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About this, we have been licensed to sell this novel on Amazon. SaltyTank has joined GT so he won’t come back and translate this novel again. According to what we have agreed with each other, he will have 50% of the income from the ebook sales, so we will use the other half of the income to hire new translators for this novel. Amazon will give us the money from ebook sales after two months, so we will start to look for new translators for this novel two months later.

About the schedule for the following chapters, yes, we will use 50% of the sales of the first volume to pay the new translator, but to be honest, the sales of the first volume isn’t good (very bad, actually). According to my calculation, the sales will only be able to support us to hire someone to translate a chapter per week. Till now, this novel has only a 2 star customer review on Amazon, which is really sad. Therefore, if you want to support this novel, you can leave your comment on Amazon. We promise that we will use all the money we will have (50% of the income) to hire new translators for this novel. Thank you for your support!

Click here to leave your comment on Amazon! If you can buy it, it will be much grateful!

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