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The Crimson Dragon - Chapter 2 - Zenith Novels

The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 2

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Translated by: SaltyTank

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439


Second Chapter of the opening suite! 😛 This novel relies pretty heavily on DnD terminology, so we had to do some research -_-”




Chapter 2


 Claudius honestly didn’t want an Ancient Roman name; it sounded extremely chuuni. The unstoppable flow of information just now was actually the inheritance ceremony of the Dragon tribe, and he confirmed that he had truly transformed into a dragon in another world. The knowledge burnt into his brain just now was of a specific species, the Crimson Dragon. The true dragons here could understand the dragon language the moment they were born, along with sufficient knowledge to maintain daily life. As the dragons grew up, they awakened to all sorts of abilities and magic. These were all benefits from the inheritance ceremony of the Crimson Dragon. The moment a dragon egg is laid, their parents’ respective knowledge would be fused and inserted into the egg as a magic circle. When the eggs were about to be hatched, the knowledge would be implanted directly into the brain of the dragon whelps. However, some would not be able to handle such a massive flow of knowledge and die as a result, while some could not seal the knowledge they were unable to absorb into their brains, ending up as retards. These weaklings were all removed from the scene through natural selection, which showed no mercy to the weak.


 Luckily, the Earthling belonged to those who managed to live through the challenge successfully. Due to the special nature of Earthling spirits, he even managed to absorb half of the knowledge while sealing the rest into his brain, which meant that there was no knowledge loss. Compared to normal dragons which could usually only inherit one sixth of the knowledge, Claudius was much more knowledgeable, but that was probably the only advantage brought by being an Earthling…… or perhaps not? Along with the flow of knowledge, the true Dragon name given by their parents was also implanted into the brains of the whelps, but Claudius was special. Originally, his parents did not give him the name Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, but he hated his original name so much that he filled in a random name in the short moment that his true Dragon name was formed. If he was a moment late, he would probably die a horrifying death, with his head exploding. As a result, our main character was now named Claudius, which was nothing close to his original name given by his dragon parents.


 With his mind fully under his control, Claudius felt that this small world could no longer contain him, hence he struggled. Honestly there wasn’t much of a choice, as the oxygen in the egg was insufficient and he was suffocating. With a strong kick and a tackle using his hard and pointy nose, small cracks finally appeared on the shell. While Claudius felt excited, he also realized that oxygen levels had reached a critical level, probably barely enough for him to kick once or twice more. “This cannot go on forever!” This crimson dragon with the mind of a person released all of his energy in a burst, and fresh air gushed in all at once. The hot air filled with sulphur could totally kill a person, but this atmosphere is extremely comfortable for a crimson dragon.


 After a few breaths of the pleasant air, Claudius began expanding the hole on the egg. A short while later, a red dragon whelp with the size of a foal fell and rolled out of the broken egg, covered in gooey liquid. This fellow began spitting the liquid stuck in his mouth while shouting a few ‘Earthly’ swears, and a column of flames of a few ft long (TL Note: 1 ft=0.305m) spewed out of his mouth.


 “Hmm, so a newborn dragon whelp can already spew fire. I’m now pretty confident I can survive in this place,” Claudius muttered, using the dragon language of course.


With sulphur entering his lungs, his respiratory system began to mature rapidly. It became difficult to speak in ‘earthly human’ language as his throat did not allow the necessary movements.


 As new born crimson dragons are usually hungry, they tend to eat their own shell in order to receive nutrients for growth, and Claudius was no exception. Reborn as a crimson dragon, his senses became completely different from humans on Earth. Normally the egg shell would be considered disgusting, yet the tough and rough shell full of sulphur tasted like chips for Claudius. After munching his delicious egg shell, he felt a sense of satisfaction from his stomach. With such a good mood, Claudius began inspecting his surroundings.


“So there are four eggs including mine. It seems that only one of them is glowing though? The other two seem quite static.” Claudius stuck his head onto one of the static eggs, yet he couldn’t hear anything coming from inside.


 The glowing egg showed some movement though. ‘Tok, Tok’ sounds could be heard; the fellow inside the egg was probably working hard to break the egg. Cracks appeared on the egg, and a crimson dragon whelp tumbled out of the egg along with the gooey liquid.


 “This is probably my twin……sister?”


 Claudius was sure that he was a male dragon, and he could tell that the crimson dragon whelp rolling on the ground right now was a female dragon. Perhaps due to their instincts, the two siblings could determine each other’s gender. This dragoness looked smaller than Claudius, having a cute looking nose with a little horn on it, and the pair of horns on her head has yet to show their full length. The baby dragoness shook her head a few times, and looked at Claudius cautiously. In her eyes, this brother of hers was probably a bit weird.


 Claudius’ size and looks were slightly different from the images obtained through the magic circle, and he had a strong pair of hind legs, giving him the ability to walk with his hind legs while maintaining balance with his tail. The pairs of horns on Claudius’ head were also quite different from other crimson dragons, as crimson dragons normally have only a pair of horns. Apart from the two horns pointing backwards, there was also a horn pointing sideways on each side of his head. Sharp little horns also uniformly lined up on his snout like trees along a path, unlike the single pyramidal horn normal crimson dragons have. If not for the tingling sense of being blood related, the young dragoness probably couldn’t recognize this weird dragon as her own brother.


 These doubts could wait, because she had to eat her own egg shell before starving to death. Claudius stared at the young dragoness as she devoured her meal while shooting glances at him. As she finished her first meal, Claudius pointed at himself and spoke in the dragon language, “I’m Claudius! What’s your name?”


 The dragoness proudly raised her head and spoke, “Orfesta!”


 “Such a strange name, I’ll call you Britannia instead.”


 Without getting her consent, Claudius renamed his little sister to Britannia. The young dragoness shook her head, and after a bit of thought she agreed. As Claudius was a name which did not comply with the naming rules of the Crimson Dragon Tribe, and she could guess that it was a false name, hence she didn’t mind getting a new name from her brother. In fact, Orfesta was also a fake name she made up……


 After the two dragon whelps had their first meal, they were hit by an irresistible surge of fatigue. Cuddling against one another, Claudius and Britannia had a nice long dream next to the pool of lava. While they were asleep, the two experienced their first ever growth.

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Probably something important like True names being a power that can be wielded over them. but he has a human soul so likely only his original name would work. Or the dragon true name only while the new name is a secondary true name. Well w/e.


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