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The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 68 - Zenith Novels

The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 68

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 68

This was indeed worthy of Claudius’s surprise. Britannia was as big as him. At this time, she should be just a young Crimson Dragon. The only thing stronger than him should be able to breed… And Claudius was not yet able to breed. Such a big Crimson Dragon was though already good in strength, but he was only able to cast a second-class dark spell. But now it seemed that if it weren’t for the magical effects, then Britannia could cast a four-level spell — Claudius didn’t think it was someone else or other dragons that cast on Britannia, this female dragon’s own magic resistance should also be very strong. Such a young Crimson Dragon can also be regarded as a genius among the others, she was likely able to be a legendary magic master in the future.

“But I still have to take a look at it.” Claudius said, “I didn’t find out that she’s also a spell genius?” The Crimson Dragon began to hover, and now he still didn’t want to fall down like this, but judge by observation the situation. The battlefield between the Orcs and the Elves ran through the forest. The dividing line between the two sides was distinct — the forest of the Elves was as usual, and the forest of the Orcs was mostly cut down, a small part of which was also mutated. The location of the Green Dragon Silvia was also very obvious, the huge twisted vines and strange tree jungle was where the Green Dragon located. Silvia’s momentum was also very different from that in Claudius’s memory. The Green Dragon was now more powerful. The magical elements surrounded the Green Dragon. The twisted magic proved that the Green Dragon was just one step away from becoming legendary.

The Orcs and the Werewolves on the ground had nothing to change. In Claudius’ view, there’s a large part of the Great Goblins in the army, and the green-skin beasts were similar to the past, looking like the Goblins in Warcraft. The guys were holding rough metal weapons and wearing the same rough metal armor or leather armor. From time to time, they gathered into small teams, and wowed to launch a tentative attack on the Elves’ defenses. According to Claudius, these actions were quite responsive to the errands. It should be said that such a daily attack was not so much a war but a habit for so many years. The Elves’ coping was also simple. When the Orcs approached a certain range, arrows would be fired, and the Orcs would retreat after paying single digit casualties.

Claudius finally saw Britannia, and from the largest decorated ornate tent walked out of a tall, muscular woman with long, red hair. Claudius saw the magical light in this woman. The woman was equipped with magical equipment in several parts, and they seemed to be on the wrist, belt and weapon. And Claudius also recognized Britannia at a glance — the aura of dragon can’t be faked, but Britannia was really degraded. As a dragon, she actually picked up the weapon — and Claudius found that it’s the sword used by the nobility, though it’s attached to the seemingly strong magic effect…

Brittany, who walked out of the tent, seemed to be very dissatisfied with the attacking squad. She raised a hand and the black light flashed continuously, turning the escaping Orcs into some skinny bones lying on the ground without breathing at any time. The bones of the guys betrayed their masters at the next moment, climbing out of the skin, and ignited a red flame in their eye sockets. “She got some good dark spells of the dead… It really surprises me, my sister.” The Crimson Dragon looked at it all in the sky and lamented, then the guy began to fall.

Britannia also felt a sense today. She usually did not care about the attacks between the ridiculous little reptiles, but today she suddenly wanted to execute some small reptiles to reaffirm her authority — so the fleeing Orc attack squad became her target. After using a dark spell to extract lives, Britannia was pleased to find that the little reptiles looked at her with fear and awe. And it should be said that her command obedience rose at least thirty or forty percent. At this time, the long and majestic dragon roar burst from the sky, and then the aura of dragon poured down like the sky collapsed. Almost all the Orc soldiers were afraid to lie on the ground, while Britannia was shocked. But then she raised her head and looked at the sky — the blood runs through her veins, which made her feel a little and notice who the guy sent the aura of dragon should be.

The huge figure pierced the clouds and swooped down in a burning atmosphere. When Britannia saw the fierce head of the dragon, she immediately recognized who he was. “Claudius? How does he come? He’s not dead.” The female dragon sighed, but she was quite happy. Her brother looked extremely powerful and majestic at the moment, and even the huge body that old dragons can’t compare proved the power of Claudius. On this point, Britannia has absolute confidence that her brother was the strongest among the Crimson Dragons of the same level. Of course, Claudius proved this through the horrible firing a long time ago.

“The Crimson Disaster” reappeared in the world. When those elves saw the Crimson Dragon landing, they were unable to pull the bowstring due to the overwhelming aura of dragon. The elves still remembered the incident that happened decades ago — when the fire breathing killed not only enemies but also allies. The Crimson Dragon that brought all the disaster appeared in front of them once again. The distinctive appearance and the particularly huge body, as well as the aura of dragon like a volcanic eruption, the horrible Crimson Dragon returned.

Claudius landed on the ground, and the wind blowing from the wings completely destroyed the newly-formed squadrons, and even the flames in their eyes were extinguished — Claudius just destroyed squadrons as he landed. The Crimson Dragon stood on the ground, the 20-meter-high body stood on two strong hind legs. An equally strong tail straightly swept around the air to balance the huge head and strong forelimbs in front. Only a tall woman dared to stand in front of this huge beast, who was almost 180 centimeters tall. But in front of Claudius, she’s still a negligible reptile. Proportionally, this Crimson Dragon could hold this woman in his hand. “Aha, I haven’t seen Britannia for a long time.” Claudius spoke first, and it sounded like a thunder rolling on the ground.

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Claudius, the Crimson Disaster, my brother.” Britannia’s tone was similar to her laughter, and she also had some thoughts on Claudius’s nickname. “Have you learned metamorphosis?” The powerful Crimson Dragon asked, but he did not get an answer. The next moment, the Crimson Dragon should not be small but small enough appeared in front of Claudius in the flash. This was a Crimson Dragon with a very normal appearance, a long neck, four limbs on the ground, only half of the length of Claudius from head to tail.

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