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The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 69 - Zenith Novels

The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 69

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 69

The female Crimson Dragon looked much more elegant than Claudius, almost like the difference between a muscular and fierce Color Dragon and an elegant and noble Metal Dragon. However, the aesthetics of the dragons are different from those of human beings. The aesthetics of Color Dragons and Metal Dragons are different — except that the shameful Silver Dragons and Golden Dragons may think that the human form was more beautiful, it seemed that Color Dragons thought that stronger is more beautiful. Then under that circumstance, Claudius should be the beautiful man of the era…

Speaking of Claudius, who was standing next to Britannia, he himself felt it’s like a person holding a husky, which shared the same proportion like this… Britannia also became an adolescent, she was ready to give birth to her first batch of dragon eggs, but only has not yet found a suitable male dragon. Although Claudius was also an adolescent at the moment, his reproductive system may not be fully mature. If he wanted to find a female dragon, he had to wait at least 50 to 100 years to become an adult Crimson Dragon. “Have you learned the deformation?” The powerful Crimson Dragon was not interested in playing with the words. Anyway, he went straight to the question directly since she’s his sister.

Britannia was also very frank and directly answered Claudius. “Yes, I learned the deformation.” But this female dragon did not say a word about the other spells. Claudius licked his mouth, since the powerful anti-magic dragon was dismissive of low-level spells. Except for those things with wonderful effects that made him feel good, the spells used to attack were too fundamental. It meant nothing. And as far as the magic of Britannia was concerned, it’s higher than that of Claudius, but it should be a four-level spell after converted. But all this did not prevent Britannia from being a genius among the Crimson Dragons.

The tall Crimson Dragon raised his head, then he lowered his head. In front of his eyes, a flash of magic flashed and a mature woman in a green robe appeared in front of him. “Silvia.” Claudius showed a sneer — anyway, no matter what kind of smile on this guy’s face, it’s a sneer. This woman’s magic power was very strong, and Claudius considered it much higher than his. In the past, he seemed to be tricked by this female Green Dragon, but Claudius was broad-minded and didn’t care it — in fact, after the breathing killing the enemies and the allies, Claudius did not mind deceived by this Green Dragon. As far as he thought, it’s estimated that Silvia hated him for a little more — no matter what, the Orc army led by Silvia in the past had much bigger advantages over the current Elf army — at least in terms of organizational and operational experience, as well as in terms of strength.

Green Dragon Silvia was quite good at playing mind games. When she faced Crimson Dragon Claudius, who ruined her hope in the past, there’s no hatred on her face. However, she rather greeted huge Crimson Dragon with a big smile. Then under the glow of magic, the Green Dragon restored the look of dragons. The Green Dragon seemed created by the most beautiful emeralds appeared in front of Claudius. Green Dragon’s aura of dragon was still above Britannia’s, especially in magic power. “It seems that the nature of this Green Dragon is still stronger than Britannia.” Claudius thought so. This was indeed the case. At the moment, Silvia still outperformed the young Crimson Dragon Brittany in strength, intelligence and physical strength. And in terms of magic, Silvia was about to step into the hall of legend, which was a rare genius even among the Green Dragons — at such a young age, she’s going to become a legend, even it’s rare among the strongest Crimson Dragons.

But now the body of this Green Dragon was about the same size as Britannia, maybe it’s a little bigger. In the next age, Brittany would definitely surpass Silvia in strength and physique, but the magic was estimated to be impossible. But no matter how genius Silvia was, she’s just a bigger dog in front of huge Crimson Dragon Claudius. Claudius responded to the question of Silvia and Britannia on his whereabouts over the years, while thinking about the gap between himself and the Green Dragon in front of him. “Strength, agility and physical fitness, I definitely dominate this female dragon. But in magic, this Goblin is way better than me. But my flame breathing should be able to break all her defense. In the end. I have been much better than her since the beginning.”

The proud Crimson Dragon showed quite goodwill, and the Green Dragon Silvia was definitely thinking how to take advantage of this powerful Crimson Dragon in front of him — there’s no friendship between the Color Dragons, it’s all about beating each other when meeting others. It’s not a rare thing to oppress the weak, killing each other wasn’t rare at all. Among the Crimson Dragons, there were many examples of killing each other to rob their wealth and nests. It’s not uncommon to feel like taking advantage on Claudius. The great power of the Red Dragons has always been so obvious like the sun at night…. But how to take advantage on him was a problem, Silvia couldn’t think of any deception to drag the Crimson Dragon over her side. — as for Britannia, she has already become a community with Silvia, a community of mind games. The Crimson Dragons have never been kind people.

Since she couldn’t think of any way to deceive Claudius in a short time, then she used the simplest and most appropriate way — hiring. Silvia was very worried. She knew the power of this Crimson Dragon in front of her. She also knew that according to the rules of the dragons, it’s really a suppression of power. Hiring is worse than direct robbing — at least for the Evil Dragons. Although Silvia had great confidence in her own magic, she had no none in Britannia and Claudius, and she was a bit hesitated to hire Claudius. In fact, she didn’t need to be so hesitated. No one was sure whether Claudius would accept the employment or not.

If you hire a Crimson Dragon, the price can’t be low. No Color Dragon doesn’t like wealth. It’s almost terrible to take money from their caves — which was almost the case of Silvia. The words of hiring Claudius were uttered by Silvia, but the Crimson Dragon didn’t want much money. “Frankly, let me go to your treasure chest. I will choose what I like.” Claudius looked at it without any care. This was simply terrible. The treasure chests of the dragons have always been their lifeblood — not ‘’one of’’ their lifeblood. Unless it’s about life and death, it’s impossible to let another dragon enter — couples and children (when they are still kids) may sometimes be the exception. But the desire to conquer the forest and gain the powerful magical items and artifacts that the Elves have dedicated in the city has put Silvia into a dilemma.

The dragons participating in this war were more than the Green Dragon Britannia and Silvia. In the nest of Silvia, there were three young Green Dragons. The dragon eggs that Silvia had laid with her “husband”, and they have been delayed until now. As for the adult male Green Dragon, he may have died in other places. This world has always had some stories of dragon slaughters. The most killed ones are the Color Dragons, most of which were the Green Dragons, Black Dragons, etc., which were weak True Dragons often living relatively close to humanoids or human settlements.

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