The Crimson Dragon- Chapter 35

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Translated by: SaltyTank

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

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Chapter 35


  Claudius didn’t really like or want to fight, thus it was best if things could be resolved peacefully, achieving a win-win situation which everyone would be satisfied with. It was also obvious that Achilles had yet to decide whether or not he would kill the Crimson Dragon, or just banish it from the region. It was an undeniable fact that Claudius killed his friend Gudebar, but there would be considerable casualties among his allies if they went to battle. The kind Bronze Dragon could not bear to see his allies suffering simply for his vengeance.


  Claudius, however, helped Achilles make up his mind. He went straight back to his lair after mocking the two dragons, ignoring them as if they were non-existent. Seeing the arrogant act of the Crimson Dragon, the young Lammasu which had been hiding behind Sleipnir sprung into action. The Lammasus were winged lions with a human face, and they were magical beasts of the good alignment, often saving the weak and suppressed. The Lammasu was friendly with Sleipnir, and was one of the trump cards of Achilles. The Lammasu had the spell Dimension Door, which allowed the Derhii and Udaeus to deploy all at once.


  A door of light appeared behind the Lammasu. Fully armed Udaeus and adventurers who joined the campaign after hearing about the details rushed out of the door. The Udaeus lined up in formation rapidly, forming a small legion. The adventurers numbered around 5 or 6, and they made preparations on the flanks of the Udaeus legion.


  The Derhii also joined the fray through the door. The flying apes began to climb up the air, occupying the high ground. They could not afford to be careless; the enemy was a Crimson Dragon after all. After ending the Dimension Door spell, the Lammasu also flew up high, reflecting sunlight with its golden armour. The luxurious armour attracted the attention of everyone on the battlefield — even Claudius, Achilles and Sleipnir admired the shininess for a split second.


  Claudius, who was on the ground, grinded his teeth in rage.


  “Going to battle straight away? The temper of dragons is as hopeless as ever,” he sighed.


  He casually took a breath and sprayed flames in a fan shape. The red hot flames spread in an arc of 120 degrees with a radius of 40 metres, reaching up to 40 meters into the air. Swaying his neck, the flames covered all 360 degrees of his surroundings, blocking all advancement of enemy forces.


  Claudius was not serious with the attack — he thought the Udaeus and Derhii were merely small fries which did not pose a real threat. To Claudius, it was no more than a farce. Little did he know that he was entirely wrong; they were much more dangerous than their looks. The Udaeus and Derhii all had well-made weapons, and these weapons were even enchanted with some sort of blessing for some reason. Against such weapons, the defensive capabilities of dragon scales were no more than mere leather armour.


  Claudius immediately suffered the backlash of his carelessness. The Udaeus legion spread out while closing on to the Crimson Dragon, avoiding the incoming wide area attack from hitting everyone at once. Holding a spear and shield in each of their hands, the Udaeus marched into battle. They tossed their spears at their target in an orderly manner, which surprised Claudius. It was a prearranged plan to take out the Crimson Dragon when it was unprepared, and it was extremely effective. After blocking several spears, a handful of short spears struck his torso from another angle.


  The blessed weapons easily punctured Claudius’ tough scales, and Claudius roared loudly in pain. The Udaeus were all talented soldiers; the spears dealt much more damage than the previous rangers he encountered. They were an army, unlike the small team of rangers. The cooperation and tactics deployed by the Udaeus were much more advanced than mere adventurers and rangers. Spears poked out of Claudius’ body with blood trickling out of the wound, forming a burning puddle on the ground. In response to the unexpected attacks, Claudius instinctively roared and released his dragon aura in full power.


  At the same time, the vanguard — Achilles — joined the battle against the Crimson Dragon. The Bronze Dragon opened up a path with a lightning bolt; the attack which had comparable power to a Cerulean Dragon struck Claudius like a whip, staggering him. Not wasting the opportunity, Achilles, who was under the protection of Fire Immunity, lunged at Claudius and attacked with his claws and teeth. Claudius did not have outstanding balance in the first place as he walked on two legs; despite his excellent agility, his balance was rather mediocre. Right after regaining his posture, Claudius was immediately struck by the barrage of attacks. His scales were crushed by Achilles’ claws, while his own left claw was bitten by Achilles and was immobilized.


  Claudius had elemental and physical advantage over Achilles, thus he began his retaliation despite suffering from injuries. He attempted to bite the Bronze Dragon with his jaws stuffed with razor sharp teeth, but Achilles managed to dodge the attack by a thin margin. If Claudius actually landed his bite on Achilles’ neck, the Bronze Dragon would most likely die straight away. After missing his attack, Claudius proceeded to release his Ring of Blaze at maximum power, cladding his body in a dim red glow. Without caring about the injury on his claw, Claudius sent a swipe towards Achilles.


  The Udaeus were about to throw their second wave of spears towards Claudius when the Ring of Blaze engulfed them. They swiftly retreated, but the connection points of their armour were melted by the heat, slightly burning their bodies as well. They also experienced difficulty in breathing as their lungs were scorched by the intense heat. The ground dried up and cracked rapidly, and the spears, including the metal spearheads, were all burnt and melted by the high temperature. In order to engage Claudius in close combat, they had to acquire Fire Resistance first.


  The Dehrii also pulled back along with the Udaeus; their fur was even weaker to fire than normal armour. Meanwhile, Achilles was at a disadvantage in the fight with Claudius. The Bronze Dragon was at the stage of a mature adult, and his stats were around the level of a juvenile Crimson Dragon. It would have been around the same level as Claudius if he was a normal Crimson Dragon, but his abilities were way above the counterparts of his age. Claudius’ claw attacks landed on Achilles one after another, tearing the flesh of the Bronze Dragon. From his battle experience, Achilles determined that the bite of Claudius was a fatal attack, thus he desperately dodged the incoming bites despite suffering from injury. Achilles would rather endure the strong hits from Claudius’ wings and claws than being killed by a single bite. For this very reason, Claudius was able to land a ton of attacks on his enemy, shredding the webbing of Achilles’ wings and dying the ground red with blood. Claudius’ body was covered in flames, but the Lightning Breath attack still managed to electrocute his shoulders, charring his scales in the shape of a viper.


  “Soon, this guy will reach his limit. When I manage to land a single bite, this will all be over!” Claudius thought.

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Eshan Tikone

“Going to battle straight away? The temper of dragons is as hopeless as ever,” he sighed.

Oh yeah but you are hopeless you piece of junk. You killed his friend are like okay.

“Soon, this guy will reach his limit. When I manage to land a single bite, this will all be over!” Claudius thought

Nope I hope it goes The other way around and you get badly hurt..

This story is horrible. Author you are a weirdo. Although making the story unique…but such a horrible way(was only left maybe)

Sod Off Ye Wanker

Retard, how would he know they’re friends? Besides, the tree attacked him first, justified self defense

Eshan Tikone

Imma just gonna reply i was bored also gee thx,

Adril Mike

I think you are the weirdo here? How can you think he will know everything?

Eshan Tikone

Imma just gonna reply i was bored also gee thx’

Mikazuki [Innocent Mika]

Oh yeah but you are hopeless you piece of junk. You killed his friend and think it’s that angered me like seriously your parents should have died before your eyes kind of feeling like you should suffer

the tree attacked first mate. and to be honest, it’s quite likely for someone to be arrogant in Claudius’ place.

Nope I hope it goes The other way around and you get hurt…

that’s what’ll most likely happen anyway

This story is horrible. Author you are a weirdo. Although making the story unique…but such a horrible way(was only left maybe)

just keep in mind that someone with the most terrible character has the largest room for growth. not everyone enjoys the same old story. you shouldn’t judge the novel and the author too quickly. this isn’t the usual novel you see anywhere so you shouldn’t expect it to be like one either. it shows a lot of potential in my opinion and that’s one of the reasons I’m still reading it.

Eshan Tikone

Imma just gonna reply i was bored also gee thx


“Don’t tell me it’s something retarded like believing ‘Justice will always be victorious over evil’! Pfft, the definition of ‘righteous’ and ‘evil’ is subjective anyways……”

Nature’s Law dude…. thats not in the human settlement where’s Human Law is working…
you got attacked = fight back or you die….
even from early chapter this is already telling that this MC is “Anti-hero”…

Experience is a best teacher…. so yeah…. he will get badly hurt….

what you says to author is a compliments for him/her…. what needed to the stories to survive in this era is being a “Weird” but “exciting” to read….
horrible way? is like saying the baby who just born a idiot…. this still a early chapter…. even not yet reach 50 chaps… and you already judged it so confidently…. *claps”

Eshan Tikone

Imma just gonna reply i was bored also gee thx

Lucas Claudio

your the weirdo here you retard also dont make it sound like that tree can be talk to peace it clearly despise crimson dragon down to it’s root the moment it open it’s eyes it wanted to kill him so your reasoning is dumb shit stupid

Eshan Tikone

Imma just gonna reply i was bored also gee thx.

Blast King

stop spamming.

P.S don’t even know what your talking about?

Eshan Tikone

Sry about that and sorry to everyone else I was just bored to write a new comment for everyone.
Oh and I deleted what I wrote before cause well I can’t just keep coming here to reply right so then see you guys in the next chapter


damn cliff

Thanks For The Chapter 😀

John Mark

I hope Claudius gets a painful lesson from this. He IS a jerk after all.


Claudius is a unique character that I’m reading about for the first time. Clumsy, ignorant, fool hardy, but still arrogant. I’m looking at a character that has such potential for growth and maturity that makes it interesting. In the end I hope Claudius will continue to learn more from his mistakes, or even find a companion who can teach him.

Free communism

If he wasn´t so damn tough he would have been maimed or killed already


why he not use his Next Breath and White Flame ?

thx for the chapter ^^


Thanks for the chapter!!!!!!!

Awww yeaaah wreck the MC, he needs a lesson! Annoying bastard! Or rather… this writing is giving me a negative view of lots of stuff. Too many things being uselessly reiterated. I kinda feel like it’s all blaaaah!

Oviie Mbem

The MC is just ignorant and stupid, he is always looking down to other then suffer some damage and his sense seem rather dull as well. Typical Immature MC without care, even if the sky collapse he would just keep sleeping.


Hmm.. still don’t like the way the story progressed..
Thank you for the chapter anyway~

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