The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

It was originally a huge two-handed sword, and the shining silver light showed that the sword contained a lot of mystery silver — or, in other words, the sword was forged with mystery silver. In the hands of human beings, this sword was taller than one person, and wider than more than a palm. If it’s not forged with mystery silver, there were not many people who can wield it. The magical light on the sword was extremely dazzling, but in Claudius’s view, this was a big sword that emitted a red glow. Even the claws of the silver dragon Eliaza holding this little dagger were also reflected red.

The effect of the Dragon Sword was really good. Even the magic resistance of Claudius can’t fight the rule of the Dragon Sword, his dragon scales were the same as the paper paste when fighting the sword. And each time it’s hit by this sword, it brought great harm to his body — this sword has an extension like aura of sword, at least Claudius thought so. The special effect of this sword was only valid for the dragons. This was the damage that Claudius made when he saw Eliaza hitting the ground. — The dragon sword that hit the ground was only an ordinary sword.

The pain was not only the wound on the body. The wound in the process of hemostasis healing, which was attacked by the ice storm, stopped healing at the moment when the body got stabbed by the Dragon Sword. It not only stopped healing but also started bleeding again. Claudius began to retreat, he had a far-reaching jump with his strong legs, and he blocked the silver dragon’s attack route with a condensed flame. The silver dragon also consumed a lot of physical strength after a round of attack. Claudius’s counterattack also caused the silver dragon to be bruised and wounded. The beautiful silver scales were torn apart, the intense pain made the silver dragon’s skin constantly twitch, and the body of the silver dragon was also left with a few clear bite marks by Claudius’s big mouth. If she did not use the Dragon Sword to force the Claudius to retreat in time, she would have fallen down like Achilles, who was on the ground.

Claudius roared, and then he resolutely spread his wings, flying with his wounds and blood toward south. The Silver Dragon did not have the power to pursue. She and the priests began to rescue the unfortunate bronze dragon Achilles. — This time they were miscalculated, not expecting Crimson Dragon Claudius to be so strong now. But they also succeeded, they stopped Crimson Dragon from entering the battlefield in the north, forcing this powerful crimson dragon to be out of the battle.

Claudius looks a little embarrassed, but this was the special effect of the Dragon Sword. This sword greatly weakened the dragon’s physique, causing the dragon’s vitality to drop seriously, so that the dragon’s wound could not heal for a long time — according to the purpose of the sword, the holder would be hated by the dragons. But when the holder was a dragon, the problem was more complicated. The dragon sword’s special effects were very strong, and such damage will last for dozens or even hundreds of years for other races of dragons, which will cause great debilitation. — It seems that the weak True Dragons like White Dragons or Black Dragons would be dead directly. And Claudius relied on his super attributes and the magical resistance brought by the soul of the earth, although he was not good, but he knew that he would never die in this situation, and it only took dozens of years to heal. However, this also made him more and more furious with the silver dragon. When he was framed by the silver dragon last time, and got driven out of the mainland, the crimson dragon was not angry but a bit embarrassed. But now he began to get a little mad — it’s hard to tell it’s due to either what the silver dragon did or the special effects of the Dragon Sword.

“I will retaliate back sooner or later! But this damn silver dragon took that stuff, so that it’s estimated that she will not have any good results.” Claudius flapped his wings with hatred and looked at the tall volcano at the end of the sea. The heavy body of the crimson dragon landed in the crater, facing the Minerva and grapefruit standing in front of him in no time. Claudius only said. “I have to sleep for a while. If there’s no big deal, don’t bother me.” Then the guy sank into the magma lake, only showing his back and his head floating on the lake.

The construction on the island was still in progress, with the help of the explosives of the goblins — don’t question it, this gang actually has produced something that can explode, a mixture of several simple alchemy powders. The goblins used the explosives to bomb up everywhere, and the Myceloids smashed the cracked stones with their hard bodies, thus working together to build up a flat ground. The goblins have improved the engineering machinery of the Myceloids, and of course the Myceloids have resolutely rejected the suggestion that the goblin would provide a source of power for their machinery. The Udaeus were transferred to become designers and supervisors. Minerva painted the construction drawings of the entire town and the design of many large stone buildings on the large parchment paper transported from the port of Santa Cruz. Claudius has long felt that his name was exactly right, it’s indeed the name of the goddess of wisdom.

Just as Claudius cursed and sank into the magma to begin healing, the project did not stop. Using explosives and machines, goblins and myceloids extracted huge stones. Then the myceloids sculpted the stones into the appropriate shape with their hard, metal-like hands and feet and their heads, and then lifted them to the right place with the huge construction machinery. Among all of this, the Udaeus served as quite good engineers. Ancient Roman-style buildings rose from the ground, and after the huge volcanic rocks were polished and smoothed, the huge Colosseum rounded up.

In the design of Minerva, the center of the city was a huge volcano, and from the port below — by the way, the port will be expanded to the foot of the volcano, which will be cut into three huge platforms. The platform of the port will be a huge warehouse and a civilian settlement, although the civilians here were mainly those goblins. This was also for the guys who have been exploding all day to be able to use the sea to extinguish the fire caused by them. The place where the myceloids live was simple — the cracks on the volcanic island and the underground world were their paradise. On the second floor, they will build a well-prepared manor and apartment, and there will be a fountain in the community. — Minerva penetrated the water elemental plane with an endless pump, and obtained enough water by sacrificing this magical collection. On the second floor, several huge public baths and theaters have been built. This was also the home of the Udaeus. The Udaeus from Santa Cruz Island will gradually move here, which completely made Claudius disappointed since he sent them out in those days…

In fact, since Claudius was awakened, the original raging rain has gradually subsided, and the power of the ocean goddess has gradually been squeezed out by the power of the crimson dragon after his growth. Otherwise, if it was raining heavily everyday, Minerva wouldn’t need to sacrifice endless pumps. The cease of the storm has also enabled the island to build and plant. Due to the eruption of the volcano for many years, the island has already covered fertile volcanic ash. These were very good fields — at least olives can be grown.

On the third floor of the platform was the temple, and the huge temple-style palace was built on the volcanic mountain, which was the palace of Claudius. On the other side was Minerva’s palace, built for himself and the Udaeus. Of course, there were wide squares and beautiful gardens on the central axis, and the extremely magnificent Colosseum and Grand Theatre on the other side. Between the square and the Colosseum, the marble corridor linked the large baths of the Colosseum. All the floors have perfect and huge sewers, smooth slate on the ground, and fruit trees on both sides of the main road. The Udaeus also played another specialty — they were very good engravers. They decorated the fountains, gardens and almost all public buildings with many carvings.

Of course, all this was still on the drawing, and Minerva was ready to spend a lot of time driving these guys to build the city, hoping to dedicate it to his boss — the Red Dragon Claudius.

The Silver Dragon did not pursue, she could not pursue because she had something more important to do — after treating the bronze dragon and the druids, priests and holy warriors, they also had to defeat the two dragons, green dragon Silvia and Red Dragon Britannia, who were approaching the Elves city.

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