The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

Appearing in front of Claudius was a Myceloid with a citron-colored cap. It’s obvious that this Myceloid became the commander of the Myceloids — it never works, and it’s the one who commands by various languages and body movements. And under the Myceloid’s feet also shined with the aura of dragon, so Claudius grabbed the Myceloid and looked at its attributes. “Well, it’s really a hero unit. Forget about it, I’ll call you Grapefruit.” The Crimson Dragon glanced at it and gave the Myceloid a name.

This Myceloid’s attributes were nothing special. The stunts were the same as those in Claudius’s memory, like “adding mushrooms to you.” The effect was a series of something meaningless, but there’s a small sentence behind it saying “I wipe it.” Then Myceloid still stepped on the aura, but the effect of this aura called “God’s Grace” was also unknown. “I always feel that I have heard of such a halo in awkward places.” The Crimson Dragon murmured and let go of the very small Myceloid.

The construction of the Goblins was still quite fast, and then the small Goblins appeared….. “What is the pregnancy cycle of the Goblins?” Claudius exclaimed, “Will this place be occupied by the Goblins soon?”

Fortunately, the Goblins did not grow food at all, relying on the hardworking Myceloid farmers to provide food, so their growth rate was actually completely controlled by the Myceloid heroes and the Udaeus heroes. Basically they’re limited to be fewer than Myceloids and more than Udaeus.

By the way, the Myceloids has grown faster since the emergence of Grapefruit hero. There were several Myceloids appearing in almost every mushroom grown, and basically the number of Myceloids on the island was four-digit. The growth of Udaeus was relatively slow. Except for the halfers with human were born every 10 months, the orthodox Udaeus almost did not grow.

To this end, Minerva found Claudius in the morning with a large stack of parchment. To be honest, Claudius could not understand anything above. All he could recognize was the architectural plan. “You mean that you want to build a temple? No problem. Anyway, there are not many other stones here. But which god do you want to worship? Jupiter? Or yourself?” Claudius thought it was quite interesting, so he immediately agreed.

Myceloids began to mine stone. These guys were indeed born farmers, stonemasons, blacksmiths, construction workers, etc., as long as they didn’t fight out there, they’re basically very good civilians. The Goblins have also joined them, and then they’re holding them back while speeding up the progress of the project. When the endless explosions have taken away a lot of Goblins’ life, they have made the engineering skills of the Goblins improve a lot. Anyway, the speed of the Goblin production and growth rate was still very fast, so they could afford to die.

However, Claudius received a newsletter from Britannia this time. “Are you in trouble?” The Crimson Dragon spread his wings and flew to the battlefield. There was indeed trouble, and the friends of justice had gathered. These guys repeatedly attacked the logistics bases of the Orcs and launched the beheading tactics. Sylvia, Britannia, and even all the famous guys in Faerun, their military knowledge was still a typical classical style on a thousand people scale, such as conducting a battle on a small battlefield.

Righteous partners were very good at the moment, and they’re the only ones in the battle of the Green Dragons in the past hundred years. Thanks to Claudius, when he appeared, he attracted the attention of several stronger guys, so they gave up their usual principles and joined the war. The beautiful and noble Silver Dragon Eliaza was now a capable female businessman and adventurer. She participated in the war under the name of the god of justice, Tyre. — Originally, she could only support the Elves on logistical weapons with her influence as a nobleman and financial resources.

Silver Dragons are also masters of magic. She has gathered Bronze Dragon Achilles and other powerful holy warriors and Druids, which have greatly attacked the Orcs in several battles and burnt the food of many Orcs. Sylvia and Britannia were caught off guard, and the front moved forward smoothly. The result was that Eliaza could choose some Orcs to fight with a powerful team, and then Sylvia and Britannia could finish before the delivery of reinforcements. At the moment, due to the attack of the Silver Dragon, the morale of the Orcs on the front line has collapsed, which further held Sylvia and Britannia back, making them busy reorganizing the army and unable to attack the Elves. So they called Claudius.

This time, the Crimson Dragon was still going alone. Anyway, he didn’t think about sending his men into the battlefield — he didn’t have the means to carry them. Only this time he brought a necklace and was ready to ask Sylvia to help him with the use of this deformed necklace. It’s still flight that took a day and a night. The powerful Crimson Dragon was going to enter the mainland, and at this time, a huge magical circle suddenly appeared on the ground. Many chain-like rays were entangled on Claudius.

“Ambush! Hey, these guys can actually detect my whereabouts and pre-arranged the trap. So that’s why I like magic, it will always give you unexpected surprises!” The Crimson Dragon roared and landed straight on the ground to avoid becoming a completely-exposed target in the air.

There were several people waiting for him on the ground, many of which were not nice. Druids in fur, priests and mages in robes, samurais who shined like a light bulb, and a few guys dressed in costumes that were not for the adventure — but they’re the most dangerous. The leader was a tall, beautiful lady, holding a thorn sword shining with glare and magic in her hand, standing in front of them with a look of disgust and admiration. A huge Crimson Dragon has made them relatively tiny.

The body and appearance of Claudius, whether in the eyes of humans or dragons, were extremely magnificent and ferocious. According to the charm of the world, there must be at least a value of twenty, especially the dragons would feel that this Crimson Dragon was really suitable for the dragon’s aesthetic — especially the evil dragons. The tall, beautiful lady, wearing a fit knight’s outfit, said. “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Crimson Disaster! Claudius! How good would it be if you are hiding in the end of the world? Why bothers to die!”

“Ah, lady. Ah no, dragon lady. I didn’t know your name in the past. Where did you get the confidence that convinces you that you could send me to die? Was it by the waste almost killed by me in these few years? Oh, yes, and you…” The Crimson Dragon wrapped in flames snorted and then replied to Silver Dragon Eliaza in a scornful tone.

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