The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

These Goblins were not stinky, but it’s the first time that Claudius has smelled Goblins who were non stinky. And the flexibility and cleverness shown in these Goblins’ eyes were far above those of stinky Goblins. It seemed that these Goblins were really special. But Claudius looked up and saw that Britannia was on the other side, and he signaled Britannia to come over. “Where did these Goblins come from?” Claudius asked Britannia.

The female Crimson Dragon glanced at the Goblins, and even did not spend a few seconds to recall, directly giving Claudius an answer. “They’re just a group of Goblins, who will remember when they appeared. And what’s the difference?? They’re all just Goblins?” Claudius froze and thought about it. They’re just a group of Goblins, how could it be worth the Crimson Dragon and Green Dragon to spend time recording their whereabouts. “Oh, now the Elves have retreated. I have to go back first to deal with something. You know my name. And, Britannia, you have enough power to call me through the spells, right? Okay? Good, I have to go.”

Claudius found some iron bars and then welded them into a large iron cage with the help of flames and fields. In the end, he stuffed all the Goblins that were not quite right into the cage and grabbed the cage into the air. The powerful Crimson Dragon took off again and caused the commotion on the Elf area, but as the Crimson Dragon passed them and disappeared into the horizon, it gradually subsided.

Claudius spent a day and a night returning to Hell Island. He landed at the door of the temple and easily tore the iron cage to release the Goblins. These Goblins were really different. First of all, they were not under the influence of aura of dragon for one day and one night — even if Claudius converged on the aura, not many of they have died of these effects in one day and one night. Although there were indeed some weak Goblins dead, but the remaining sluggish Goblins were released and were not as sloppy as the general Goblins who simply ran away or carried their companion’s body to barbecue, but very respectfully lied in front of the Crimson Dragon to wait for his order. “They’re really different Goblins.” The Crimson Dragon said, then he looked at Minerva, who was standing at the door of the temple. “Arrange it, let these Goblins make their own nests in the crater.”

These Goblins would bury the corpses of their companions instead of eating them, which was the second different place that Claudius observed. Subsequently, the Goblins had great interest in the various types of machinery the Flame Myceloids used to build large buildings. For these things, the enthusiasm of these Goblins was ten times more than that of the Myceloids. On the Crimson Dragon’s Hell Island, the elements of fire and earth were extremely strong. Because of the anger of the goddess of Umberlee, the concentration of water and gas elements on the stormy island was not low at all — in other words, this place was actually a good place to build a magic tower to absorb a lot of magical elements to practice spells. Under the disturbance of the Crimson Dragon, the elements here were extremely active, reaching the extent of affecting local creatures. This was the case with the ever-increasingly towering trees on the island — they were just ordinary trees, and they’ve been like this for decades after the seabirds brought the seeds, which was credited to the water element and the earth element. And these trees also have mutated, just in the place where Crimson Dragon Claudius stayed. Some flame-like grass grew in various gaps, which was the precious magical medicine material known as the dragon sedge. According to the different types of dragons, the type of grass was different, and the appearance of the grass was different, which was the same for trees.

The Flame Myceloids were actually a variation of the plants, and now this mutation began to affect the Goblins. The erosion of the Goblins occurred very quickly — the red moss originally located near the crater, the moss that glowed with hot red light was like a living thing, adhering to the nearby Goblins. Then the moss quickly grew on the Goblins and infected all nearby Goblins. Claudius heard reports of the Udaeus who took charge of the Goblins. The Goblins were infected with the moss and then died on the ground. Only a little part of their nests was built. These Goblins quickly learned how to make the machinery made by the Myceloids, then it seemed that they have come up with various kinds of improvements to build stone houses. It’s not surprising that they made all kinds of accidents all day long. Of course, most of them were the scattered frame and the explosion… They were different from the Flame Myceloids, their first improvement was the power source. The Myceloids relied on human power, sometimes with some water flow. But the Goblins have used all kinds of fire power sources without exception — such as steam, which was one of the most common power sources at the beginning.

The Goblins didn’t die, while Claudius had never received a call from Britannia, but he learned from the information sent by Britannia that the progress of Silvia’s Orc army was recently very good. They gradually approached the city of the Elves. But recently, there’s a little trouble that some Druids and the Rangers often formed small teams to make troubles behind the Orc army. They often attacked the Orc squads and the logistical squad. According to the items left behind by the killed people, it seemed that it’s an organization called the Harp League. “What a familiar name?” Claudius felt that he had heard of this organization, but it seemed that Silvia or Britannia didn’t pay much attention to this kind of righteous guerrilla organizations. They didn’t consider it necessary to dispatch dragons to sweep them. So Claudius had enough time to observe the variation of the goblin — and of course, there was a side effect that these people, including the Bronze Dragon Achilles, could not cross the sea to beat him in short time.

The variation of the Goblins was very fast, and Claudius was also the first to know that this moss was actually infectious. It actually did nothing on the Udaeus and the Myceloids. The infection of the Goblins was a high fever at first. But, the high heat enough to dry the body fluid did not kill any Goblins. Even the sweat glands seemed to be closed and could not sweat. The original green skin of the unconscious Goblin turned red, and the clothes on them were dried and cracked. After about a month, the Goblins who didn’t eat at all and lost their spirits didn’t die either. “It seems that the moss coexists in their bodies? It produces photosynthesis and… And wait! This should not be an exothermic reaction. Isn’t this moss a nuclear material?” Claudius was shocked. He had long known that the moss was still emitting some rays while glowing, and the dragon’s senses were enough to make him feel this. But distinguishing these things into alpha, beta, and gamma rays was beyond the perception of the Crimson Dragon Claudius.

After these Goblins woke up, though the heat has receded, permanent traces like the red birthmarks were left on them, each of which was different. And Claudius also found a new subordinate in his own property sheet: The Burning Goblins.

The Burning Goblin tribe belonged to the subordinates of the Crimson Dragon Claudius. Claudius found that these guys had Roman numerals of the second rank soldier in front of their names. But their individual combat strength was not as good as that of the Myceloids. However, they had engineering and invention talents… but the specific description was vague. “Is this due to the fact that the final variation has not been completed?” Claudius shook his head, feeling that it was probably the reason why the Goblin’s nests had not been completed and their attributes were not fully revealed.

But another surprise appeared during this time — a heroic unit same as the Minerva of the Udaeus also appeared among the Myceloids…

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