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The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 65 - Zenith Novels

The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 65

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 65


As time went by, the Udaeus under the volcanic ash were first exposed to the heads, chests, abdomens and even the feet. They were the same as the Udaeus planted in the past, armors and shields shining with magical light, and spears and swords sparkling — the only problem is that there’s only one… “Isn’t it supposed to have a 100-man team in a normal situation?” Looking left and right, Claudius couldn’t see the place where the second Udaeus appeared, which made him very surprised. Of course, the Udaeus growing up on the hot volcanic ash and the hard volcanic rocks soon appeared. It looked like the Udaeus that he first planted. An Udaeus came out in every place.


This completely collapsed Claudius’s reverie. He originally thought about a tooth and a 100-man team, then he thought about a pile of teeth — “Anyway, a dragon’s teeth can be replaced, just like a crocodile.” “He originally thought that it’s not a dream to have several Roman troops if going this way. Now this dream was over. In fact, the rules of the world of Faerun were that a tooth can theoretically plant 3 to 5 Udaeus, depending on the magic and power of the dragon. When Claudius planted for the first time, it’s not a common case that 80 Udaeus came from a tooth. Moreover, these Udaeus were completely different from the normal Udaeus in Faerun. So now there a limitation in the rules and it’s very normal — although you couldn’t harvest it depending on the probability, but at least we could ensure that you could only harvest one Udaeus from one tooth. Want to form a troop? You could slowly pull out your teeth.


Claudius looked at the three newborn Udaeus, grabbing his chin to signaling them to stand in the veterans, and turned his attention to the dragon teeth planted last in the lava. The time for the formation of this Udaeus was significantly longer than that of the three. After waiting for a long time, he just saw a little red-hot metal tip on the lava. The growth of this Udaeus was obviously slower than that of the others, and it’s much slower. But Claudius understood that this Udaeus was completely different from the others — a small helmet has grown to prove this point. The column-like crown on the helmet was pure metal like a scimitar crown, which turned into a gold-red metal after leaving the lava for a while. And the decorative crown and the helmet below were with extremely complicated and gorgeous decorative lines.


This Udaeus floated up from the lava slowly, and Claudius gazed at it. “It’s really beyond my huge surprise! It’s like this!” In front of him was a very gorgeous and complicated but close-fitting armor. The golden-red armor was composed of a large number of medium-sized and large-sized nails. The shoulder armor was stacked and overlapped. The skirt armor was nested. The body armor was obviously Milan-style, but it’s very rich in the style of ancient Rome — there was a huge geometric metal wing behind it which may be an ornament, looking like the folded swan wings. And last, the skirt armor which covered the whole legs even the feet looked like a jumper dress. The most conspicuous one was the chest armor presented distinct feminine characteristics — yes, the Udaeus with her eyes closed was a woman.


This female Udaeus was not shorter than male Udaeus. Except for a small section of the upper arm and the face, the other body parts were completely covered under the golden-red armor. Under the golden-red helmet, there’s long brown hair with a spear in her hand. And a round shield with a height of half a person was leaning on her leg. The female Udaeus looked quite beautiful. In Claudius’ view, it’s some kind of feminine look that is extremely resolutely beautiful. — “In short, there is a kind of charm like the Crimea female attorney.” This Red Dragon recalled the beauty style of his own human memory and found the closest one among so many female beauties.


Under the gaze of the Red Dragon, this beautiful and strong female Udaeus slowly opened her eyes after completely coming out of the lava. It was a pair of brown eyes with similar color to the hair, which was beautiful and firm. And then this lady saw the dragon head that was taller than people. The dragon’s chin was leaning on the ground, the part of her nose was way above her head, and the golden pupils of the Red Dragon was looking at her. The Udaeus stepped back a half step, hitting her chest with her right hand with a spear, and lowered her head slightly to pay tribute to the Red Dragon that created her. At the same time, a golden-red halo appeared directly at the foot of the female Udaeus. This complex pattern and the aura of various symbols consisted of three mutually nested halos, as if it’s spinning under the Udaeus’ feet and breathing. And it’s also still fluctuating slightly. “Focus, command, durability… the combination of the three auras.” As her creator, Claudius naturally understood the effect of the aura of the Udaeus.


The Red Dragon looked at the female Udaeus in front of him. “Hero unit?” This guy thought for a moment. “Do you have a name?” Claudius asked, and the female Udaeus in front of him looked at the Red Dragon. Then she shook her head. “Hahaha, you can’t lie, you don’t have to be flattered. Miss, but I am very happy to take your flattery. From now on, you will call Minerva. This is the name belonging to the genus of the Red Dragons!” The Red Dragon gave a commemorative name to the female Udaeus in front of him wickedly. Then Minerva seemed to suddenly get control of the Udaeus. ” Imperatore? This woman’s identity is not easy.” Claudius did not mind that the Udaeus would address their latest superior as one of his honors. Anyway, the Udaeus generally called Claudius “Caesar” or “Augustus”.


After Minerva got on her position, the actions of the Udaeus suddenly became more active and flexible. They assisted the Flame Myceloids in the construction and decoration of the temple, while constantly rotating the job of the Udaeus and the Half-Udaeus between Santa Cruz Island and Hell Island, which enabled them to get used to combat training under the control of Minerva. There were currently already 1800 Udaeus and the Half-Udaeus. Although they were still incomplete, they could barely be called a “troop”. Because the Flame Myceloids were embedded in it as a servants and craftsmen, the entire “troop” has expanded to 3,000 people, and they had very good civil engineering and mechanical manufacturing capabilities. Soon, only about 120 soldiers with their armors changed and color matching were left on Hell Island to guard the port and the entrance to the temple. The rest of the Udaeus and most of the Myceloids left the island, heading to Santa Cruz Island — but the Flame Myceloids could only be produced on Hell Island, so all the experiments of planting Myceloids on Santa Cruz Island have been faced with a shameful defeat.


The place Claudius staying now was mainly inside the extremely majestic shrine, which was different from most of the Red Dragons. It’s said that this guy has never liked the complicated cave structure. The style of the ancient Greek and ancient Roman temple was quite suitable for his appetite. Staying inside always made this guy feel that he’s very strong and powerful, and that he could reach the sky.


But no matter how great he considered himself, Claudius still couldn’t solve the hostile behavior of the ocean goddess Umberlee. — Although Claudius didn’t care, the torrential rain and the wind coming every single day still made him feel that this crazy woman was so f*****g stingy. “But this stuff still can’t be fixed.” Claudius now had a roof on his head. Anyway, the rain and the storm had nothing to do with him. His attention was now on the small necklace on the huge stone table in front of him. All his current subordinates couldn’t give advice to him about on how to handle divine power from Malar in this transformation necklace. — Minerva went to Santa Cruz, and now she should have completely ruled the entire island, working on turning the island into a big militaristic port…


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