The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 77

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 77

The army of Green Dragon Silvia and Crimson Dragon Britannia has approached the elves’ city of Grenelle, but they’re now unable to move forward due to the logistics, and forced to use the main energy to sweep behind and guarantee the replenishment. But for the elves, the situation was still very serious. Approaching the elves’ cities meant that the damage would take place in the area controlled by the elves. Such damage also meant the continuous weakness of the elves’ city of Grenelle. The elves can’t accept this, so they’re inevitably accumulating power to try to counter Sylvia’s orc army, and it is not necessarily possible to counterattack depending on the elves.

So the elves have raised their bids, and they’re even willing to violate the god system of human justice that gods controlled with under-table operation. — The original forests and elves’ beliefs all belonged to the elves’ main gods and natural gods. Fighting the orcs and dragons now, even if they’re facing dwarves, the elves had to ask for help…

The world was orderly but biased towards evil. With so many gods of justice, the mainstream of this world ruler was still orderly evil. — It should be said that most of the rulers were lawful, neutral, and partial evil type. It’s only because there were those kind people who are brave enough to sacrifice in main material world, the world can maintain at least superficial goodness. Now, the Harpist League, which was known as the noisy organization in the latter days, was on the stage for the first time. Silvia’s Orc Army was unable to move forward in the early morning and was forced to organize its own logistics route, but at this time, the power of the harassment behind suddenly became stronger. The druids, rangers, mages, or thieves from all parts of Faerun have combined into combat squads of three or five people with their own unique means, destroying the Orc squad, who had far more people than they did.

The original Silvia army was the type of relatively impoverished organization. They did not have any concept of military station. The local adjustment was the main way for them to find the food, and when the place was looted, it must be transported from the camp behind to the front. The chaotic organization caused a large number of orc transport teams to be eliminated, and the orc army with more combat personnel than the logisticians fell into a difficult position. Even the genius spell-like Green Dragon like Silvia couldn’t build a peer-to-peer transmission magic circle in the Elf city and during the harassment of the high-level members of the harpist to improve logistics. Not only she couldn’t get it done, but also had to keep fighting with guys who were more annoying than the cockroaches. “Escape like cockroaches, and then take a slap in the face like a wasp!” This tactic made Silvia annoyed, and the Orc Army were completely angered and lost their normal thinking tactics — although they did not have many brains.

So on the front line, the conditions of the orcs looked very bad, they’re trapped in the established camp, and they didn’t have steady food income. In this case, no one proposed to withdraw. Green Dragon has already stated that the withdrawal was unacceptable — Crimson Dragon Britannia also insisted on this. So they’re defeated…

Six months after Claudius retreated, he informed Britannia in the magic newsletter of the fact that he could not appear on the battlefield before he slept, but he also announced the silver dragon Eliaza and the bronze dragon Achilles certainly can’t appear on the battlefield, either — the bronze dragon was almost dying and the silver dragon used the dragon sword, she definitely wouldn’t feel good. And the fact was, as Claudius said, Eliaza, who broke the rules and used the Dragon Sword, was cursed by the Dragon Sword. Now she’s not better than Claudius, who was injured by Sword Dragon Sword — this silver dragon lay in her lair, groaning in pain, the scales on her body became dull, and there were cracks on her body. Several high-ranking priests prayed around the silver dragon. The magic was sprayed on her body. This was the result of using the Dragon Sword. She will be bounced off by a third of the damage on the dragons injured by the Dragon Sword, and will be punished by losing half of her wealth in the warehouse. — It’s an irreparable damage, at least mentally.

The rebounding damage was now enough for the Silver Dragon Eliaza to suffer for at least 20 years in his Dragon Nest, so Claudius announced to Britannia that the Silver Dragon could no longer be their opponent. Although Claudius accepted the employment of Silvia, this dragon never valued the multiple employment contracts. As for the idea of using of Silvia’s spells to predict, he never thought about it in this careless crimson dragon’s brain.

Even without the support of Silver Dragon, Silvia, who refused to retreat in the case of such a logistic severance, would not be able to go anywhere. Called by the silver dragon and came spontaneously — mainly in the Harpist League, those who have good relations with the good dragons, at least three the metal dragons that come under the call, two young brass dragons and a young Golden dragon. They joined the Elven army as a powerful combat force. In the battle of the outer highlands of Grenelle, together with the harpist and the elf army, they gave the orcs who were still fighting after the supply and replenishment, and Silvia and Britannia a decisive failure.

After a day and night of this battle, Silvia and Britannia had to withdraw from the battlefield after a determined battle, although the brass dragon at his prime couldn’t compared to the spells of Silvia and Britannia, but with the young Golden Dragon, the two dragons definitely lost. In the battle of the day, Silvia lost almost one wing, and the scales of Britannia’s body were almost broken. The two dragons rushed out of the battlefield and left their army. In fact, there’s nothing to be ashamed of — the army of the orcs got defeated faster than Silvia and Britannia. The insufficiency of the Orc Army collapsed about half an hour after the war began, in the face of the underestimated Elf Army, and the unorganized and unruly but ferocious harpist, they collapsed. The first was the strikers who fought, and then the orc army retreating constantly rushed to their own army. Finally, the orc army that had not yet joined in the behind began spontaneous disintegration. The orcs in the squads were already elite, and their original tactics was just a rush. In this battle, there were only about a thousand or so people who had been logistically deployed to an elite orc army. The entire orc army had a total of 4,000 siege troops. Now only a thousand people can fight, and they were defeated within half an hour…

Throughout the forest, until the original front line was filled with the bodies of the orcs, the orcs that Silvia brought to the siege were almost completely dead, and such a terrible defeat was never experienced by Silvia. — Now her problem was not to attack Grenelle, but whether she could hold her position in the forest or not. Now, some new forces gave her a hand…

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Obsessed Reader

Despite the story overall being fairly slow, this is a pretty nice read. I only wish that the updates were more frequent…

Joe fx,gvyjb

why two people traslate the shame chapters


God I just lost about 50 brain cells reading this if it doesn’t get any better like I saw on the recent chapters I’m gonna be pissed cause the original translators were way better and knew how to speak English

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