing, why are you here?”

Mu Kuang stared at Mu Qing and sneered coldly. 

“How dare you call me by my name! Who do you think you are? You’re nothing but a branch family member.”

Mu Qing said coldly. Mu Kuang did not belong to the main family, but only a collateral branch. Therefore, his seniority within the Mu family was lower than that of Mu Feng and Mu Qing who were main family members.


Mu Kuang was furious.

However, Mu Feng grabbed him by the arm and gave him a light pat. He then looked at Mu Qing and said: “Cut the crap. What brings you here? Don’t tell me that you want this courtyard so desperately?”

“Hmph, the courtyard issue is only a small matter. Mu Feng, you killed one of my servants. What is your problem?!”

Mu Qing said coldly. He dropped the courtyard issue.

“Like you said, he was just a servant, whereas I’m the little lord of this family. If a servant disobeys, then I, as his master, have the right to take his life. I was just teaching him the rules. Besides, I did it to warn the others not to play any dirty tricks behind my back!”

Mu Feng looked at Mu Qing and said coldly.

“Haha, alright then. I heard that all your Meta-pulses are damaged and that your cultivation has gone down the drain, but I, Mu Qing, never believed in rumours. It has been a long time since we had a friendly match, what do you say we have one now? I would love to learn from my cousin.”

Mu Qing grinned widely and said coldly.

All of a sudden, Mu Qing took a step forward and a gush of white-colored Qi burst out from under his foot. The dry leaves in the courtyard swirled about and he punched towards Mu Feng

A red-colored energy swirled around his fist and his punch was very powerful.

Mu Feng looked at him solemnly. He took two steps back and prepared to dodge the punch as he knew that he was no match for Mu Qing in his current condition. 

“You despicable man!”

Mu Kuang shouted angrily and punched forward with a white-colored energy swirling around his fist.


The two punches collided and a loud bang resounded. A shock wave was produced and Mu Kuang stepped back with numb arms. 

On the other hand, Mu Qing appeared calm and stable.

“Haha, Mu Feng, it seems like you can only hide behind branch family members now. I, as one of the main family members, am ashamed of you!”

Mu Qing looked at Mu Feng and sneered coldly.

‘“Damn it! Don’t you dare to disrespect Brother Feng!”

Mu Kuang yelled furiously. He then dashed forward and punched towards Mu Qing.

“Mu Kuang! Come back!”

Mu Feng’s expression changed and shouted to stop him.

However, it was too late. Mu Qing dodged his punch and punched Mu Kuang in the stomach instead. 

Khoff! Khakk!

Mu Kuang spat out a mouthful of blood while Mu Qing continued to kick him in the stomach. 

“Mu Qing! Stop it this instant!”

Seeing that his brother was being beaten up, Mu Feng lost his tolerance and furiously dashed towards Mu Qing. He stepped forward, leapt up to two meters, and prepared to kick down at Mu Qing.

However, Mu Qing pushed Mu Kuang aside, crossed his arms, and blocked the kick. Then, he stood with his legs wide apart and punched towards Mu Feng.


A red-colored punch struck out and hit Mu Feng who was three meters away.


Mu Feng was sent flying three or four meters away.

Mu Qing then walked towards Mu Feng, but Mu Kuang crawled over and firmly grabbed hold of one of his legs.


“Brother Feng, leave now! Go and find the lord!”

Mu Kuang shouted loudly. Mu Qing stepped heavily on his head, causing Mu Kuang’s head to hit the ground with a loud bang. Blood started dripping out from his nose and mouth. 

Even so, he held onto Mu Qing’s leg and did not let go. Mu Qing then started thrashing him violently.

“Mu Qing, be prepared to face your death!”

Upon seeing this, a trace of sanguine light flashed across Mu Feng’s eyes, followed by a murderous intent.


Suddenly, a shout came from afar, followed by a whip that cracked through the air, striking towards Mu Qing.

The whip hit Mu Qing, leaving a long bloody gash. Mu Qing was unable to dodge the attack as his legs were grabbed by Mu Kuang. He fell to the ground and howled in pain. 

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