The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 70

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 70

Silvia’s treasure chest was not in the place where she was now, but where Claudius saw her before. There were three underage Green Dragon guarding. Silvia agreed to let Claudius go to her treasure chest to get a commission in the end — this Crimson Dragon could still communicate at the moment. If he falls out, it’s also fxcking annoying.

The three little Green Dragons outside the treasure chest have been hiding at the moment when Claudius was approaching. The aura of the Crimson Dragon wasn’t what they could resist. The scary figure of the Crimson Dragon also made these little Green Dragons afraid, lest the Crimson Dragon would be mad and tear them apart. How could Claudius do such a boring thing like this, and he’s now thinking that it’s the first time in his life to visit the treasure chests of other dragons. The rich gold and silver treasures in the novel comic games he saw in the past made him look forward to what he was about to see — but he no greed.

At first glance, it was a little disappointing. There’s no continuous gold coins in his imagination, nor were the gem beds covering the ground. What you could see was a pile of poor gold coins. Although it looked very high, it’s due to the high stairs under it. “There are just a million gold coins! Jewels? Only these? Magical things… What are these? There are two wands.” Claudius was disappointed, this was totally different from the Dragon Treasure in his impression? This huge Crimson Dragon turned its head out of the treasure chest without taking anything. After he went out, he glanced at Britannia, who didn’t have the Silvia’s permission to enter. “How many gold coins are there in your treasure chest?” Suddenly, Britannia’s suspicion and sinful eyes were attracted.

“Ok, poor Silvia.” Claudius is a guy who never understands how much difficulty the others are facing. He doesn’t like collecting wealth very much, so he doesn’t know much about the dragon’s wealth desires — in fact, as far as the age and race of Silvia are concerned, her strength and collected treasures surpass the others. She won’t lose if comparing to most of Crimson Dragons in the world, as for the land she had, she is far better than most Crimson Dragons. But Claudius didn’t know or understand this. The experience of games on earth and comic animation gave him the wrong idea, so he was quite disappointed with Silvia’s treasure chest. Fortunately, if he accepted the employment, he wouldn’t want much money. What he wants is another matter. “I accept your employment, but I need you to do something for me. Don’t worry, it’s definitely what you can do. I have a necklace, a magic necklace, which is useless. There is the stupid power of Malar. I need you to help me solve this problem.” Claudius directly told Silvia his request.

As a Master Dragon who has become Eight Rings and was about to become Nine Rings, Silvia couldn’t assert that she could solve it without seeing the so-called divine necklace, but — the magical necklace. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this mystery of magic? Especially the Master Dragon, is it normal to study divine power to gain immortality? In fact, at the moment that Claudius said it, Silvia would agree to it whether she could solve this problem or not. In fact, there were not many guys in the world who could take the artifacts and study on them.

Claudius was too lazy to sign a contract. In short, he thought that it’s a promise, so the contract was completely unnecessary. “Don’t you just fly over with some flame breathing, do you want me to burn all the long-eared cities?” Of course he harvested the opposition of Silvia and Britannia — by the way, when he said that he had a magical necklace and used the decryption of this thing to be the commission, Britannia’s eyes enlarged, and she tried to stop her brother from continuing. But Claudius was quick. …. These two female dragons wanted to get the complete city of the Elves and a large number of Elf servants, not to completely destroy a city — is it worth a few dollars? And what’s the meaning of destroying the city?

Eloquent Claudius shrugged his shoulders quite humanely. “Fine, you are the boss.” Then the Crimson Dragon spread its huge wings and took off. This guy used its dull and masculine screaming throughout the battlefield. Under his screaming and indiscriminate spreading of his aura, the Orc’s ugly appearance was exposed a little more. The Orcs in groups desperately fled or lied on the ground, even their centurions took the lead to escape. The camp was trampled, and all the handrails were pushed down. The battlefields were full of escaping Orcs, Werewolves and countless Goblin Kobolds. If the Elves had the courage and organization, they would be able to declare war today. But the Elves couldn’t do it. Under the aura and roaring, the Elves in the defensive base still couldn’t stop their own tremors and fears though having long been fighting.

Claudius did not breathe the flame to below, and his aura was neutralized in the brilliance of the Elf Fortress not long afterwards. The Elves who have been protected by magic have got rid of the fear of aura, but the weapons in their hands couldn’t hurt the Crimson Dragon hovering and roaring in the sky. “The Crimson Disaster! The Crimson Disaster! He really comes back!”

Unlike the past, this time Claudius did not launch an attack. He just used his roaring and aura to suppress to demoralize the Elves, although it seemed that the Orcs were even worse. The escaping Orcs gradually regained control under the pressure of another aura of dragon that burned like a flame. Of course, dozens of Orc heads that were chopped off decisively and those who were torn apart played a big role. Britannia responded in time, and she did not blame her brother. To be honest, Claudius’s aura also scared her a bit — Silvia couldn’t reach this kind of aura, even when she’s angry.

After the Elves recovered, they began to pray. And the Altar also responded to them after the prayer. The protection of the spells was constantly emerging. Although it may not be useful, it still protected every Elf and encourages their morale. The more devout the faith, the more courageous it was. Claudius looked at the Elf quickly restoring order and morale. He wasn’t feeling like breathing flame. “I’m just a mercenary. It is just too boring. Take your time.” This Crimson Dragon thought that.

The war lasted for decades, and the other Evil Dragons that Silvia hired were not just Claudius, but also some Crimson Dragons accepted the employment of Silvia on the battlefield. But were all defeated by the so-called “Adventurers” without exception. If it hadn’t been that Silvia herself was able to fight and has good luck, those Adventurers would have already defeated her. In this world, the frontal battlefield is fine, but those little adventure teams sneaking to engage in something are the most annoying and most troublesome things.

For example, while Claudius was hovering, some people set foot on the road to destiny at Baldur’s Gate in the North — the gods they believed in or their own destiny made some people gathered together to come to the battlefield of the emerald war between the southern Elves and the Green Dragon for each a variety of reasons. Of course, in the southern part of Fort Tasher, there were also some troublesome guys who got the magic forecast and understood some situations, so they started to get in touch. Eliaza, a businesswoman and female aristocrat who was quite famous and rich in Fort Tasher, was now holding this sleek crystal ball in her luxurious and comfortable mansion…

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