The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

The huge Crimson Dragon stood on the ground, facing the person who wasn’t taller than his calf in front and expressed the greatest contempt. The huge metal-like chin on the huge head was opened, after the fangs were revealed, the rumbling laughter was heard. “Then we’d cut the shit, let’s start to war.”

This kind of snoring made the Druids and the relatively-less-extreme priests who tried to persuade the Crimson Dragon to leave the war sophisticatedly to give up, but this was an extremely slim possibility. Everyone has seen the Crimson Dragons, understanding what kind of thugs these Crimson dragons were. So he still had to fight in the end. But looking at the huge body of the Crimson dragon in front — the length between the tip of his mouth, which was actually the tip of his chin, and the tip of his tail was almost just over 40 meters, and he still stood on both feet. His strength and the standing height were far better than any dragons with similar lengths. In fact, this 40-meter-tall True Dragon on the land of Faerun may only be found among Ancient Dragons, also who was famous for their size. Row. For example, Silver Dragon Eliaza only remembered that someone in the Ancient Dragon family had a similar body length, but it’s estimated that the strength and power were not as good as those of Claudius.

Though his short neck couldn’t be easily twisted like the long necks of other True Dragons. It could tickle his back, and it’s far stronger among all True Dragons. It’s the most outstanding predator configuration — otherwise, how did it support the big head in front? And the back was not worse than the other True Dragons, and the forty-five-meter wings that spread at the strong forelimbs and shoulder blades was probably more suitable for fighting than the long-necked dragons in a close fight — at least when he’s hit in his head, he won’t have a serious concussion or break his neck because of his long neck. The strong forelimbs gave him enough length to protect his head and neck due to his short neck, able to defend like a boxer. And Claudius’s lower body was far stronger than all the dragons, his thick hind legs support his body, which weighted tens of tons, just like the huge carnivorous dinosaurs on Faerun Peninsula — but Claudius was bigger and stronger. And his tail, which was as thick as his legs but thin at the tip, balanced the big head and forelegs of the front body very well — as for the wings, the spines on the folded joints brought the center of gravity close to the pelvis, which was the center of the whole dragon. The tip of the tail had the same weight as the siege hammer. It’s made of a hard hollow keel like a double-edged axe. This was an absolute weapon.

The weapons of Claudius were not only his big mouth, his claws, his hind legs, his wings and his tail, but also the jagged claws that extended from the back of his head to the backbone of his tail. Anyway, this dark Crimson Dragon was basically a human weapon, armed from the head to the tail. Just considering the melee fight, this guy was already stronger than the Udaeus, not to mention the fact that Claudius was called “Crimson Disaster” by his famous flame breathing. It’s hard to tell the power of the high-temperature breathing which seemed to burn all things, but it’s estimated that it’s similar to the Crimson Dragons of the old dragon level. But the momentum and range, as well as the change and killing ability when breathing, were indeed only seen among dragons like Eliaza.

The radius of the encirclement surrounded by Claudius was about a hundred meters, and the magic chain summoned by the magical circle on the ground was entangled with the Crimson Dragon, locking his wings and body, resulting in this Crimson Dragon unable to move at will. And even there’s a chain that locked the corners of his head, which seemed to limit the direction of the flame breathing of the Crimson dragon. But these chains were constantly glowing with the brilliance of spells, as well as the magical circle on the ground. The painters of this magical circle knew very well that this magical circle consumed magic power very fast under the struggle of Claudius, which was beyond their imagination. So that this magical circle will be overloaded soon, and this Crimson Dragon will get out of trouble by then. If the Crimson Dragon flew to the sky, then most of the people here will lose the ability to fight with him. It’s estimated that it’s impossible to rely on Eliaza solely. In fact, the Druids, mages and most of the priests here knew Eliaza was a Silver Dragon, but they just didn’t expose it. If Eliaza fought the ultra Crimson Dragon in front of her, the most optimistic warrior wouldn’t consider it possible to be done.

So the attacks almost immediately fell on Claudius, and the spell and the enchanted weapons hit the huge dragon in a very layered way — the target was too big and not moving very much, this was an attack that could never miss. However, almost all the spells were resisted, even the spells of the frost bolt released by the mages. Ms. Silver Dragon began to cast a spell. The silver dragon was going to create the way with an ice storm spell, followed by a series of ice spells, and send the Crimson Dragon to hell in the end.

The spells that fell on Claudius were basically unable to penetrate his dragon scales. This guy’s natural spell resistance was terribly high, and the Earth’s soul gave him extra spell resistance. Compared with the spells, it’s the enchanted secret silver and the fine gold that brought pain to Claudius. But unfortunately, these weapons were not much bigger than toothpicks in the view of Claudius, although these weapons could break the hard dragon scales in the hands of these high-ranking warriors, piercing the muscles that were tougher than the steel wire and letting the hot burning dragon blood spew out, this couldn’t cause much damage to Claudius. The huge body gave the Crimson Dragon a huge amount of blood and damage reduction, and these people must be careful not to let the dragon blood splash on their body. Unlike the Nordic mythology, if sprayed by the dragon blood, they could not become undead, and their only result was getting eroded by the toxins of the flame, or the becoming a dissolved red skeleton on the spot, or lucky enough to survive on the spot and then gradually lose their life after struggling for a while. Such fire poisons were even more difficult for the priests because they must spend a high-level spell to remove the fire poison, and then spend another one to heal the damage. Finally, this thing cannot be immune after surviving from this, and they will be eroded afterwards if getting splashed once again.

Claudius roared and began to twist his body, struggling to spread his wings and fan vigorously. The invisible chains on his body broke one after another, and the Crimson Dragon twisted his body strongly, constantly getting loose of magic chains while those people made more damage to him. For his attack, due to the time and height, those people’s blows focused on Claudius’s feet, and of course some agile guys attempted to jump on the dragon back. The arrow attack was against his eyes. For this reason, Claudius had to shake his head with his eyes closed, and the blood flowing out burned on his body. The next moment, the Crimson Dragon suddenly opened his mouth and the rolling flame rushed out of his mouth.

This guy did this trick once again, the flame was sprayed on his body. In the burning field, the flame and the dragon blood mixed to create a huge bonus — although these soldiers were all protected by the fire-resistant spells, they could ignore the burning field, but the mix of dragon fire and dragon blood still forced them to retreat to escape this blow.

However, at this moment, the ice storm has been cast. Eliaza, who raised her hands, pressed her hands, the men in black robes and cloaks behind her pressed their same hands too, and a double ice storm was suddenly formed.

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