The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

“That guy is back.” The female nobleman touching the crystal ball said to the man in the crystal ball. “My spell told me that he is back, and the huge evil shadow is coming.” The man in the crystal ball frowned without saying anything, letting the female aristocrats swear.

Claudius was arbitrarily hovering in the sky. When he fell to the back, the battlefield finally recovered calm. “Why didn’t you breathe fire?” This was Britannia’s question. “Was it so hard to use it? You see that these Elves may retreat today. If you can take it without fighting, it will be so wonderful. Sorry, I forget that you don’t have to pay a pension…” Claudius seemed to be saying this with a smile. Breathing fire is a very laborious task. First of all, it’s necessary to take a deep breath, and it takes a lot of energy to compress a large amount of air into the lungs and airbags. At the same time, it also takes a lot of effort to secrete flammable liquids and mix them. Spraying out also requires a lot of muscle power to pressurize. In summary, fire breathing is indeed a very labor-intensive thing.

Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of physical strength. Just flying with the aura turned on, or opening the field of burning and sticking to the ground, you can solve many problems. Why don’t you do such a good thing? — As the boss who pays you, is he satisfied? It’s none of the boss’s business. Claudius landed happily, walking aside in a heavy footstep. And he lied on the ground very casually, resting without any manner. Of course, there’s not even an Orc in a few kilometers around him. Only under the various punches, kicks, and the threat of the blade, there were some Goblins — cleaner Goblins and the Kobolds holding big brushes and dry clothes came over and tried to help Claudius clean up his body. The dragon has always liked to enjoy it. It is one of the most comfortable enjoyments for the servants to clean them. For this reason, they can even endure the dirty Orcs or the Goblin Kobolds close to their bodies.

As for the dragons that have learned deformation, many of which fell in love with the humans who like to take a bath… It seemed that Britannia and Silvia are this type, When Claudius was hovering in the sky, they found that they had once again been transformed into human form, and they did not seem to want to remain in the dragon shape for a long time. However, Claudius still thought that dragons look good. As for the human form — this guy has not been a human being for many years, and has already forgotten how the human form should look like. A few large pieces of beef were sent over. This should be done by directly killing a few cows and then splitting them into two pieces. After simply washed, they were sent to Claudius. “They consider me a beast?” Claudius looked at Britannia in the tent with a knife and fork, enjoying the food that Claudius had not seen in the world, shaking his head and gently sighing.

The Crimson Dragon was not irritated by this kind of differential treatment. In his case, the so-called difference treatment was just a feeling of boringness of the weak, and the large chunks of bloody beef was quite suitable for his taste. After burning the beef with a carefully controlled flame, Claudius asked that the Goblins and the Orcs who had been brushed in the clear water for ten times to sprinkle some salt and pepper on the beef, and then bit into his mouth and ate it happily. Here, the money that this guy spent was no less than the amount of money Britannia spent on the fine foods. — Salt may not be worth much, but the spices were definitely worthwhile. In Faerun, spices could only be found southern islands and different continents — of course, there were several types of peppers and myrrhs, so these things were very valuable in Faerun.

After eating the beef happily, Claudius raised his head and looked at the fortresses of the Elves in the distance, feeling the atmosphere inside. ” They has already begun to retreat. The Elves are very decisive.” The Crimson Dragon also praised the decisive decision of the Elf commander. Leaving in the front line fortress was very likely to be defeated by the Crimson Dragon, which was not as good as shrinking defense. After many years of war, the Elves also had a number of high-ranking warriors, mages and pastors of the saints, which was enough to strengthen the defense to a degree that could withstand the Crimson Dragon. After leaving the continent of Faerun for decades, the combat power of the Elves has been greatly improved — war has always been the place that train a person the most. In the past, the Crimson Dragon was able to rely on its own flames for a while, but the Elves had enough spellcasters and priests to exercise protective spells to resist the horrific burning of Claudius at the moment. It’s also owing to the strength of the Elves that when they are blocking the invasion of the superior beasts of Silvia, they could also drag them to make Silvia unable to expand to the north, the south and the east, which indirectly protected Baldur’s Gate and Fort Tasher. Of course, the Elves have also received assistance from these places.

There was a joint warfare plan that has been proposed by the Elves, but the political wrangling and the pride of the Elves themselves have made this program remain as a solution for decades — to unite the troops from these aspects to smash Silvia’s Orc army. Unfortunately, this program has not succeeded since the secret money and political lobbying of Silvia. The powerful gods were all about order, and those gods who were chaotic and kind had nothing to do when facing Silvia’s army. But this didn’t mean that those who were chaotic and good-hearted were not powerful, there were still some righteous Metal Dragons participating in this war…

In the Elf party, there were at least two dragons. One was a Bronze Dragon and the other was a Brass Dragon. Over the years, relying on the strongmen who were born or came from the Elves and these two dragons, they resisted the Crimson Dragon Britannia “True Crimson Star” and Green Dragon Silvia “The Dragon of Emerald”, tow outstanding masters of magic in advanced combat power. But in the city of the Elves, the Bronze Dragon looked like it’s doomsday, even he’s not in the mood to prank, which was his favorite. “Damn! That bastard is still alive, he is coming again! What should I do now!” Achilles touched his neck and body scars — now this guy was a young male Elf with long green hair, the dirty scars ran through his entire neck, and even there’s a huge crescent-shaped scar. Of course, Achilles usually brags that it’s the merit medal he won for fighting the powerful Crimson Dragon. For this reason, he could show off and dance for three days in a Elves’ pubs. But for now, this guy recalled the one who brought him that scar.

Achilles has already known his figure in the magic image of the front line and perception of his aura of dragon. “The Crimson Disaster”, the Crimson Dragon that brought him almost the crisis of death, the Crimson Dragon who’s so powerful that could still escape despite being beaten by three Metal Dragons. For many years, Achilles has already known the name of that Crimson Dragon, “Claudius!” He said with biting his teeth. The Silver Dragon’s magic communication was actually a bit later, he had already seen the damn Crimson Dragon earlier compared to Silver Dragon Eliaza. “How can Britannia have such a strong brother?”

Claudius didn’t know that his enemy was nearby, and now his attention was attracted by a group of dwarf goblins — unlike other dirty and thin Goblins, these Goblins have long pointed ears, but they looked more like dwarves with pointed noses, which was quite different from other goblins.

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