The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 37

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Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

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Chapter 37


  As Crimson Dragons were True Dragon which belonged to the fire sub-type, they were immune against fire. On the other hand, the effects and damage inflicted by frost attacks were increased, which was why the female warrior decisively casted a spell which belonged to the cold element. In fact, cold elemental magic was one of her fortes.


  Claudius instantly released Achilles from his jaws despite almost being able to puncture his internal organs. After dumping Achilles, Claudius displayed his extraordinary agility by performing phantom-like movements. He zigzagged left and right as if dribbling while pulling back, changing his centre of mass constantly. With a swift turn, Claudius picked up the Bronze Dragon who was lying on the ground as a meat shield.


  Despite performing astounding stunts while dodging, Claudius was still hit by a handful of icicles — the spell relied on line of sight of the caster to home in on the target. One third of the barrage of icicles landed on Claudius’ body, easily breaking his scales apart. Unlike previous wounds, blood did not spurt out; the areas which were struck by the icicles began to freeze and form a white layer, reducing his mobility.


  “Holy shit! There’s a hidden boss?!” Claudius swore. He did not have the time to reflect on his carelessness as the attacker was a real threat.


  “Three freaking dragons! Shit, I got tricked real bad!”


  Claudius immediately recognized the aura of the female warrior after getting hit by her icicles. It was the most distinctive, as well as the most hated dragon aura for Crimson Dragons — the dragon aura of a Silver Dragon. Even Achilles himself did not know that a Silver Dragoness was on his side; the young Silver Dragoness, Elialaz, was in her human form when she overheard Achilles’ ‘righteous plans’. Elialaz lived in human towns and led a casual life, forming parties with adventurers from time to time. After learning of the plans to purge a Crimson Dragon, Elialaz joined the forces of justice along with her party members. The reason was simple — Crimson Dragons were the archenemies of Silver Dragons. This alone was more than enough for the two species to fight as soon as they meet.


  Concealing her dragon aura, Elialaz joined the battle in the form of a tall female warrior with golden hair and porcelain skin. Silver Dragons loved to mingle around in human societies in their human forms, and Elialaz had been living among mankind for a while already, thus she could acquire news and information much quicker and easier than Achilles. Just not long ago, she thought about joining the adventurer squads to the Fire Dragon Bay, which was a bit north from where she was, but did not do so in the end. Before Elialaz could join the war between the elves and the Jade Dragoness, she received intel regarding ‘The Crimson Disaster’, the Crimson Dragon which indiscriminately attacked both sides from the messenger elves and druids.


  The Silver Dragoness learnt of Claudius’ unorthodox appearance and overwhelming power, yet she did not inform Achilles. Perhaps due to arrogance and carelessness, Elialaz thought that the descriptions of the Crimson Dragon were rumours which were exaggerated, thus she did not pay heed much heed to the information. Indeed, the enemy in front of her right now undoubtedly had unparalleled battle prowess of dragons among his age, but everything was still under control. Perhaps Claudius was invincible in close quarter combat and had exceptional flames, but he was lacking in terms of mana and magic. Noticing his weakness, Elialaz was rather confident that she could suppress Claudius with her commonly used spells. In gaming terms, this would be a world dominated by spellcasters and magic. Those who could not use spells and magic were weak despite having superior physique or whatnot.


  As Silver Dragons belonged to the cold subtype, they were the natural nemesis of Crimson Dragons. Furthermore, it could be said that Elialaz one-sidedly trampled the pathetic Claudius in terms of magic ability. It was not Claudius’ fault; even Crimson Dragons that had reached the stage of great wyrm did not have convenient spells or spell-like abilities which could be casted all the time. Although Elialaz was stunned by Claudius’ barbaric fighting style, she still managed to save Achilles by launching the icicles just in time. As a matter of fact, the blessings on the weapons and Fire Immunity granted to the Udaerus and Dehrii were all Elialaz’s deeds.


  “A juvenile dragon, huh……” the Silver Dragoness muttered, “It already has the body size of an adult dragon, not to mention the Ring of Blaze which even some adult Crimson Dragons fail to obtain……. It’s hard to imagine it being one stage younger than myself; a dangerous foe indeed.”


  After getting hit by the icicles, Elialaz determined that Claudius was no longer a threat. As long as she continued to infest the Crimson Dragon with her spell, it was only a matter of time before Claudius would die from the frost. Having earned a bit of time, Elialaz proceeded to chant a healing spell for Achilles before morphing back into her natural form. The Silver Dragoness had an elegant body which was by no means inferior to Claudius in terms of size, but she was not as tall after landing on the ground. Her scales were matte silver in colour and did not reflect light like mirrors.


  The party members along with Sleipnir and Achilles dropped their jaws to the ground in shock after Elialaz transformed into her dragon form. There were extremely surprised by the fact that their companion and ally was actually a Silver Dragoness. Revealing her identity also served another purpose; the morale of the warriors which belonged to the good alignment was boosted to levels which were off the charts — the tables were now turned.


  Claudius also knew he was screwed. Fighting against three True Dragons was simply impossible, even if the Copper Dragon was just a weakling who could do nothing but mock him on the sidelines. He could not even win against the ‘small fries’ in his current condition. After Claudius reflexively spewed fire at his own body to melt the frost on his body, he took in a large, deep breath.


  Agility served its purpose right now; Claudius dashed here and there among the Udaeus, making sharp and unpredictable turns. The Udaeus could only repeatedly dodge as they would be killed if they got hit by the massive body which was five times their own. In a sense, the Udaeus became a temporary shield for Claudius. Elialaz could not cast large area spells right now, and she had to spend a portion of her attention on protecting her allies with spells. This reduced the suppression effect of her spell on Claudius, giving Claudius a chance to retaliate.


  An explosion occurred the next moment. Claudius split his breath attack into two portions, the first one scattering milky vapour throughout the air with the help of his wings, while the second one was a fan-shaped flame breath which ignited the fluid and caused the explosion.


  The Derhii all shrieked in pain as the sticky fluid burned on their skins. Even the tough apes could not bear the pain of having their lungs and trachea scorched, and the Fire Immunity spell was destroyed in an instant. Six of the Derhii dropped dead on the ground immediately. The Udaeus also faced a similar fate; their armour was being burnt along with the exposed areas. If not for Elialaz’s wide area healing spell, severe casualties would have occurred among the righteous forces. But casualties could not be avoided — the human companions of the Silver Dragoness did not have high stats when compared to the others, thus the rogue and archer were roasted dead by the hot air before the healing spell could be cast.
  The smoke and debris blocked the vision of the area, throwing everyone into chaos. Claudius flapped his wings rapidly with his best effort, managing to lift off before the Silver Dragoness could come to her senses. There was only one option right now — get the hell out immediately.

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Eshan Tikone

Interesting…. forgot about what happened. Now that it’s interesting…nah I still don’t like the mc at all. oh well onto the next chapter…oops also thanks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter 😀

John Mark

I don’t like the MC, too bad he can’t die because of plot armor. 🙁


He certainly is quite the character (put in an extremely nice way) in this story, but it gives me some hope for very good character development and growth.

John Mark

He is a chinese character, chinese protagonists are as incurably jerkish as the japanese ones are doormats. Two extremes i find very distasteful. 🙁


Haha true Chinese MC’s are arrogant d***s while Jap MC’s are dense p*****s


The mc juste don’t have a brain, but the story is good so thanks for the chapter and NEED MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE

Ray dark

thanks for the chapter m8

now i am going to rant a bit here

in one hand i want to drop this novel for how much shit ass MC he become >:( on the other hand i want to keep reading hope our MC grow up from this :/
comment image

Tekozuru Jurei

That’s pretty much sums it up for me as well.

At 1st he’s shown to have an advantage from retaining his human thoughts, but that quickly disappears as he merges more with his dragon side, kind of seemed a bit dumb either way though. Then his status screen seems to have gone all but useless with everything blurring into one. Not seeing the point in giving it to him as it stands.

I’m also sick of these so called righteous factions, damn hypocrites. 1st MC showed no desire to fight with these dragons, just pretty much tried to stab him in the back, and that trent he killed tried to kill him first.

As for his indiscriminate attack on both forces in the war. That again so called righteous faction, ignored talks when he wanted the leaf, and attacked first. The dragon side had tricked him due to his lack of knowledge of magic, hardly his fault he doesn’t know but a bit too trusting.

Additionally both sides had previously tried to kill or capture him even though though he didn’t provoke either.

Seriously being passive seems to get him into trouble. Next area, he should just attack first, at least that way he won’t be ganged up on.


For the most part I agree with you, but I have one thing that I feel you are ignoring or forgot.

For one thing, although it was self defense against the Treant it still would make anyone who were close to him (in this case the bronze dragon) very mad and upset. If it were me, even if I know my friend was in the wrong I wouldn’t dare forgive the f*****g bastard who killed my good friend.

Aside from just that, I agree with you 100% on everything else; everyone’s a hypocrite and I can’t wait for the time where Claudius goes to sleep and wakes up even more powerful than before to destroy all of his enemies.

(P.S. It is apparently common sense that no one would dare let a Crimson Dragon roam free since they are considered the incarnation and embodiment of all that is evil and cruel. How would you react when faced with such a creature with no prior warning?).


if only his breath attack hit the silver dragon, she can die 😀

now he is running, if he use white flame from the beginning he can win, to bad he is careless IoI and now must run to save his own arse ahahaha 😀

thx for the chapter ^^


Well our young and foolish dragon has learned another hard lesson in getting his ass kicked. Maybe from now on he’ll think a bit more on mastering his strength rather than thinking he can live the easy life when he’s not even fully grown.

Random Internet User (tm)

Run, Claudius, run!

Thank you kindly for all the hard work.


Thank you

Who cares

Sad thing is that the side nominally good (as in D&D terms) is being evil here. He really did not do anything except be a red dragon and defend himself against someone that attacked him because of that. Then these twits use that act of self defense as a reason that he needs to die.

Cenarous Roberts

well he did kill Achilles friend and then plopped himself in his territory so at least Achilles is in the right. most of the others join because Achilles asked for help. Dragons are very territorial.

Who cares

So your best friend attacks me with intent to kill. I defend myself and end up killing him. Now you are justified in killing me? That is what you are saying.
Because that is what Achilles has been doing, getting a coalition of to kill. Not to drive out the squatter in his territory but to kill because a friend died due to someone defending himself against an attempt to kill him.

Cenarous Roberts

dude they’re dragons not people they don’t follow human laws.

Who cares

Wrong argument. The aggressors in this case are classed as intrinsically good and they attack to kill without hesitation.
The correct argument would have been; They don’t know it was in self defense.
Which is why I’m looking forward to them finding the Myconid colony and trying to guess how that will be twisted to make our MC more evil.

Tom Swift

I have no problem with the MC, sure he’s kinda an idiot, but this is still really fun to read.

Cenarous Roberts

by no offence to you but I think you guys don’t have an understanding of this story. To begin with the crimson dragon is widely known for its destructive nature, who is going to check to see if it is a “nice one” especially with its title as the Crimson Disaster. next stop looking at everything from your own perspective and realize that for a majority of the characters they don’t have the information of whats going on as we get from seeing many perspectives. who would ever see a guy known as the crimson disaster and think oh he must be a peaceful person.

second the factions are not stupid as the mc is an exception to it. normally the crimson dragon would be terrorizing the land it is in. take the leaf example you used. Of course they would attack a crimson dragon is trying to steal their life support for their home. it would be like a man walking to your house and saying i want this home give it to me. you would of course say no, and possibly to f**k off. well they can speak dragon so their way of saying f**k off is to attack him. so all the righteous faction knows is that a dragon came down to steal the leaf (they have no means of communicating with one another) then proceeded to slaughter both sides.

many of the actions are also not just because they are in the righteous faction but because they are direct enemies of the crimson dragon. heck the main reason for this battle is because the crimson dragon killed Achilles friend the treant who may of attack him first but Achilles neither knows nor cares. simply put to him a crimson dragon killed his friend and is now living in his territory. of course he wants to fight, it was the mc who thought the fight was for justice.

finally the mc himself. yes he is arrogant and people are saying he’s fusing with his dragon self but i don’t believe that. lets be honest, as a human if you had the power to wipe out an entire army in a hour or so then how would you not be arrogant of your strength. you all are under the belief that the mc was a character that tried to hide and stay out of conflicts but that’s only half right. he does want to stay out of conflicts but he was hiding because he didn’t have the strength to survive. well after decimating an entire army he would of course get cocky. the mc was never a humble character, he was only cautious as he was weak at that time.

sorry i was trying to answer some of the specific points people made in the comments so some of the things i say may seem weird or poorly written. i just think that many of you are hating the mc because the mc doesn’t know what you know in the story so his actions are clearly different than what you would have done.


I think MC is being judged too harshly. Mind you that he is still considered young for a dragon and has very little experience with “equal” fights. He was mostly at a disadvantage when he was young, and for when he just burned everything, there was no one who was his match. Thus, this is his first real battle in some time, and against 3 dragons to boot (one being his opposite)! You can’t really blame him too much for being careless since he has either had extremely disadvantageous fights or fights that are a one-sided slaughter; not to mention his being a very powerful dragon gives him a certain right to be confident. In any case, this will just be a lesson that MC will learn from (he does learn) and not to underestimate foes too much. As for him becoming more “dragon-like” (meaning a muscle-head), this isn’t really a situation where anything but brute force can resolve; and other instances he hasn’t really had chances or needs to access human knowledge and techniques (he is trying to learn magic at least, and without a teacher available). Basically it all adds up to MC being young (for a dragon in spite of his body) and inexperienced.


Thanks for the chapter!

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Insta dropped.


Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

Still don’t like him..

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