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The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 67 - Zenith Novels

The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 67

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 67

Claudius has known how to control his own aura of dragon since was a baby dragon — although most of the baby dragons are not able to talk about the aura of dragon at that stage. The Crimson Dragon converged the aura of dragon, but he couldn’t let his huge figure disappear. So it’s still a mess when flying in the air. No one could ignore the guy who has a wingspan of more than forty-five meters and a body length of forty meters in the sky.

Claudius flew fast and far when he was escaping back in the time, forcing his potential to escape. So when he had free and physical strength, he flew over and saw — Damn! I actually flew so far at that time! And in such a short time! This guy was also proud of his potential, but now he must not rush straight to it, Claudius was not sure that the Bronze Dragon would not escape right after he saw him. “The metal dragons are all good at spells. I always feel that these guys would have a whim. If he shows a prophetic spell or escapes when simply thinking that the situation is not right, where should I find him?” Claudius was still thinking about this problem while he’s flying. The Bronze Dragon was find, but the Silver Dragon was definitely an expert on magic. And there will be so-called omen in this world, no one knew if it would really be expected by those dragons.

But now Claudius felt that if he’s against the Bronze Dragon and the Silver Dragon, he should still be able to fight. And as a dragon, cluster life is impossible. A Bronze Dragon stays with a Silver Dragon. — This is obviously impossible. Claudius turned a bit, he was ready to take some time near the place where the Bronze Dragon had a fight with him from the north. He could also get to see the war between the Orcs and the Elves, which was led by Green Dragon Silvia and his sister Brittania.

Claudius’s flight speed was much faster than other dragons, although his size was also one of the greatest among the dragons — we have to know the body length of most of the True Dragons was about thirty or forty meters when they reach the strongest dragons of the ancient times, and it’s the size that only the Golden Dragons among the metal dragons and the Crimson Dragons among the color dragons can reach. The Crimson Dragon flew high in order to avoid trouble, he directly penetrated the clouds. And the height from the ground exceeded eight kilometers. At this height, there were very few birds or other things. Claudius flew all day and night, and he crossed the distance of thousands of kilometers and reached the small crater where he was born.

The crater could still accommodate his whole body, but Claudius found that the volcano has now become a complete extinct volcano. The magma chamber under the volcano was empty, and a large amount of water was poured into this place, forming an underground lake. Claudius stepped on the ground and the feeling passing back informed him that the place would collapse sooner or later. In fact, some places in the center and the edge of the crater have collapsed, and the sunlight shimmered from the cracks and holes to the lake below. Claudius could feel the hollow below, which was similar to echolocation or super-sensing. Below the crater was a hollow with a wide bottom. Now the water surface was only about ten meters away the rocks condensed from the crater. And at this place, like the rest of the city of Faerun, there’s always access to the dark areas. Naturally, Claudius also felt that there’s something in the lake. Anyway, no matter what’s inside, it’s not able to fight against the existence of the Crimson Dragon, and Claudius didn’t have the interest to smash the rock formations, and dug them out to see in the water. The huge Crimson Dragon just turned around in the crater. The huge claws stepped on the ground and caused a slight vibration. The body weighing dozens of tons was not much worse than the pile driver. Sure enough, when the Crimson Dragon took off with a foot, a huge crack appeared on the ground inside the crater. With the deafening sound of the break and the sound of the water, the ground of the entire crater collapsed….. splashing water waves more than ten-meter-high.

Claudius looked back at his birthplace where the volcanic wall began to collapse. “New volcanic lake…” He whispered, then followed the position in his memory, beginning to fly toward the forests where the Elves lived. The fight height of the Crimson Dragon was still very high, which avoided letting people on the ground see him. The forests of the Elves seemed to have no change. “No, there are still some changes there.” Claudius said, “It is obvious that the Orcs were not forest protectors.” In his eyes, the forest in front of him had disappeared without a trace, replaced by a black ground. The war against the Green Dragons had lasted for decades, and both sides shed all the blood here — mainly the Orcs and the Wolves. But the Elves’ disadvantages were obvious, even if they had a very good exchange ratio, but the embarrassing birth rate and the long growth period of the Elves made them get destroyed by the Orcs if they didn’t have the support of the Elves from both the south and the north and the justice people.

Claudius saw the ugly and dirty barracks of the Orcs, who were rushing in the camp, making it difficult to attempt to count their numbers. Claudius could only use the statistics of the tents, and then multiplied by an approximate coefficient to get about 3,000 to 4,000 people in the army of the Orcs. The war tree bastions of the Elves, who confronted them, and the warriors inside, should have just over a thousand people — among them, Claudius also saw a large part of human beings and guys who radiated all kinds of holy light. “It seems that not only the Elves, but even the good gods who like to gossip on Faerun have sent many saints and pastors to participate in this war.” The Crimson Dragon chanted a few words.

It’s true that the war against the Orcs and the evil Green Dragon behind them has become an event sufficient to record the Faerun chronology in these decades. Although Green Dragon Silvia has not yet entered the legendary field so far, she’s doing better than the ancient legendary dragons in assembling evil forces and controlling them. The Green Dragon has also gained enough attention and support for some of its gods — especially a female dragon with five heads and even some human evil spirits expressing goodwill to the Green Dragon. In the eyes of Claudius, he saw the glory of the tyranny and murder and other gods — they also sent their own believers to participate in the war, and it seemed to be vying for the belief in the Green Dragon.

Brittania’s aura of dragon has also been felt by Claudius, and the aura emanate from this young female dragon was also more than what she should have at this age. “It seems that the war can train people.” The powerful Crimson Dragon in the sky thought that. His sister was also very strong now. It should indeed be due to the experience of the battle and the devotion of the gods. “It seems that Brittania has become a believer in the five-headed queen dragon Tiamat?” Claudius felt Brittania’s aura. He never got a favor of the five-headed queen dragon — perhaps because he’s too strong or he dismissed the queen dragons. This guy has never prayed to any god sincerely — that is, the one he just announced his beliefs should be a little more to worship the boss… in fact, if that boss was a real god in the sense of Faerun, this kind of “believers” should be taken to get stuffed in the wall…

Feeling the aura of dragon did not mean seeing the dragon. At least Claudius did not see Brittania. This guy stared at the center of aura of dragon for a long time. “It’s wrong? How is it possible for Brittany to stay inside the big tent without breaking it? Is it… damn! When did she have such an ability?!” The Crimson Dragon sighed with great surprise.

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