The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 63

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Translator: xjshengchen

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Chapter 63

The Giant Toads are mutant species. They are usually large toads with a body length of about one meter, half of which were legs. And there may be some dragons in the previous generation of the Giant Toads, so there have been huge variations in body size and appearance of this guy. As for which kind of dragon? After the Giant Toad was hatched from the egg, he had never seen his own relatives. He also grew up after swallowing up all his brothers and sisters. Now the body length of the Giant Toad is more than 30 meters, which it’s a rare supersized monster. If you only take the combat power alone into consideration, this Giant Toad is the first among the four sea monsters – at least his strength and physique are better than those of fishman king Freimer.


The Giant Toads also have talented spell-like abilities, but if the spells such as corrupting water sources are known by Claudius, he will most likely speculate that there may be some black dragons in previous generation of this Giant Toad. Moreover, his intelligence is almost equivalent to an ordinary person who is a little mentally retarded. Naturally, he understood his current situation. His beast-like mind made his fear of danger overwhelm the obedience to the goddess of the sea—so this Giant Toad also tried his best to escape from the bottom of the water on one night. Claudius did not notice that the stinking Giant Toad was missing at the time. He just suddenly found out one day. “Hey? I haven’t seen that toad for a long time? Is he gone?”


Claudius now paid attention on the last sea monster, the huge Emperor Crab. This guy is stupid enough to be absolutely obedient to the mother’s nest — the order of the ocean goddess Umberlee. But the Emperor Crab is the weakest among the four sea monsters. Apart from the scary defense and the power of the two big tongs, this guy has nothing good. He even don’t have any spell-like abilities, including the one to strengthen defensive power. Therefore, at the cost of it, after the Mages of the Seashore deprived the creature of intelligence and spell-like abilities, his defensive power of the guy really reached the point where Claudius felt troublesome. “How can there be things with such a hard shell…” This was the question when he attacked that crab, which also enabled the Emperor Crab to escape from Claudius in time — blocking Claudius’s shot, while defending the flames of Claudius in a short time.


However, the Emperor Crab is also really stupid. Although his memory may be better than the goldfish’s 7-second one, it definitely can’t last for more than seven days. Just three days later, the crab once again appeared on a complex huge reef that emerged from the water. This time, he didn’t escape…. Claudius, who descended from the sky, chose to attack its leg joints first. After he broke the leg joints of the crab one by one, even if the Emperor Crab’s waving tongs seemed to be able to cut off a whale, he was cut off from the joints by Claudius in the end. If it were in the sea, as long as this Emperor Crab could escape, he could take two or three days to regrow them. But now he had no chance. Claudius grabbed the back cover of the Emperor Crab and pulled it with all his strength. Meanwhile, he constantly burnt the crab shell of the Emperor Crab with flames. Due to the structure of the body, the Emperor Crab could not cause any interference to Claudius in its position. In the end, he could only watch Claudius open his carapace with a diameter of 20 meters.


At the moment he opened it, the flame has flowed in from there. When it’s opened entirely, the Emperor Crab was dead. Claudius was very happy to eat… Huge crab shell and crab claws were placed on the rock just condensed on the crater as collections by Claudius, and these debris were indeed changed a bit after passing through the high temperature of the volcano. The crab shell of this Emperor Crab was indeed fireproof to a certain degree. The meaning of ‘certain degree’ means that it can resist the high-temperature spit of Claudius. The general flame spell should be unable to damage the shell. Now the crab shell placed on the volcano was gradually softened and shrinking. Although the shape has not changed much, it has obviously shrunk into a crab of five or six meters in diameter, but the color has turned red…. … “Damn! My collection is ruined.” Claudius saw it and unconsciously swore.


Now, Hell Island completely belongs to Claudius, and his truly combative subordinates have seen their leader again after so many years. The port that Claudius built a long time ago was well preserved after the dramatic changes in terrain. Although the entire island was upgraded, the constant eruption and earthquake caused the place to collapse again. And the port with the breakwater collapsed to its original height, and the mountain that stood up behind it formed a crack here as if it’s chopped by an axe. This crack directly leads up to the main body of the volcano. Several paddle sailboats were moored here, and the landing Udaeus lined up the marching queue with the half-Udaeus to the place where dragon aura was scattered.


Claudius knew the arrival of his Udaeus. He specially flattened a considerable platform with his claws, tail and flame at a point above the crack in the port. Udaeus lined up here, and Claudius felt that it felt really good. “Let me see… oh, there are 120 Udaeus, and then there are a total of 480 half-Udaeus with their blood.” Unfortunately, these guys are not born with elite equipment. With the weapons made of ordinary steel, they are completely incomparable with those of the guys.” Claudius exclaimed that this military force was actually second to none in the entire archipelago. Even in the Moon Sea or Lantan, they are also one of the few elite troops. “I still have some fallen teeth, I don’t know if I can plant them.” Claudius, as a red dragon, is like a crocodile, his teeth can keep replacing the ones and growing, but the speed is not as fast as that of a crocodile. Unlike normal people, Claudius’ teeth are not automatically replaced unless they are worn or bitten, but the things that can wear them just appeared now – when biting those volcanic rocks and the metal particles inside which are harder than steel, it would wear extremely slightly. So at the end of the day, Claudius had only those teeth that had been crumbling when he’s surrounded and beaten by other dragons. Of course, these teeth were gone decades ago…..and then this guy punched his own chin, stretching out his claw and pulling out another two teeth – fortunately, the growth of the dragon teeth does not go deep into the bones, there is no root, otherwise Claudius may be hurt by himself.


After waving Udaeus goodbye, this guy started to grow teeth in the hot volcanic ash. For this reason, he also made several control samples – the cooling volcanic ash that he used claws to pull out from the ditch, and the newly-dropped one which was still hot, hard volcanic rocks, semi-melted volcanic rocks and lava. “Let’s see if I can plant a few big teams of Udaeus? Hahahaha. Then it should be the time to revenge!”


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