The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 62

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Translated by: SaltyTank

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

Hello everyone, this will be the final chapter of TCD for me and crimson as we’re moving to a new site (GT) and will be starting a new project soon. I’m sorry but I and crimson had thought thoroughly about this already and have discussed with other members of the team as mentioned in the announcement 2 days ago. Anyone can pick this novel up as it is now officially dropped after clearing the queue of sponsored chapters. Thank you everyone for all the support, and I hope to see you guys in the future, SaltyTank out. 🙂

Chapter 62


 Dragons stood at the summit of magic beasts; not only did they have high rates of recovery, they also had a distinctively insatiable appetite. It was rather common for them to eat minerals and gems, and they could even eat food heavier than their own body in a single meal. This was especially true before reaching adulthood.


 After devouring half of the Giant Octopus during their fight, Claudius used spells and his dragon aura to strand a school of chum salmon onto the beach. Just like that, he ate over ten tonnes of fish. Even Claudius did not understand how he could fit so much food in his stomach; logically speaking, his stomach would have been overloaded and might even burst.


 What followed next was even more dramatic. Like a balloon being inflated, the shrivelled muscles regained their former glory and began to fill up the gaps between his skin and bones. The dangling skin and scales were once again supported by layers of muscles. By the time the transformation was over and his stomach was grumbling once again, Claudius had already turned into a magnificent-looking Crimson Dragon. The powerful Crimson Dragon had returned from its slumber.


 Claudius walked back and forth as he adjusted himself to his new body. His body was over forty metres long, and he was slightly below twenty metres tall when standing on his hind legs. He could probably appear in Ultraman as a monster and fight on par with the heroes with this body. Claudius’ head was now much larger than ordinary Crimson Dragons and his chin was now coated in a layer of unknown metal. Looking at his own reflection on the water surface, Claudius almost mistook himself as a Deathwing.


 He stroked his metallic chin which was quite smooth despite its rough look; “This makes me question my own bloodline…… Well, the two horns on my snout are quite different from the black dragon king though.”


 Claudius suddenly craved for different food after devouring another school of fish — for some reason, he wanted to eat the metals near the volcano. As he cursed himself for having such weird desires, Claudius also understood that it was his instincts as a dragon. What were the robust bones and tough scales made of? Metals were obviously consumed during the formation of those body parts. By breaking down metals during digestion, dragons could grow solid and durable scales through regrouping the metals in a closely packed molecular structure.


 Claudius gave in to his desires. He gobbled everything in his sights — rocks, sulphur, metals, everything.


 “Never thought rocks were so tasty! Hmm, so this is the instinct of a dragon, huh? These things are tasty because my body needs more minerals and metals…… Then what about human women? It seems that dragons think that women are ‘tasty treats’, I wonder what’s so tasty about them……”


 The awakening of the Crimson Dragon was a huge threat for the creatures on and near the island — at least to those which are intelligent. The insects were unaffected as their tiny brains could not understand the concept of ‘danger’, but things were different for the sea monsters lurking nearby. With Claudius running around like a kid, the dragon aura he emitted was like a gravitational field, putting a large pressure on the sea monsters. The pressure creatures felt from a dragon aura was proportional to their intelligence — the smarter they were, the more frightened they would feel. The smartest creatures nearby were, of course, the four, no, three gigantic sea monsters residing in the four surrounding mountains. The most affected one of the three was the fishman — it was holding a trident while sitting on his undersea throne with a troubled look on its face. With its 30-metre-long body and high intelligence, the fishman dominated its counterparts and ruled over them as a king. Its underlings built a Roman-styled palace at the bottom of the sea, and in the middle of the palace was the throne. Due to corrosion, the palace looked like an ancient ruin past its days of glory, but it was still magnificent nonetheless. Even though the undercurrents were strong, sunlight could still reach the palace as if the crystal-clear seawater was non-existent. The territory of the fishman king was the most beautiful and silent region, with mountains blocking off most of the waves while rain clouds rarely formed in the area due to the volcano’s activities. If not for the fishman king, the sandy beach and clear water was certainly a good place for humans to settle down and enjoy a peaceful life.


 The fishman king was troubled by his own intelligence — he had dreams, nightmares to be exact. The dragon aura brought nothing but fear and nightmares for the king. It was always vigilant and tense as it thought the Crimson Dragon would attack it out of the blue and eat it, which was a reasonable worry to be completely honest. Calling the fishman king ‘it’ was perhaps disrespectful — Freimer was his name. Despite being a sea monster, he had intelligence and emotions far above the level of typical monsters. Freimer’s favourite activity was to appreciate the beauty of his territory from his throne, and the next on the list was chilling on the beach while enjoying the breeze and warm sun.


Now that the Crimson Dragon was awake, all was over. Freimer was a clever monster, thus he was now considering if he should continue his duty as commanded by Umberlee. From the start, Freimer never considered himself as a faithful servant to the goddess; he was more of a mercenary. There was no point in risking his life as he was not a devoted believer of Umberlee, not to mention that the goddess never paid him anything for his work. With that in mind, Freimer decided to take things into his own hands and protect his own interests.


His stay was not a complete waste of time though; with the abundant amount of sea monsters in the region, Freimer managed to create his own forces by turning monsters and other fishman into his slaves through magic. With his influence and manpower, Freimer was confident that he could create a whole new undersea kingdom somewhere else — a kingdom beyond reach of others, a peaceful kingdom solely for himself.


For this very reason, it would not be surprising for Freimer to suddenly vanish from his territory. What about the goddess’ anger and rage? As if Umberlee had spare divine power to care about such trivial things. Freimer believed that the goddess’ weak underlings could not stop him from leaving. Perhaps someday, he would create a kingdom so strong that the goddess would seek help from his citizens.


The Giant Toad was also preparing to escape. Although it was a beast and was nowhere near as smart as Freimer, it realized that staying any longer meant only death awaited it. Although the excavated mountain had rocky walls tens of metres thick, the toad still felt unsafe as it had to spend one third of the day in shallow regions or on land as an amphibian. There was no choice but to run away — it was clear that the Crimson Dragon would not be stopped by mere layers of rocks.

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Great another good novel abandoned never to be finished… it’d be nice if one of these days the translators dropped their projects after they found someone to take over, otherwise its very rare that someone actually picks it up.


How about you stop acting entitled. Translators have the right and justification to translate whatever they want, and to drop anything at will.


Yes, you’re right but still feels bad man.


Entitled? I merely said that it’d be nice since novels that get abandoned without a backup group rarely get picked up again. It’s not like i was demanding it or anything like that. How is that acting entitled? Did i say that they were in the wrong? Or that they must do it? No? Then what is your problem man.


Well thats true bro … but if a translator doesnt enjoy translating (cause it becomes boring later…) or get no extra money from donations then theres not need to actually translate it … but what you said is true hidden gems are always getting dropped cause of bad reviews and stuff because everyone wants a high quality novel with good plot like ISSTH for example (well its the most famous one ) i didnt like it in particular i thought it was mediocre but i like clan building or army building novels well it kinda sucks too if the translator drops it cause people actually donate for this shit and the money are going to the garbage if ya know what i mean .Well the qidian international scandal actually makes translators drop their novels or make them translate in their site its a complete different case


True. It is a bit bitter to see good stories dropped without “passing the torch” to others waiting. But that is how things can end up, and it will probably get picked up eventually. Just a matter of when. I personally am not going to die in a few years or even decades assuming nothing random happens (falling piano, car crash, choking on skittles, etc). Just gotta be positive and move onto the next good story in your reading list. Try ‘The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time’ if you have none and need a recommendation. Read at least 10 chapters before judging: I saw some reviews that judged it based on prologue alone (even though it was good) without reading further. You probably seem like the person who would be able to appreciate it from page one, but saying till 10 just in case.


I’m already reading that. But dragon stories are extremely rare, so when one gets dropped it is a sad day.


Not to mention the dragon stories that exist, the MC always ends up turning into a Human or something, instead of living as a Dragon.


Nooo! My beloved Crimson Deathwing!

Can someone continue this?

Pedro Alves

thanks for the chapter

Blast King

well you could always read it raw. but it feel strange suddenly changing from english to chinese.


I guess we have to pray for someone to continue this or just have to learn f*****g chinese the hardest language ever!


If only it were japanese..


Maybe there’s a Japanese site of TLs that TLed this from Chinese to Japanese and someone could work from that translation?


Well this is a sad day

Ale. A. Santi

Im super sad its dropped, it was a delight for me to read it. Ty for all your hard work so far and i hope the projects starting are fun to translate and read =) Good luck with the new site too!


WHY……. WHY….. this was my life…… first love…………why………. JUST WHY.. ……..I want to die….. T~T


Thank you very much..

LaVince Simmons Jr

I noticed that there are a long list of dropped novels on this site…Crimson Dragon was the sole reason I found this site, and just looking around I noticed the ‘trend’ of dropped novels. Honest question, is Zenith Novels reliable translators?

I don’t know the reason for all the drops. I can only see what I see from browsing through this site.

Anyway, thanks for translating this good story up to this point. I really enjoyed reading it.

LaVince Simmons Jr

I noticed that there is a long list of dropped novels on this site…Crimson Dragon was the sole reason I found this site, and just looking around I noticed the ‘trend’ of dropped novels. Honest question, is Zenith Novels reliable translators?

I don’t know the reason for all the drops. I can only see what I see from browsing through this site.

Anyway, thanks for translating this good story up to this point. I really enjoyed reading it.


The answer is no, they’re not reliable. If they drop so many translations. It’d be a different story if they dropped a novel because they had caught up with the ongoing releases (more like a hiatus really, than dropping it.)


Well, this is a damn shame. This was definitely up there as being one of the best novels I’ve read. Certainly it was the best story with an MC dragon. I felt interested in what was going on in every single chapter, I binge read the whole thing instead of going off to do other things.

I hope someone picks this up again, but even if they picked it up today, then I’d have to deal with the hell of weekly releases- which is the reason why I don’t watch TV series or airing anime to begin with- so I wouldn’t be able to read this again for at least a year.



If anyone can get the raws to me, I can get it (roughly) translated and edited and I might be able to post it online, because I really don’t want this great series to die just because some people don’t understand the MC’s behaviour and the plot and wreck it for the rest of us.


dammm….. hope someone picks it up soon

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