The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 64

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 64


Even after a few decades, with the name of Tartarus, Claudius still has not forgotten the shame of escaping and being mauled by the Bronze Dragon and the Silver Dragon, along with a bunch of skunks — the Brass Dragon was selectively ignored by Claudius here and was categorized into the skunks. Although this guy didn’t even know the names of the Silver Dragon, it didn’t prevent Claudius from spending five minutes thinking about where he might come from after he woke up. “According to style of the Silver Dragon, who is the shame of the dragons, he must be living near the human settlement. As long as I find that human town, I can find that damn Silver Dragon! The Bronze Dragon is much easier than that skunk, this guy’s nest should be near my original one.”


Although thinking for five minutes, Claudius did not want to retaliate immediately. His bigger interest now lied in the aspect of the Udaeus. Speaking of the Myceloids, they began to gradually follow Claudius’s footsteps to the outside of the crater. The Myceloids are actually very timid. For many years, they have never tried to grow mushrooms outside the crater. Now Claudius woke up, and the area of his ​​activity expanded to the entire island. The Myceloids finally climbed out of the crater and began to march toward the rest of the island. The Udaeus almost immediately accepted the existence of the Myceloids — also being the creation of Claudius, they could feel each other’s roots, and they were born to be friendly races — even if one is kind and the other is evil. The Myceloids can’t fight, but they’re good at learning other things. Originally, their houses were made by planting mushrooms, they hollowed out the mutants in the mushrooms to construct the houses. Nowadays, the Udaeus are more than twice as tall as the Myceloids. It is definitely impossible to plant mushrooms. So these Myceloids learned to collect rock to build houses in a very short time. It’s the Greek-Roman-style house with arch pillars, which is very suitable for the style of the Udaeus, just like the temple or the big bath.


“These Myceloids are really useful. Woodworkers, stonemasons, construction workers, they can do everything, even the blacksmiths.” Claudius had an unexpected surprise, he did not expect the Myceloids would be such good farmers. And because of the nature of the flame, they have special strengths in making ironware. Claudius considered things they made to be not worse than those made by the dwarves.


With the help of the Myceloids, the Udaeus built a majestic temple on the flat above the port of Hell Island, and Claudius often lies to rest in the temple satisfyingly. This is also a miracle in architecture — the Flame Myceloids are semi-metallic monsters, their hard bodies allow them to exploit volcanic rocks, which are the most rocks on Hell Island. And the strength of these boys isn’t weak, so they pile up pieces of rock bigger than a house to construct walls and stone pillars. In the midst of working, the Myceloids were also mutated. “Labor creates human beings. This is really an assertion in the evolution theory of Marxism–Leninism.” Claudius recalled in his long memories that he has seen this term on a science comic strip in his childhood when he was a human being. Then his thinking began to diverge. The huge and awkward mouth was slightly upturned. The brass-like eyes were slightly blurred. “How many years?” I really can’t remember… What kind of person was I?”


The memories still made Claudius happy, but he still opened the property sheet looking like a chicken rib to see what the mutant Myceloids have changed. In front of the eyes, the variation of the Myceloids appeared on the caps, and the some of the originally red caps have quite a few variations into other colors, while those with no discoloration also grew colorful dots inside the red caps, which looked like a bunch of poisonous Myceloids… “Flame Myceloids (farmers), these little guys have jobs? Let me see……. Hey, blacksmiths, cobblers, architects, stonemasons, carpenters, they actually have them all. And every Myceloid has a job. What happened to this grapefruit-colored Myceloid? It turned into a peasant soldier? But this offensive and defensive property… attack 1, defense 3, Damage 1~3, what are these? When did Faerun become a world with invincible heroes? And what’s this stunt? ‘Give you mushrooms!'” Claudius looked at the attributes of the Myceloids for a long time without understanding, the stunt of the peasant soldier Myceloid on the grapefruit-colored cap made him feel a bit evil.


However, he’s not busy watching this stunt at the moment. It is serious to let those Myceloids work quickly. With the help of the Udaeus, the speed of the Myceloids building a town was fast. No one thought of the Myceloids half as tall as humans who was originally useless are actually such good workers. The only regret is that there is no field in Hell Island at the moment. Although there are many fertile volcanic ash, the volcano erupting from time to time makes all the efforts of planting all impossible. And under the direction of Claudius, the Myceloids trembled and took the battleship of the Udaeus. Under the command of Claudius, they will expand the power of the mushroom on Saint Cruz.


The Udaeus have also become stronger. They have added some numbers to their personal attributes, and both the centurion and the soldiers have also strengthened the spiritual aura. When there are more comrades around, the offensive and defensive ends will be stronger. Claudius looked at the property sheet and felt very good. “In the sheet of the invincible heroes, it is the four-level soldier…” Why is it four-level, it is because Claudius saw a Roman numeral 4 next to the name icon representing the Udaeus. Of course, next to the icon of the Myceloids was 1, “Attack 21, Defense 18, and the stunts are a spear attack, a close attack, a cluster attack… …. Hey, what’s different from the invincible heroes? I don’t understand. And how is the individual’s six-point attribute converted into this kind of offense and defense? And what is harm 20~33?” Claudius scratched his chin, not figuring out how the hero is invincible and how it connects with Faerun. “Are they actually two companies? Is Ubisoft’s hand too long or the Wizards of the Coast suddenly have the money to buy the copyright?” But Claudius personally preferred that Ubisoft has already used money to defeat the Wizards of the Coast. In fact, isn’t the supreme god of the Crystal Realm system and even the creator’s top god Manni…..?


This kind of chaotic thinking swirled in Claudius’s mind, but he did not notice that he was looking the data of the Half-Udaeus, and there was actually a “next page” of the real data of the Udaeus. In fact, it’s the real evolutionary species of the four-level Udaeus. As for how a Half-Udaeus evolved into an Udaeus, Claudius did not know. He still thought that the property shown was the data of the Udaeus. “Now we got the first-level soldiers and the fourth-level soldiers. The problem is, what are the second-level and the third-level soldiers, as well as the 5~7-level soldiers in the back of the empty forms? This really makes me curious.” Claudius thought about this problem, but the place where the dragon tooth was planted interrupted his thoughts.


Like the first time, the earth began to bulge, the helmet first exposed the ground. And then it continued to grow, but “Hell! How could this be?”


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what happened? the translations were fine 2 chapters ago, now i cant understand anything lmao

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