The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 75

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Translator: Xjshengchen

Chapter 75

Owing to the double ice storm, the place in sight suddenly became the hell of the ice. The storm with pieces of borneol like fine gold weapons seemed to be a roller with a blade at a very low temperature, drawing a wound on Claudius. The hard dragon scales were cut like papers. The ice blades that were several meters long screwed holes on Claudius. Bones were visible in many deep wounds.

The pain same as dismembering did not knock down the Crimson Dragon. Although the coldness has caused him to suffer double damage, it also succeeded in arousing the violent anger of the Crimson Dragon. The dragon blood was burning, even if it’s freezing, it couldn’t stop. Claudius shook his body, and all the chains were shattered while more blood flowed out. The Crimson Dragon began to inhale deeply, letting the ice blades and the cold wind cut his respiratory tract into blood, and the hot and blue flame spurted out immediately, while the scar on his respiratory tract gradually began to heal in the flame. The blue flame was like a large cloud column, forming a huge fan when Claudius spun his head. The flames that were more than 70 meters long forced everyone to escape quickly. Because of the ice storm, all the melee fighters kept away from Claudius, so now they had to run desperately due to the geometry — Claudius turned his head, and they tried hard to escape as the distance enlarged.

Fortunately, these warriors were powerful samurais, and the support of basic attributes and magical spells made them run fast like a wind. If they’re on earth, they’re superhuman. Claudius originally didn’t try to burn them by flame. He looked up to the sky, and the hot flame began to offset the effects of the ice storm. The Crimson Dragon began to fly, but he did not fly high, instead, he began to dive low and was ready to kill a group of them.

The Druids have transformed, but those who became bears immediately faced tragedy. Their bodies were huge, and those who could be extremely powerful fighters and shields were almost immediately caught by the diving dragon, and they have become bitten and disappeared into the mouth of Claudius. The Crimson Dragon stood on the ground, and his one paw still grabbed the hind leg of a huge bear — this bear stood at a height of six meters, and the biggest cave bear wasn’t that big. The huge bear was caught, and then the upper half of the bear was bit off, leaving the lower body twitching. The Druids who turned into eagles and other flying animals were very lucky, and so were those who turned into leopards. They agilely avoided the attack of the dragon — although this dragon had a very wide attack range, there’s still some room for them to escape.

Under the anti-magic ability of the Crimson Dragon, the mages couldn’t do much. As they wanted to change the external rules to limit or strike the dragon, they found that almost all the spells were distorted near the Crimson Dragon. “This is a materialistic light, unless you have a permanent magical item… and I am the biggest non-material existence in the center.” The Crimson Dragon felt the turbulence of the spells around him, chewing the chewy meat in his mouth, and his anger simmered down a bit. The magical attack wasn’t better, whether it’s the diagonal slash or the holy strike, it did no effect in front of the Crimson Dragon.

Soon, another dragon rushed over and knocked down Claudius immediately — the drawback of standing on both feet, he was easier to be knocked over. It was a Silver Dragon. The body that was more than 20 meters long was graceful and noble, but now it slammed against Claudius. A series of spells mixed with physical attacks caused wounds on the body of Claudius. At the same time, a bronze dragon that was not much smaller rushed over. These 3 dragons rolled on the ground, roared, and snarled into each other. The scales and the dragon blood burst, and the area of ​​hundreds of square meters was chaotic. No one could intervene in the dragon’s battle. — The aura of dragon was not only an ordinary superposition, but it became a multiplication under the dragon anger. Basically in a few square kilometers, creatures with brains must feel the unceasing shock.

In the case of close combat, according to the experience on the earth, the weight decides everything. Height and weight determine the winner — of course, you can’t rule out the chances to win with weapons or skills. But when everyone has weapons and the same skills, the body size is definitely not a loss. Claudius had an absolute body and weight advantage, and his body structure was more suitable for close combat than Silver Dragon Eliaza and Bronze Dragon Achilles — the big mouth was the decisive advantage. The short, strong neck was extremely suitable for fighting defense and recovery after being hit, and it also provided tremendous muscle strength for the big mouth. The huge power of the strong hind legs made the average dragon unable to resist his pedaling movements, so he slapped with the bone structure same as siege hammer on the tail, which was enough to push the dragon far away in many cases — whether it’s a bronze dragon or a silver dragon.

Therefore, even though it was two versus one, Silver Dragon Eliaza and Bronze Dragon Achilles began to gradually fall behind, their attack had to be very careful to avoid the snarl of the big mouth. If they got bit by Claudius, this battle would be over. It’s also true that the unlucky Achilles became a victim again after fifty years. The place where his shoulders were connected to the wings was bitten by Claudius’s giant mouth. With the cracking of the bones, the dragon blood that almost filled the entire pond sprang out. Achilles, who screamed, struggled to turn his head to bite the throat of Claudius, but Claudius, who twisted his neck, continued to expand the wounds of Achilles, which and also made Achilles unable to bite the horns and the spine scales on the back when facing Claudius.

Achilles, who had lost a lot of blood, almost struggled very quickly. His strength was getting weaker and weaker. The strength of the front paws that pushed Claudius became weaker and weaker. If this continued, soon the bronze dragon would end his life that was hundreds of years long. Silver Dragon Eliaza was very angry but also very anxious. She did not think that the Crimson Dragon in front of her was so exaggerated compared to the growth fifty years ago. This kind of magic defense was not what she could imagine. Instead, the opponent’s melee attack power was ready when she saw the body size of Claudius. The icy dragon breath continued to spoil in the neck of Claudius, and the silver dragon rushed over and slammed the wings of the Crimson dragon — Claudius spread his wings and pushed the silver dragon to block her outside.

Eliaza’s attack had an effect, and Claudius, who had been attacked by the cold dragon breath in the neck, had to let go of Achilles — Claudius’s muscles were paralyzed due to the cold dragon breath, and he had difficulty in applying more power. It’ll freeze the entire neck, which was troublesome. Anyway, Achilles lost his combat power, and letting him live for a few more minutes would be fine. Dropping Achilles, Claudius sneaked away from Eliaza’s dragon breath, but his big foot heavily stepped on the back of Achilles, who fell in a pool of blood. With a dull fracture crack, Achilles completely could not make a sound, his struggle has stopped, and he seemed to be dying soon. It’s a pity that the priests and the holy warriors could not get in the distance that could launch the blood transfusion spells. Their aura of dragon was too powerful, and the impact was enough to make them all go crazy.

Eliaza couldn’t do much damage to Claudius alone. Even though this Crimson Dragon was injured and embarrassed by the joint ice storm, but the mage, priests, and the samurais appeared after opening of magical door cast used various spells that changed the terrain and space to interfere with Claudius in order to fight for the silver dragon, which has made the Crimson Dragon tiring. While his size gave him an absolute advantage, it also brought a little disadvantage — although he was far more agile and faster than other dragons, it’s difficult to give a decisive blow to the Silver Dragon under the interference. What’s more, there were some strange weapons. “What do you take? Hey! Aren’t you also a dragon! Damn!” Silver Dragon’s claws held a strange sword, almost the same as the little dagger in the silver dragon’s hand. But every time she pierced the body of Claudius, the pain she brought was unusually strong. From the inheritance of the dragons, Claudius recognized what it was — it was a dragon sword, a special weapon that was buffed by the power of the gods or a particularly powerful spell, which was particularly used to kill dragons.

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