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The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 66 - Zenith Novels

The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 66

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 66

“The necklace left by the Malar’s believers can’t be use if you’re not believing in that black beast. This guy is really stingy.” Claudius couldn’t think of anything, even though he knew that this broken necklace would turn into dust if he let out a flame from his mouth. But he just couldn’t break the restrictions, so that he could also use this good thing — to believe in that silly black beast Malar like a fool. Claudius didn’t even think about this stupid idea.

But thinking of the issue of faith, Claudius began to look for information about faith from the Dragon heritage. “If you don’t want to be stuffed into the wall after death, at least you have to find a god to believe in… Let me see the problem of a dragon’s faith.” Claudius understood the real god of dragons — evil Dragon, also known as the Color Dragon and all the god of the evil True Dragon was Tiamat, the queen dragon with five heads that have always thought of conquering the world. The kind Metal Dragon and all the god of good dragons are the Bahamut, the platinum Dragon God, the true Kind Dragon. At the same time, there are some gods under the two main dragon gods. These dragon gods constitute the gods of the dragon system — “Then there’s a problem. You know that there are three legendary dragons in the dragon family. They’re legends as long as they’re a bit order. — These three guys don’t seem to be under the power of the gods in the main material world or the non-God places. Will these guys also believe in the Dragon God?” Claudius projected three blurred images in front of his eyes, snarling in the mouth.

He knew that most of the Evil Dragons — in his own case, actually looked down on the evil five queen dragons, maybe with awe, but basically they’re shallow believers. As for himself, he’s the rare dragon that looked down on Tiamat… but the good dragons’ beliefs about Bahamut were even more real. Of course, the Evil Dragons were okay with the platinum Dragon God, at least retaining the awe — Claudius was also completely a bad guy who looked down on Bahamut here….. “But I can’t have no faith. If I accidentally die tomorrow, won’t I be stuffed into the wall? I don’t have the confidence to smash Milton, that stupid dog, in the soul state.” Here as a man on earth, the Crimson Dragon once again showed the great contempt for the gods of Faerun — Since he was born, this guy has never learned how to face a god, so it’s understandable that he provoked Umberlee and made himself helpless.

But somehow he had to look for a god to believe in. If he was not a believer, then he cannot be introduced to the power of Mozedonik. Claudius was more willing to believe in Mozedonik — the Lord of the Dead Magic Zone, The leader of the Red Guardian. This guy was lying in the temple, and counting the sprits with his fingers. But he had nothing to do with it. Basically all humans and humanoid spirits were ruled out by Claudius. It’s not that they cannot accept a dragon as a believer. In fact, most of the gods were happy to have a dragon to believe in them, but Claudius couldn’t accept most of the rules of this kind of gods. In fact, this guy was uncomfortable with all the rules of the “You must believe in me” of the Faerun gods, ” Still, I have to find another god to believe in.”

Among all the Dragon Gods, most of the gods were looked down on by this Crimson Dragon. In his opinion, these guys were similar to those of the human gods. After considering it again and again, this guy decided to believe in a wild one. “Who said that they are not true gods? Maybe the world is also a dream of one of them!” Since Claudius thought that the world was full of magical mysteries, and he himself was also from other world, then the fear and curiosity about time and space made him choose that as his own belief. “The key to the door, all things belong to one, now I am your believer! Bless me in the future, don’t let me get stuffed into the wall!” In a tone that was absolutely not pious, Claudius chose his faith. — Of course, without any surprise, he did not receive any grace or magic…

As a believer in the true God that no one knew, Claudius was self-satisfied with his wish of not being stuffed into a wall. Now he was considering whether to get his territories back. There were a lot of territories needed to be retrieved. And the mad woman, Umberlee, should not appear in front of him, and if it did, Claudius did not know if he could handle it — because in his memories as an earth people, among the novels has had seen but almost forgotten, Umberlee has been an ocean female giant formed of sea. He did not know who was even wilder before they fought.

Since there was no way to retrieve the Goddess, then there were only a few Metal Dragons left. The problem with Claudius was that if you drag your own subordinates to fight, you must handle the fleet first. And even if the fleet is done, the time would be much longer — Claudius’s revenge may hope that they could began in the morning and start the fight in the afternoon. The Crimson Dragon always revenge from morning to night. So the Crimson Dragon decided to do it himself. Anyway, the Bronze Dragon was definitely not his opponent. In addition, the Brass Dragon that should grow a lot was also not his opponent. But if the Silver Dragon came again, Claudius felt that it‘s difficult to tell. — For his own power, Claudius did not have an intuitive estimate.

For other dragons that are good at magic, especially the Golden Dragon or the Silver Dragon, they could use the prophetic type of spells to predict the position and the intelligence of the enemy. But the Crimson Dragons can’t do that since they’re magic idiots. Although they’re not weaker than humans in intelligence, or even reaching the level of genius, but they’re magic idiots compared with the silver dragon golden dragon. Of course, Claudius was the same as them.  Growing up to adolescents, the highest level spells he could perform at the moment were some second-level spells, or sometimes spells that can’t be judged their level. But unlike other Crimson Dragons, this guy can not only use the ways to cast these spells like a warlock, but also turn these spells into their own spell-like abilities. Unlike those sad idiots, their only spell-like abilities were an item locator and a pathfinding… As it became a spell, these spells became more spells. If Claudius said that he’s a Spell Dragon, at least no Crimson Dragons could object to it.

But this guy’s melee ability was even stronger.

About the Bronze Dragon Achilles’s lair, Claudius had a little thought. “It’s probably near my cave. Otherwise, how come there’s such a bold Bronze Dragon coming to mind my business.” The Crimson Dragon was speculating about the location of the Bronze Dragon when he flew in the sky. It’s been decades, and according to the habits of the dragons, it’s hard to say whether the Bronze Dragon would change the nest. Under normal circumstances, a dragon’s nest will last at least a few hundred years. And the Bronze Dragon was a kind Metal Dragon, and should not be slaughtered by those noisy adventurers of justice. The Crimson Dragon has determined this and flies toward his original nest according to the position in his memory.

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Why does this feel like it’s been written by a 5 year old bro you need someone to fix your grammar mistakes because they’re are so many of them and I can barely comprehend what’s even going on because of how bad the description and wording is

God why did crimson and salty tank drop this I read this when I was like 14 and it was so much better then this.

Like were they seriously afraid of being labeled nazi’s that’s a completely ridiculous reason to give the translation of the story to someone else especially to someone who obviously barley knows English wording.


Me está dando dolor de cabeza la “traducción”


It’s hard to read when a five years old kid is writing

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